UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Scarzzurs
Greetings Travellers!

It's been a long time since our latest update, so here is what has happened:

In October we ran out of money and were forced to find a more reliable source of income. Fortunately we were both able to take up work at Zaxis Games working on their upcoming Viking game called Fimbul.

Later in January Mathias became a father and Rune started working at Flashbulb Games on the game Trailmarkers. This has left us with little time for Utopia 9...

Award Nomination

However, in March we were nominated for an award in the category Best Danish Language Game in the danish game awards Spilprisen, which makes us very proud. Regardless of the outcome, we appreciate being taken serious by the industry and being recognized for our hard work, even if we have only been two guys working on the game for most part.

TV Interview
The day after being nominated, we were interviewed for an Indie Game episode of the danish television program Troldspejlet. This episode later aired on national television the 9th of April. It's a program well known by most danes, so we were naturally thrilled and it was fun to take part.

New Trailer & Artwork
Furthermore Level Up REACH have finished their work on our new trailer and it is available on our Steam Store page and on Youtube. Check it out!

The Update
- Thanks to Vun aka. WW H @vunkoooo, we are happy to announce Chinese translations of the game, both in traditional and simplified chinese. Hopefully this will make the game available to even more people to enjoy!
- This update includes a performance fix for when many mutants are idle off screen. This could introduce bugs related to their animation, so please report any regressions.
- Fixed an audio-bug when playing in local co-op.

The Future
Because of the limited financial success, the future of Utopia 9 is uncertain. There are always features and platforms we would have liked to introduce however we are very proud with what we have achieved and are extremely happy with having had the opportunity to make Utopia 9. We'd like to thank all who have taken part of our journey!

So, until next time, have a great vacation!
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - VanillaDice

Utopia 9 – A Volatile Vacation is a rogue-like 3D twin stick shooter.
The game is set in a tragicomic future with a retro sci-fi feel. You play as the most recent guest to arrive on the vacation resort Utopia 9 but nothing is as promised! Upon arrival, you must make your way through hordes of space mutants determined to take you out and snatch your loot. The nemesis system adds unique enemies and invites the player to take revenge on the mutant murderers! Can you survive the mutant onslaught and sue the travel agency?

Utopia 9 is a Rogue-Like 3D Twin Stick Shooter, featuring:

Procedurally generated levels!

- Challenging gameplay & Permanent death!
- Shields, armors and lots of powerful weapons!
- Mutations granting unique abilities!
- Evolving enemies that loot your corpse!
- Avenge yourself and reclaim your gear!

Thanks to: Silas Amdi for the amazing work on the poster.
Jonas Jessen for audio, Bubbles LP and ReformistTM for Voice over work.
Evgeni Hristov for trailer visuals, Jon Einar for SFX, animation, and cinematics. Jevgeni for editing, animation, and post-production. Thomas Huusmann for animation.
All our fans for the support.
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Whalegun - Utopia 9

Hey everyone!
Today's update is a big one and features not 1, not 2, not 3, but a whoopin' 4 player local co-op!
So gather your friends and fetch your game controllers, this vacation will be a BLAST!

Local Co-op
You can now play the game 1 to 4 players in local co-op mode. As more players were introduced we found certain things had to be improved. As an added benefit this means the existing 2 player local co-op mode has also been improved significantly as a result.
  • Added color-coded particle effect to player corpses.
  • Added color-coded selection circle to alive players.
  • Armors of players no longer loses their helm in local co-op.
  • Players are now restricted from moving to far from eachother.
  • Mutate- and Sample-dialog is closed automatically in local co-op.
  • Interaction hints now show icons of buttons and items.
  • Players outside the playable areas are now "recovered" to a closer position.
  • Each crate contains items according to the number of players.
  • Added new mutation and sample icons for player 3 and 4.
  • Added character portraits for player 3 and 4.
  • Main Menu updated to support player 3 and 4.
  • Health and stun reduction of enemies scale with the square root of the number of players.

Game Controller Support
We noticed trigger buttons sometimes being mixed up when multiple XBox (or XBox-like) controllers with the same name were connected. To solve this we've had to replace the input API we've previously used. As a positive side-effect more controllers should now be working without customized setup. If you encounter any problems, make sure to let us know in the forums!
  • Fixed trigger buttons sometimes being mixed between some controllers.
  • Added more default controls setups for common controllers.
  • Each input in the controls setup now corresponds to a specific controller.
  • Fixed multiple cases of user interface losing focus when using game controllers.
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - VanillaDice

Last week Whalegun was hit by the resistent Whale-flu so things were a bit slow. However today we're back with yet another update packed with more firepower and a long awaited fix for Mac OSX users!

Mini Mine Layer
Can't get enough mines? The brand new Mini Mine Layer to the rescue!
  • One-handed level 4 Explosive Weapon that fires 5 mines in a row.
  • Be careful: The mines are unstable and will explode before long!

Mac Fix
For quite some time, Mac users have reported consistent game freezes during the spacepod touchdown. A new version of Unity has now been made available to us, that appear to have resolved the issue. If you encounter any other problems, please let us know in the Steam Forums!

Balance and Fixes
  • Fixed problems with exiting buildings in local co-op in Vacation Resorts.
  • Players now start on the ground in each level as before.
  • Fixed enemies trying to run through forcefields in Staff Only areas.
  • The fence in start and end of Staff Only areas can now be shot open.
  • Weapons with sequencial attacks now show the number of attacks.
  • Fixed tooltips disappearing in World Map when using Game Controllers.
  • Joystick Aim now has 4 directions instead of assuming axes input.
  • Fixed enemies sometimes spawning inside entrances in Staff Only Area.
  • Fixed Item Crates being stuck and pushing items and players away.
  • The Gate in Arrival area no longer blocks view of enemies.
  • Tour Guide Umbrella now folds after blocking to better indicate its use.
  • Mines are now visible behind other objects.
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck in corners of Cave Adventure areas.

Up Next
We're currently working towards a Console port. We would like to support 4 players in local co-op for the launch, so were working on getting that ready as well. Finally we're working with a highly skilled marketing team who are working on a brand new trailer for the game, and it's looking really promising! So lots of exciting things going on, although the updates will be less regular in the near future.
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Whalegun
It's thursday and time for the weekly update. Today we're proud to bring you two brand new weapons!

Curve Zapper

Hit them once and the Curve Zapper will take care of the rest!
  • One-handed level 4 Energy Weapon that bends lasers!
  • Subsequent shots bends towards last enemy hit.

Tangle Taser

Now you can finally recharge your smartphone from across the room. Just make sure you set the power levels right and check that it's shuriken proof!
  • Two-handed level 3 Energy Weapon that fires energy shurikens!
  • The shurikens stick to enemies and creates a power field that electrifies them.

  • Enemies now attack much sooner with the chainsaw.
  • The chainsaw now has slightly longer range.
  • Projectiles now collide with the body parts of the characters.
  • Main menu description for Player 2 will now show if no controller is found.
  • The Camera should now be unlocked for all players.
  • Enemies no longer attempt to flee to friends inside other buildings.
  • Shields of enemies now breaks when they die.


We're continuing our live streaming of the further development on Twitch.tv. We plan to do so every Tuesday and Friday from around 10-17 UTC+1.

Please stop by and say hello! :-)
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Whalegun

Hey space tourists! We are excited to present two brand new all-purpose-endless-battery- lifetime-tools to make your vacation more enjoyable. Forever!


The flora of Utopia 9 is perfect for practicing your skills at plant sculpting. However, you’ll need the right tools for the job: The new chainsaw is perfect and is even great for mowing through armies of mutants: Groovy!
  • One-handed level 4 melee weapon that deals massive damage.
  • Continued use may cause temporary overheating!


Wanna go fishing? Forgot to bring the lure? Then why not try out the harpoon! With the help of the harpoon you’ll be reeling in the deadliest catch of Utopia 9 in no time. Don’t forget to take a picture!
  • Two-handed level 3 melee weapon that has two different attacks.
  • Primary attack is a grappling hook that pulls enemies towards you.
  • Secondary attack is a powerful thrusting stab.

  • Projectile Parry and shield deflect aims towards the crosshair now.
  • Mutants using bullet or melee weapons doesn’t sidestep after attacks anymore.
  • Mutants no longer “get stuck” using certain weapons if they have other weapons.
  • Weapon should no longer keep teleporting to the player's feet.


We've been doing a bit of experimentation with Twitch streaming the development of Utopia 9 and should start broadcasting regularly mondays and wednesdays starting the 5th of september!

Our channel is named WhalegunTwitch if you want to follow us.

The next update will be in two weeks and if all goes well, we'll introduce two new items.
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Whalegun

Grenades have been part of the game for quite some time now, but they've never quite settled down. With this update we're giving them a more appropriate place in the game while at the same time preparing to add more interesting items in the future.

Utility Items

The game now has a new type of item: Utility Items!
  • Players can now pick up utility items.
  • The player's inventory now has a dedicated slot for Utility Items.
  • Utility items are used with separate input.
  • Arrival area shows default Utility input (Press F or Right Joystick).
  • Grenades are now Utility items, so no longer competes with weapons.
  • The tourist starts with a high-powered camera that stuns enemies.

Mini-Mart Marketing

A lot of new players overlook the mini-mart building in Vacation Resort areas, so we've upgraded their exterior to draw more attention.
  • Mini-Marts now have a large animated sign to draw attention.
  • A hologram have been placed near Mini-Marts indicating it's type.

Gameplay, Changes and Fixes
  • Ammunition is now transferred when picking up the same weapon.
  • Fixed a "teleportation bug" near exit of Boss building.

Tune in next week where we'll release a number of cool new weapons!
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Whalegun

Hello everyone! It's time we sat down and had a talk about death!
Why? Because this update brings a number of features related to death!

Social Corpses
As of this version, you can now find the corpses of your friends!
  • Your latest corpses is shared with your Steam friends.
  • Likewise you can encounter their latest corpse.
  • All corpses keep up to two items (that was not stolen by enemies).
  • These items can be recovered these items by destroying the corpse.
  • A tiny bit of health and ammo are now dropped by all corpses.
  • Health of corpses have been reduced significantly.
  • New visual effects have been added to corpses.
  • Fallback attacks now trigger on corpses.
  • Added a new achievement for finding and mutilating a social corpse.
  • Social Corpses can be disabled in the options menu.

Text and Translations
We're also happy to announce another language supported by the game: Spanish by David Neira Palacios!

Also we're continiously expanding and improving the existing translations as new features are added, thanks to our translator volunteers!
  • Translation to Spanish by David Neira Palacios.
  • Improved and expanded existing translations.

We've improved the Summary Screen to better show how your points are calculated.
  • Summary screen shows Score in seperate area.
  • Time, Boss Damage and Complaint bonuses are now visible.
  • Travel points are always visible while playing.
  • Time bonus now extended to go from 0 to 60 minutes (1x to 2x).

Gameplay, Changes and Fixes
  • Geometry simplified in Cave Adventure areas to improve performance.
  • Fallback attacks no longer pull you forward as much.
  • iFlak description now reveals that fragments auto-aim.
  • Pressing Escape while in Cream Dispenser no longer leave you stuck.
  • Fallback attacks will no longer target destroyed vending machines.
  • Fallback attacks should not activate as often when trying to attack enemies.
  • Melee weapons show their type as ammo icon.
  • Item icons become red when they are out of ammo or broken.
  • Large health packs now drop less often.
  • Improved pathfinding of enemies in Staff Only areas.
  • Fast moving projectiles should no longer penetrate objects.
  • Health packs are no longer picked up automatically.
  • Incapacitated players in local co-op are now visible on the ingame map.
  • The name of the character currently played is now visible in the ingame HUD.
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Whalegun

Utopian Travels want every vacation to be unique and perfect for every visitor. So after a month of hard work we're happy to present to you the latest attraction of Utopia 9: Free Samples!

Free Samples
A new fancy Sample Dispenser have been placed near the exit of the Arrival Area.
Here you can try out the new Samples for free¹.
Each Sample provides exciting benefits² and are guaranteed³ to give you the best vacation possible!

¹ Requires one-time purchase.
² May cause side-effects.
³ Not a guarantee.

  • Arrival Area reworked to accomodate Cream Dispenser near the exit.
  • Added 5 new Cream Samples.
  • Travel Points are collected when you complete a vacation.

Text and Translations
Once again we're been fortunate enough to get help with translations.
We're super happy to see so many contributing and would like to thank all our translators.
    This updates includes the following new translations:
  • Translation to German by Global Hive
  • Translation to Swedish by Samuel Einheri @functionSam
  • Translation to Finnish by 57E

  • Added a new level 4 Shell Weapon named iFlak.

  • Added achievement for winning with each new Cream Sample.
  • Added achievement for finding the new iFlak.

Gameplay, Changes and Fixes
  • The game view no longer follows dead players in Local Co-op.
  • Fallback attack of weapons no triggers when aiming at enemies (unless empty).
  • Flak Pistol now fires slightly less projectiles.
  • A red warning is displayed when attempting to attack with empty hand.
  • Mutation selections has been improved to make it easier to understand.
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation - Whalegun

Welcome back everyone! With the release of the game and a wee bit of summer vacation out of the way, we're back to releasing update for the game.

Text and Translations
A number of people have requested localized versions of the game. We've taken the first steps in that direction thanks to the great help from awesome volunteers! We're still looking for more translations, so please check our steam forum if you want to help.
  • Game selects language based on system language.
  • Language setting can be overriden in options dialog.
  • Changed font to support more characters and be easier to read.
  • Translation to French by Guillaume Peton
  • Translation to Polish by GameSub
  • Translation to Danish by Whalegun

  • Added a new level 4 Bullet weapon named the Split Pistol.

  • Added achievement for winning as the Tourist.
  • Added achievement for winning as the Tour Guide.
  • Added achievement for finding the new Split Pistol.
  • Improved icons of all achievements, both ingame an in Steam client.

Gameplay Changes and Fixes
  • Moved Jump obstacle in Arrival Area to the end of the area.
  • Fallback attacks no longer triggers when weapon is on cooldown.
  • Fallback attacks have a much wider/accurate check against barrrels.
  • Improved performance of certain areas, mostly in Cave Adventures.
  • Ammo drop rate increased by 25% in Cave Adventures areas.
  • Ammo drop rate increased by 20% in Staff Only areas.
  • Two-handed items are now holstered automatically if possible.
  • Fences in Staff Only areas are now less sturdy.

  • Fixed enemies facing away from the player while aiming.
  • Reduced how often enemies get stuck near corners of obstacles.
  • Enemies would fire exhaust blast from Grenade Launcher without warning.
  • Fixed enemies stealing weapons not walking towards the player corpse.

User Interface
  • Added levels to selectors in Graphical Options dialog.
  • Tutorial shows Game Controller setup if a Game Controller is used.
  • Start button on XBox controller now correctly closes dialogs.

  • Added audio effect when opening/closing dialogs.
  • Pickup sound of weapons matches their anticipation (reload) sound.
  • Pistol shots have more variation to make them phase less.

  • Fixed missing blood from character corpse after dying.
  • Sand looks better as it blends into the environment.
  • New start and end terrain when travelling between Staff Only areas.

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