Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
Im proud to announce Half Past Impossible - The new "I wanna be the guy"
Check out the store page here:
Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves

Okay guys, If you dont know this already. The orb chambers 2 will never apart of any free giveaways such as gleam etc.. EVER.


I would like to my own small giveaway of 20 copies.

To win all you have to do is

1) visit the store page:

2) Add it to your wishlist

3) Join StarSystemStudios on steam

3) Comment on the Announcement "Wishlisted"


When I pick the winners I will check if its in your wishlist!.

Thanks guys and have an awesome day! ːsteamhappyː
Community Announcements - Cpt.Cuddles

Thank you to everyone who supported!ːsteamhappyː
Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
Vote now to see it released later this year! =Dːsteamhappyː
Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
Whats new?
  • Added the option to lower and raise music volume (most requested)
  • Changed the death screen so you can no longer accidently quit the game when you die
  • Changed the texture resolution to 2048 from 1024 so everything looks better graphically
  • increased the time of the invincibility
  • Minor bug fixes


Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
The Orb Chambers update schedule.
Problems that have been raised:
1) Level X being broken
2) Sound settings to lower music volume
3) Players not knowing what the blue pick up is
4) Duplication glitch where the player spawns multiple versions of itself.

What has been fixed In the current update:

1) Added an effect to picking up The power coin:
2) fixed level x so now it should work.

The restof the fixes to come. thank you.ːOrbieː
Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
What will be fixed:ːOrbieː

The save and load system will be fixed -

Hard mode from level 8 will be fixed to play the correct levels.

Other Minor fixesːOrbieː
Community Announcements - WeedSavesL1ves
Minor bug fixes to come

Main fixes:
-hard mode level fixes-
-other level fixes

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