Failed State - LexPest
The last stage of development is announced. This is the most intense and difficult stage. Recently, the core game mechanics, such as the combat system and the saving system, were seriously reworked, in connection with which players faced a huge number of bugs. Thanks to their reports, most of the critical bugs were fixed, and this is the primary thing in the first update in this stage.

Yes, there will be several small updates before the initial release. At the moment, the dev team is mostly focused on the final version of the game and the integrity of the included content.

This stage the team announces a trading system that you can try already in the latest update (along with part of the new location), as well as replacing melee mechanics in the form of throwing knives, which will be available in the next “silent” update as well, as the new gameplay location.

Changes are slightly related to every aspect of the game. The new aiming system, different for the gamepad, mouse and touchpad, the ability to pause the game and restart the level again even during cutscenes, correcting localization and graphic assets. All this requires additional testing, so the team asks all early access participants to report all critical bugs as before and thanks everyone involved in the process.
Sep 23
Failed State - redspinnerstudio

- graphic problems fixed
- game balance fixed
- character animations fixed (except for QTE)
Failed State - Nova
Dear players, we are glad to present you the long-awaited update of Failed State. We are one step closer to the release of the game, waiting for your feedback!

List of changes:
- most of the graphics have been updated (optional content has not been fully updated, we know about it and are working on it)
- the battle system has been redesigned
- the possibility of rolling has been added, which makes bouts more dynamic
- the save system has been updated
- the dialogue system has been improved
- new animations and scenes added
Failed State - Nova
Today the testers got a chance to play an updated version of our game.

Add the game to your wish list and keep up to date with updates:
P.S. Now we have a discount.

Failed State - Nova
The work is in full swing.
We are working on a new aiming system that you can try out in the September update.
The image is still testing version.

Failed State - Nova
We are glad to present to your attention

The full version of the image is available:
Failed State - Nova
We present to your attention

Waiting for your feedback ːsteamhappyː
Failed State - Nova
Failed State - (Alice Bell)

I don t want to become known for always talking about a thing (like how we all gently rib Matt about being a philsophy-toucher in a way that doesn t amount to workplace bullying whatsoever). This is why I ve tried to stop yelling at office co-workers about Chernobyl. I don t want to be Appropriative Post-Soviet girl, who is probably the rubbishest of the X-Men characters. So my disclaimer here is: I swear I didn t know Failed State, a 2D pixely action adventure thing, was a post-Soivet post-apocalyptic game before I started playing it.

Failed State has its own disclaimer of the not-based-on-real-events-or-people variety, which is odd because it s set in a world where the planet, ravaged by technological and natural disasters, is now dealing with zombies of a mushroomy, mycelium extraction. So if you re a real life one of those, be assured that Failed State is not taking the mick out of you. Things it is>: bit survivaly, bit shooty, bit good. And about 45 minutes long.


Failed State - Nova
First of all, we want to thank for the trust of all the players who bought our game at this stage. You're all breathtaking!

Thank you for a lot of warm words in your feedback to the game, it motivates us to continue development. Yes! Development will continue, at the moment we are actively engaged in new locations and storyline.

We understand your dissatisfaction with the duration of the current version, but we are still independent, which explains the funding problems. But we promise that the proceeds will go to the development. And each of your purchases at the moment is a real help in the development of the project.

Best Regards,
Team of Developers

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