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Hi everyone,

Today we're very happy to announce the release of this new patch we hope will make 8DAYS more fun to play.

Gameplay Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Permadeath

For the diehards who claim the game is so easy that they completed it in a couple of hours, and for those who are annoyed because it is so hard, you can now choose the gameplay difficulty which best fit your skills.

  • Easy: In this level you can carry more than one medkit at the same time (see below). This extra shot will allow you to keep alive more time ;)
  • Normal: 8DAYS in its original flavour!
  • Hard: To die means restart at the beginning of the mission! This level is unlocked when your complete the game for the first time in Normal. Recommended for all of you who have already completed the game in its original format and want a new challenge!
  • Permadeath: Ho ho ho! This is a gift to all of our diehard players. Its name says it all: die means start again from the beginning of the game! Beat the game in the Hard level to unlock it. Only the brave should play here! (Disclaimer: We should say that no one in our team was able to complete the game in this level ":))

Keep the Medkits for future use

Every time you pickup a medkit it will be stored in your inventory. In the Easy level you can keep up to 2 medkits!

The best? While playing in co-op you can bring your medkit to your pal if he is running into problems!

New Achievements

We have added three new achievements for you:
  • Kill Bombermann: When you reach the G9 Summit world, kill the suicide bomber before he triggers his bomb to unlock this achievement.
  • No Civils Killed: Are you a responsible mercenary? If so, then complete the game killing no civils!
  • Civil Down!: Collateral damages happens in every conflict, sometimes things get wrong and innocents die due your actions.


We've solved all the annoying bugs reported by you, but we will not bore you with technical details ;)

Happy weekend and enjoy 8DAYS!
Community Announcements - SantaClaraGames
Before 2016 is going to end we would like to share with all of you a new version of 8DAYS which includes:

  • Patch that fixes Enemies to get hooked in the corners.
  • Mac: Sound3D engine improved.
  • Russian texts improved.

Please enjoy this new version and share with us your gameplays and screenshots :)
Community Announcements - ahoyal
Begin your G.O.D training as mercenary expendables Mike or Lola in the FREE demo of 8DAYS.

Lock and load in this 8bit top down shooter where you get to fight against global nuclear threats, Middle East fighters and city riots whilst travelling to the most dangerous places unimaginable.

How fast can you complete the demo?

Gear up solider, this is war!!
Community Announcements - SantaClaraGames
A new version of 8DAYS that fixes all those annoying bugs is available for all of you!

Bugs fixed:
  • Rats attack fixed.
  • Final Boss death ray fixed.
  • Game crashes when player try to kill miniboss using an axe.
  • LGame crashes when attempting to melee a snake charmer's snake-in-a-pot with the rock.
  • Game crashes if you try to PAUSE the game while changing from room.

We hope this new version will improve your experience playing 8DAYS :)

Please don't forget to share with us your comments, screenshots and videos!!!
Community Announcements - SantaClaraGames
Hey everyone!

Today we are super happy to announce a new version of 8DAYS that fixes all those annoying bugs you have reported to us.

Bugs fixed:
  • Now you can take screenshots of you better moments just pressing F12 and upload them to your Steam profile (Windows only).

  • Language preference is saved properly.

  • Before you restart your current mission the game will ask you for confirmation. Its goal is to avoid unintentional restarts.

  • Gameplay crash fixed while shooting EMP inside a secret room in World2.

Hope this new version will improve your experience with 8DAYS :)

Community Announcements - SantaClaraGames
If you purchased the game in the past through Humble Store please follow these steps to redeem your Steam key:

  1. Login into
  2. Go to your Library []
  3. Click on 8DAYS icon.
  4. Your Steam key is available under STEAM section. Ex. XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ.
  5. Launch the Steam client and enter your login credentials.
  6. Click the button in the bottom left corner that says "+ ADD A GAME…" to register the Steam key to your account.
  7. In the pop-up window, select the "Activate a Product on Steam" option. This will open up a new window.
  8. Follow the prompts, and paste or enter the numerical key you copied from your Humble Bundle Library page into the "Product Code" field (Ex. XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ).
  9. From your LIBRARY tab you can see all games registered to your Steam account. You can then select "8DAYS" game and it will bring up a splash page with a large INSTALL button, you can click on to install the game. Once 8DAYS is installed, the Install button will change to a PLAY button!

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