Jan 25, 2016
HotLead - Thrill Pill Games
Hello everyone I m happy to announce the following:
Trading Cards are finaly here, happy collecting & crafting
Coming in a couple of days!
Keep supporting developing this game!
Thank you for your time and patience, please enjoy HotLead.
Jan 6, 2016
HotLead - Thrill Pill Games
Hello everyone
New updates available featuring improved controller and shooting!!! For constructive feedback please feel free to use the discussions page.Every suggestion will be noted !!!
Thank you. Hope you like it and will support HotLead in the future.
Dec 24, 2015
HotLead - Thrill Pill Games
Hello everybody
HotLead is now updated featuring new gameplay mechanics, GUI, bug fixes, optimizes, new controls and much more surprises.
Hope you like the new face of HotLead and that you will support it!!!
Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season
and a very Happy New Year !!!
Dec 24, 2015
HotLead - Thrill Pill Games
Hello everyone
New updates and fixes coming tonight.I tried to take in consideration every tip and suggestions that I received. I really appreciate the community's help in developing and fixing this game and I hope that HotLead will rise up to the challenge.
Thank you again for you major support.Check it out and keep supporting indie devs.
Happy holidays and best wishes to everyone!!!
Nov 28, 2015
HotLead - Thrill Pill Games
Hello everyone
HotLead is in its final testing phase and will be upgraded as soon as possible! I took my time this time to make sure the game can rise up to the expectations! The community s feedback helped me a lot and I tried to incorporate every suggestion and tip recieved!
Thank you for your patience and support!
I will get back with the release news and new artwork soon!
Nov 16, 2015
HotLead - Thrill Pill Games
HotLead upgraded!
Check it out and hope you will enjoy!!!
For feedback and recomandation feel free to use the discussion page.
Thank you for your support!!!
Nov 8, 2015
HotLead - Thrill Pill Games
Dear community,

I am the main (and sole) developer over at Thrill Pill Games. I would like to make a public apology. I understand the quality of my game is not quite as high as it was expected, it was my first commercial game I was over-ambitious. I was blinded by my own work and couldn't see it with a critical eye. I now see that the game is lacking in numerous aspects. I promise to try my best to repair this game and offer you a good experience.
There are numerous bugs that need fixing, I can see this now. However, my resources are limited, I lack the funding necessary to work on the game full time. For this reason, I have to ask you to help me. I can understand if you would rather not do this, seeing how I let fatal mistakes slip unnoticed, mistakes which should have never been let into the commercial version of the game. But, if any of you would be willing to help me in solving this problem by reporting your bugs either here or at this email address:thrillpillgames@gmail.com , I'd be more than grateful. Of course, none of you have to do it, it is my job to make sure you receive a game worth your time and money, a job which I utterly failed at.
Also, there are other errors which I let into the final version of the game. I heard your complaints about the camera, as well as the animation problems. The "Options" menu of the game requires tweaking. A lot of tweaking. I believe there are also other problems I might have not noticed before. This is why I ask you to send any suggestions at the same email address, with the title "Suggestion". I promise to take all of them into consideration.
I apologize for the price of the game, I see now that the price requires immediate action. I understand my game is overpriced for so many bugs. But please understand that I also have to live, and developing this game occupies a significant amount of my time. As such, I can not make this game completely free. However, I am open to suggestions for a price. Were you to say this game is better priced at 7€ or at 5€, I will listen. I hope we will be able to reach a compromise.
For every person that has already bought the game, we can work something out. I don't want you to feel robbed. I am open to any solution you might think is acceptable. I promise to try my hardest in making this game an enjoyable experience. I promise to try and find a solution for all the buyers of my game.

Please accept my apologies,

Sincerely, the developer

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