Samurai Wars - Valkyrie Corp.

We have released a great game Demoniaca: Everlasting Night.

Great story, beautifully drawn sex characters, lots of secrets, loot and the ability to level the character. In general, do not miss this masterpiece.
Immediately after the release, the stream will begin broadcasting on the game page, join in!
Samurai Wars - DroidRiotCorp

This old school and hardcore. Everything is very serious, test your strength in an unequal struggle with the criminal Syndicate!

May 23
Samurai Wars - DroidRiotCorp

Today we have a release of the good platform Fox and Bunny. 15% discount!
Samurai Wars - DroidRiotCorp

We welcome all fans of space strategy, and especially those players who are still waiting for this game to be released in its final form. Thank you all for your patience.
This game has changed publisher, and we are pleased to announce that we have resumed development.
So far I can not tell you exactly what will happen and when, because we have not fully appreciated the remaining assets and what needs to be done to complete the project. In general, this will be our first task.
Follow the news, we will try to write them regularly.
Samurai Wars - DroidRiotCorp

The first news is what you see on the cover of this post. We have added trading cards to the BlackSoul game. But more than that, we reduced the price to its minimum. In our opinion, this game is worthy of the attention of the horror genre fans. Buy it, play and write honest reviews! ;)

The second news is the appearance among our games of an excellent space simulation strategy game StellarHub. Almost all of our team played this game for several days and it was really exciting. Build a space base, mine resources, manage personnel, defend the base from enemies. Very, very addictive game. In general, we are happy to present it to you.

The third news is that we are preparing to release a cute platformer about Bunny and Little Fox. This is a story about friendship, loyalty and mutual aid. Very good fairy tale. The game will be released in May, in the near future.
Samurai Wars - Droid Riot

This week there are discounts on the games Colortone and Excive A-1000.
Samurai Wars - Droid Riot

We greet all our players, those who have been with us and our game all these years. We have good news!
We are pleased to announce that we have released Trading Cards for our game StarFence: Heroic Edition!
Samurai Wars - Droid Riot

The game is made in the best traditions of the old-school horror and survival games. Despite some technical flaws, due to the limitations of the engine, the game even today looks good. Such a game should definitely be in the collection of every horror game lover.
We really believe that the game deserves a second chance and may appeal to a large number of players.
Samurai Wars - Droid Riot
Samurai Wars - Droid Riot

This week we have two games sold at a discount. This is a network action about samurai with swords Samurai Wars (you can chop your friends into bloody cabbage) and hardcore drift neon action Weable.
Both games have trading cards.

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