Jul 26, 2017
Community Announcements - James
Yesterday we contacted Valve expressing our interest in retiring Ashbourne from the Steam Store.

It has been a rocky road since release, to say the least. We were a 3-man development team with no previous major experience so this project was realistically way out of our league, which is easy to say looking back on it now. Ashbourne was originally aimed for release in November 2016 and was later delayed until January 2017 due to unforeseen circumstances, as a team we should have used that time more wisely with QA and bug testing. Shortly after release we had a few changes in the team with how things worked and it took a long time to get back to any form of development on the game.

We finally got around to revisiting the game four months on, it was decided that we as a team were able to do better and decided to put out some quality of life changes to, above all, ensure that it was a project and a product we were proud of. We put out a big update the following month which moved it in the right direction.

Unfortunately since have then, we have disbanded completely as a development team and have mutually decided it would be best to retire Ashbourne from the Steam Store, as we all move onto different individual paths in life.

None of us are interested in keeping a game up for sale if we have decided that we're not 100% happy with it or proud of it, and no longer have any wish to continue further iteration on the title.

Please note: For anyone that already owns Ashbourne, nothing will change on your end -- you will still be able to download and play the game through Steam, the game will still function as normal.
Community Announcements - Endemic
Major: Ashbourne (version 1.1.045) for 1st June 2017

If you are interested in the steps taken to optimise Ashbourne in this patch, visit here.

  • Updated branding art.

  • Modified Alderth Castle keep layout to better direct players during the opening quest.
  • Removed south gate ramp, replaced with a climbable ladder.
  • Modified fog values for different weather patterns.
  • Modified overall landscape in multiple areas.
  • Removed and replaced all invalid foliage.
  • Adjusted positioning of some bandit camps.
  • Removed foliage instances opposite Alderth Castle.
  • Added exterior walls, towers and entrance gate to Alderth Castle.
  • Moved Alderth Castle fast travel point to the exterior gate.
  • Improved shadowing performance throughout the world.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Lighting sources now trigger between the hours of 9:30am and 5:00pm.

  • ’Uncovering Shadows’: Slightly adjusted objectives.
  • ’Uncovering Shadows’: Added new dialogue and adjusted scripting.
  • ’In Honour of Alderth’: Adjusted AI count and target rules.
  • ’In Honour of Alderth’: Adjusted positioning of enemy archers.
  • ’In Honour of Alderth’: Changed positioning of enemy dialogue to match new Alderth exterior.

  • Changed the method of setting UI input mode in the main menu.
  • Overhauled all menu UIs. (Main menu, options menus and pause menus)
  • Replaced dropdown menus with new, more readable version.
  • Added an fps counter which can be toggled through with ‘Show FPS’ in the options menu.
  • Added foliage density option in options menu.
  • New camera mode UI.
  • Added exit UI element to camera mode.
  • Added blood splatter for damage taken.
  • World objective UI text positioning adjusted.
  • Adjusted quest log completion tracking.
  • Improved consistency between interfaces with drop down menus/sliders.
  • Improved consistency of font, colour and font size between interfaces.
  • Adjusted promotion UI element.
  • Adjusted quest complete UI element.
  • Added XP to next level in PlayerState UI element.
  • Cursor should no longer be locked to the game when out of focus.
  • Adjusted received UI element.
  • Adjusted completed activity UI element.
  • Fixed font inconsistencies in parchment UIs.
  • Adjusted world time UI element.

  • Enemies now drop a loot bag upon death.
  • Horse stamina has quicker regen time.
  • Added ladder climbing animations.
  • World NPC clothing should now be more unique between each instance.
  • Removed unused values from item types.
  • Adjusted Arrow projectile to be more accurate and slightly easier to successfully hit.
  • Jewellery moved to Miscellaneous item type.
  • Made intro movies skippable.
  • Fire sources now check if the player is controlling Alexander before damaging the actor.

Camera mode:
  • Values are now saved.
  • Added saturation modifier.
  • Players are now able to modify camera processing effects on the fly.

General/Bug fixes:
  • Fixed discovery/saving issues with fast travel posts.
  • Removed fast travel posts from saved classes.
  • Added variables for death puppet class to tie in with loot dropping of corpses.
  • Any UI scaling issues should now be fixed with the roll out of the new menu UIs.
  • Improved lighting inconsistencies throughout the world.
  • Adjusted world post processing effects.
  • Adjusted grass type and non-conifer foliage to use foliage density values.
  • Fixed LODs on non-conifer foliage.
  • AI are now only updated if recently rendered, which should marginally improve frame times, especially in busier locations.
  • Updated to latest engine version.
  • Removed all actors from network replication list.
  • Updated AI avoidance values.
  • Fixed a rare bug with global fade in/out.
  • Fixed a bug which caused AI to transition into an incorrect animation state when in panic mode.
  • Screen resolution percentage should now default to 100% instead of 66%.
  • Adjusted positioning of interior props in the farms.
  • Blood hit UI now consistently shows regardless of state.
  • Improved loading screen consistency.
  • Replaced depreciated functions which came with engine upgrades.
  • Toned down arrow damage slightly.
  • Blood splatter should now be more consistent.
  • Blood splatter effects toned down.
  • Fixed incorrect resale values on a couple of items.
  • Damage taken SFX will now play consistently regardless of state.
  • All background images should now scale correctly with aspect ratios wider than 16:9.
  • Ladder climbing is now slightly improved, there’s still some work to do to smoothen it out.
  • Fixed armour disappearing from Alexander’s body in certain cutscenes.
  • Addressed bandit camp AI issues.
  • Fixed quest log logging issues.
  • Merchant UI content sizing issues addressed.
  • Addressed an issue where AI kill volume would be ignored if the player had low fps.
  • Fixed several instances of potential UI element creation looping.
  • Foliage should now properly take advantage of per instance fading.
  • Foliage now supports dithered LODs.
  • Adjusted culling settings.
  • Improved culling on small foliage, specifically in the farm areas.
  • Fixed misaligned border in world map UI.
  • Fixed alignment of death screen.
  • Fixed incorrect/broken LOD2 on multiple props.
  • Addressed a potential issue which could have caused certain mission events to trigger incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the action error UI which would allow said UI elements to be overlapped.

This is the first of a few large QoL updates we have lined up for Ashbourne, this update focuses a lot on UI which seemed to be a recurring issue in the feedback given to us. We completely overhauled a lot of the menus and UI elements within Ashbourne and we’re hoping that it has ironed out a lot of the scaling issues that players were having.

There’s still work to be done, and we’re excited to continue working on quality of life updates for Ashbourne to ensure that it’s a game we’re very proud of, and a game that players enjoy playing through.
Apr 29, 2017
Community Announcements - Endemic
First and foremost, we're incredibly sorry for the lack of updates since Ashbourne’s release in January. Our small team has undergone some significant changes in recent months so keeping the ball rolling has been a struggle for us, since we weren't a large team to begin with, with a total of 3 people involved in Ashbourne's making.

The launch of Ashbourne wasn't what any of us had hoped for, it was quite a disappointment for everyone involved. It was entirely our own faults, we postponed the launch date from November to January due to unforeseen circumstances and we should have used that time more efficiently for QA testing. We like to think that a lot of the bigger issues were ironed out quickly, but that doesn't excuse the fact that they had no place being there in the first place.

Over the course of the next few months, there will be multiple large updates to Ashbourne, the first of which will come mid/late May 1st June 2017. For the time being, the premise and story of the game will remain the same but we're hoping to push a lot of quality of life updates live to ensure that Ashbourne is something that we're able to be extremely proud of, as well as something that people enjoy playing. We have also recently reduced the price from $5.99/£4.79 to $1.99/£1.49.

We're looking forward to showing you what we have in the coming months!
Community Announcements - Endemic Interactive
Minor: Ashbourne (version 1.0.145) for 23rd January 2017

  • Adjusted achievement 'Mastery' to unlock at level 20 rather than level 30.

  • Reworked the way that light sources keep up with the current world time, it is now more consistent.
  • Adjusted collision on boats.

General/Bug fixes:
  • Fixed issues exiting the merchant UI.
  • Fixed issues with Bookies not working as intended.
  • Horse camera should be more stable now.
  • Rain should now be better optimised.
  • Removed some blood effects.
  • Added escape to Bookie UI.
  • Fixed issue with Bookie objective markers.
Community Announcements - Endemic Interactive
Hotfix: Ashbourne (version 1.0.062) for 21st January 2017

  • Adjusted 'Entering Blackwater' to direct objective to Cecily, rather than searching for her.
  • Added sound cue for taking damage.
  • Removed merchant from Alderth Castle.
  • Added UI element for unspent skill points (displayed below noble count/level in inventory)
  • Fixed some offsets in various UI elements.
  • Addressed horse brightness issues.
  • AI pain sound effects volume lowered slightly.
  • Fixed bug where everything would appear darker after dying and restarting.
  • Adjusted UI anchoring of equipment.
Community Announcements - Endemic Interactive
Minor: Ashbourne (version 1.0.056) for 21st January 2017

  • Interior lighting should now be much brighter. (Post process effects need to be turned on for this to take effect)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented custom depth from being shown correctly (usables, hints/clues, lootables should now outline correctly)
  • Added clue UI element for 'An Undying Hunch'
  • Adjusted some audio compression values.
  • Added light sources to Longford.
  • Addressed incorrect positioning of a couple of world objects.
Community Announcements - Endemic Interactive
Hotfix/Minor: Ashbourne (version 1.0.048) for 20th January 2017

  • Increased world lighting brightness slightly.
  • Added a few extra lootable barrels.

  • Added an option in Graphics Options to toggle motion blur.
  • Added an option in Input Options for mouse smoothing.
  • Added an option in Graphics Options for brightness/gain.
  • Added a horse mounting UI hint.
  • FOV options now set consistently.
  • World map view now shows lootable barrels
  • World map now prioritises bandit camps icons over the lootable barrel icons.
  • Added a death screen. (The previous lack of a death screen is the 'bug' a lot of people were getting where they were sent back to the main menu on the opening quest)
  • Improved cursor interaction.

Bug fixes:
  • Key rebinding menu no longer allows escape as an input.
  • Slightly slowed horse movement speed.
  • Updated collision on wooden fences to prevent players getting stuck on them.
  • Addressed an issue where the horse didn't register Alexander dismounting which caused a bug in the 'In Honour of Alderth' quest.
  • Fixed an issue with FOV sliders using the same slider value, they should now be all independent of one another.
  • Fixed inconsistency between handling of resolution scale, it now caps properly at 100%.
  • Addressed inconsistency of animations between combat and death, death animation should now play regardless of the player's previous state.

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