Community Announcements - Sapphire
The latest episode of Mirt comes out tomorrow! Thank you for your patience. The new episode will be free for everyone who has already purchased the game.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the engine, your save files will be corrupted. We have added a text skipping function to the game settings so you can skip game to the right moment and enjoy the ending. Have a good weekend!

Community Announcements - Sapphire
Komrades! We happy to present our new game to you!

Space Komandirovka - retro-style adventure game that tells a story about a simple Soviet Union cosmonaut, who is stuck on planet Akmola which is inhibited by alien-capitalists.

Take on a role of Sergey Pugovkin - a man, who was trusted to be an ambassador of USSR on a diffirent planet.
Your task is simple: get on a rocket, arrive on planet called Akmola, meet new comrades and sign an interplanetary accord. But will this task be as smooth as it was planned? Will Pugovkin's strong chatacter bend under the abundance of products on store shelves? Do communists dream of virtual virgin soil?

Find out this and many more after buying and finishing the first episode of the "Soviet Union's answer to Space Quest"!
Community Announcements - Sapphire
The gama awaits you, adventurer!

Check it out here -

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