Star Wolves 3: Civil War - Valve
Updates to Star Wolves 3: Civil War have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
  • Mission USS
    The bug with the unperformed quests fixed.
  • Mission A Chance To Earn A Living fixed:
    The trap after the encounter with MSF will be eliminated, Alex will return after the elimination.
  • Mission Empire's Aides:
    The departure from the MSF storyline to the Alex’ storyline fixed.
  • Mission InoCo Mystery:
    SAM's ship fixed.
  • Mission Artifact of the Precursors
    The situation with the pickup of artifacts in the first point of the route fixed, now it is enough to pick up any of the artifacts to launch the script.
  • Additional lock was added to prevent arbitrary visiting of star systems available only according to the storyline.
  • The description of the System Firmware Mk 3 fixed.
  • Some dead merchant will not talk after his death.
  • A new file type was added: FILETYPE MODDING. This file type works with the same data as FILETYPE DYNAMIC, but there is no need to use an encryptor for it. In this way the originally encrypted text will work and modders will receive a convenient and customized means for creating their own dialogues, messages, and other contents for their mods. All of these will work in coordination with the game engine using its rules and will not result in difficulties and errors while creating game mods.
  • Multiple misprints and spelling errors in the game texts fixed.
Product Release - Valve
Space Rangers and Space Rangers 2: Reboot are now available on Steam!

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Star Wolves 3: Civil War - Valve
Three strategy titles from 1C Company, Star Wolves, Star Wolves 2, and
Star Wolves 3: Civil War
are now available on Steam!
Star Wolves 3: Civil War - Valve
Star Wolves 3: Civil War is now available for pre-purchase on Steam!

When you pre-purchase Star Wolves 3: Civil War you will receive Star Wolves and Star Wolves 2 absolutely free! Please note these are not giftable copies.

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