Lust for Darkness - Amanda Moon
Spend your Halloween with the Cult of Ecstasy - FOR FREE!


Also - Watch our Halloween Trailer:

Reminder: it's still Kickstarter demo with some changes like:
- Steam achievements
- new notes, that teases plots from the full version of Lust from Beyond
- possibility to open the door under the stairs
- option improvements (mouse sensivity etc)
- fixing some bugs, glitches etc.
- new cutscene in the end

Yv'h lauv'abrarc! Yv'h Lusst'ghaa!
Lust for Darkness - Amanda Moon

Dear Cultists!
We wanted to publish "Lust from Beyond: Prologue" on Halloween for everyone for free, but we have some problem with publishing it on Steam (because we send it to Steam too late). So we will publish the demo probably after the Halloween.
BUT we really want you to play it as soon as possible, so....


Reminder: LUST FROM BEYOND: PROLOGUE is still Kickstarter demo with some changes like:
- Steam achievements
- new notes, that teases plots from the full version of Lust from Beyond
- possibility to open the door under the stairs
- option improvements (mouse sensivity etc)
- fixing some bugs, glitches etc.
- new cutscene in the end

And.... we have some gift for you! Now you can build your own "boxy" version of Amanda!
Show us the final result!


That's all for now!
Yv'h lauv'abrarc! Yv'h Lusst'ghaa!
Lust for Darkness - sszot

as you can see, this year our Cult is growing thanks to the 80% discount ːsteamhappyː

But, let's don't forget in this spooky time that the world is not only full of otherworldly creatures from the lustfull land, but other beasts are lurking behind the corner too.

Prepare your guts for the terrifying amount of fear and screams because The Beast Inside is available only for the owners of Lust for Darkness, Agony, and Agony Unrated with the

exclusive 25% discount !
(applicable on the checkout)

Check their Steam Page and grab your copy:

Lust for Darkness - sszot
Hi Cultist,

We are excited to share with you great news - our friends from Illusion Ray Studio just released their unique horror with elements of a thriller - The Beast Inside.

You can grab your copy with the exclusive 25% discount for Lust for Darkness owners

What is The Beast Inside about?

The Beast Inside is a unique, gripping twist on thriller and survival horror. The game mixes intriguing story-driven adventure with unnerving survival horror experience. Immerse in the tale of long-buried secrets, personal tragedies, and madness. Play as two protagonists living in different centuries but bounded by dark heritage.

So, while waiting for the gates to our lustful land to be opened again, why not to seek for satisfaction somewhere else?

Yv'h lauv'abrarc! Yv'h Lusst'ghaa!
Lust for Darkness - Amanda Moon

Dear cultists,
Together we’ve managed to fund Lust from Beyond and it took us… 10 hours. It is truly an incredible result, and one we didn’t expect. Thank you very much! We’re getting feedback from those who played the demo and… wow. It’s really amazing that you so greatly appreciate our the way we’ve come as developers, and you can see our progress. There’s nothing left to do but to promise that the full version will be just as good and even better! We’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

We’d also like to remind you, that you can still support our game on kickstarter if you haven’t already. The special reward (The Chosen One – DAY 1 BACKER), is available for several more hours. The reward gives you access to a huge lot of additional content at a reasonable price. Also, importantly, the exclusive reward can only be acquired on the first campaign day. It’s worth it!


Thanks again!
Yv’h Iauv’abrarc! Yv’h Lusst’ghaa!
Lust for Darkness - Amanda Moon

Dear Cultists!
Gates to the world of endless ecstasy and terror are now opened!

Join the ceremony by supporting us on KICSKTARTER:


Watch full uncensored gameplay trailer:

And... Welcome back. ;)
Yv'h Iauv'abrarc! Yv'h Lusst'ghaa!
Lust for Darkness - Amanda Moon

Dear cultists!
We are pleased to announce that on the 25th of April we are launching a kickstarter campaign for the game Lust from Beyond!
It's no secret that this is a big moment for us. Lately we have been painstakingly (and ecstatically) polishing the demo of our latest project, and we can't wait to show it to you.

Lust for Darkness was our first game, so we thank you for the trust you've given us. We are doing everything we can, to make our next creation better technically and artistically - we believe that this way, our blasphemous ideas will resonate even stronger! :) We hope that you can notice our progress at first glance after turning on the demo.

But let's get down to specifics!

If you support us on Kickstarter you will be able to:

- get Lust from Beyond at a lower cost compared to the release price

- play an exclusive demo (right on the first campaign day!)

- receive additional content (wallpaper pack, artbook, soundtrack etc.)

- have an impact on the creation (e.g. by giving us feedback after playing the demo or more directly: by buying a reward allowing you to, for example, design your own ingame location!)

IMPORTANT: for those who decide to support us on the first campaign day, there is a special reward that gives you the full game, the demo, and lots of additional content for a relatively low price! Also, this reward will contain an exclusive available only on the first day.

We have already gotten a lot of assurance of support on kickstarter, for which we thank you in advance! Remember, that by doing all that we contribute to the development of the erotic horror genre.

Also: we have a modest teaser for you - the full gameplay trailer will be out on the day the campaign starts.


Let the countdown begin!

Yv'h Iauv'abrarc! Yv'h Lusst'ghaa!
Lust for Darkness - Damian

Hi Cultists!
We want to be closer to our fans and create awesome community around our growing Lust Universe.

That's why we created Discord channel for all those who want to chat about our games, cthulhu, horrors, other stuff and meet us - Movie Games Lunarium!

Link to our Discord:

See you in Lusst'ghaa!
Lust for Darkness - Willard Yelverton

Dear Cultists!
We would like to thank you for playing Lust for Darkness. During the development of that project we were just a six-person team setting our first steps in gamedev. Your interest and positive reviews have contributed to our progress, and with that, to the erotic horror genre’s growth.

Now there’s more of us, and the experience gained in Lust for Darkness is immense. That’s why we are making a big leap forward while staying in the same universe. We are not making Lust for Darkness 2. Just adding the “two” would be to small of a change compared to the journey we’ve been through.

We are thus making a bold move and introducing LUST FROM BEYOND - an erotic horror played from the point of view of the Cult of Ecstasy member. Lust from Beyond is a standalone story that does not require playing the “first” part, however those who do know it will feel right at home. Cult of Ecstasy… Lusst’ghaa… Sounds familiar doesn’t it? We also guarantee that some of the Lust for Darkness characters are returning.

We invite you to visit our new game’s page. We’ve been trying to make progress in every aspect - from storytelling to animation and graphics. We hope you appreciate it.


And remember - Ideas are always eternal.
Yv’h Iauv’abrarc. Yv’h Lusst’ghaa.
Lust for Darkness - Willard Yelverton

In the name of Iauv'abrarc,
The sower of Ecstasy and God-King of Lusst'ghaa,
We beg you, open the Gates of Ecstasy to us.
Take our beings into your cosmic bosom.
Deliver us from knowledge and understanding.
Show us the ultimate truth, and erase all the ones left behind.
Let us abide by You, until the end,
And remain with us for eternity.
Yv'h Iauv'abrarc. Yv'h Lusst'ghaa.

The Lustful God will rise...

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