Community Announcements - batbat
Battle Battalions will no longer be available to play after May 24th 2018. Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you in one of our other games soon.
Apr 13, 2017
Community Announcements - Psychozen
Changes for today's update:
  • New cosmetic item rewards for completing matches.
  • More base companies unlocked and available to play immediately for new players.
  • Store pricing adjustments.
Mar 4, 2016
Community Announcements - Psychozen
Changes for today's update:

  • Reduced pricing for all companies and bundles in the store!
  • Reduced pricing on cosmetic items and premium packages!
  • Adjusted level 2 perk supply reward from 50 to 100
Community Announcements - Petro_MojaveMike
If you haven’t tried Battle Battalions yet or are just taking a break, now’s the perfect time for you and your friends to fire it up and join in the action!

Here's what we’ve recently added to make our tactical action game for your PC even more fun:

• A shiny new, full-featured tutorial to help you get started on the right boot!
• No registration required - just download, install and play!
• Better matchmaking to pit you against others of your own skill level!
• Now with Curse Voice support - connect up with your teammates!
• Reduced queue times with the addition of computer-controlled players!
• Holiday-themed skins, taunts and portraits in the Store!
• Countless performance improvements, tweaks and fixes!

So join us this holiday season to engage in the wildly-addictive team tactics found in Battle Battalions! Your Battalions are counting on you, so we invite you to download from Steam now and play!

Community Announcements - Petro_MojaveMike
Here’s the fourth entry in our ongoing Battle Battalions Developers Blog series, which features a Q&A session with a prominent member of the Battle Battalions development team. Next up is Frank Klepacki, Audio Director on Battle Battalions. Check out what he has to say about work on Battle Battalions!

Battle Battalions Dev Blog #4 - Frank Klepacki, Audio Director
Community Announcements - Petro_MojaveMike
Here's another update with some cool new features and fixes. New players will certainly appreciate the beginner tutorial. Check out what we've added:

A new Tutorial mode. Hit the big 'Battle' button and give it a try!

Depot tab selections are remembered now.

Fix for audio issues with moving units.

User can now create an account in-game without registering.

Matches will no longer end if enemy humans disconnect. You must kill all bots or win by points.

Battle Battalions Update 1.08

Have fun and post up your feedback here in the forums!
Community Announcements - Petro_MojaveMike
We recently unveiled a page called Upcoming Features on the official Battle Battalions website that details the many cool features we intend to add either in the ‘Near Future’ or ‘Down the Road’ to the game.

Battle Battalions Upcoming Features

We will be monitoring and updating this page often, so be sure to check back and let us know your thoughts on these upcoming features in the Official Forums. Go ahead and tell us which features you’re excited about (or not)!
Community Announcements - Petro_Cowboys
Battle Battalions will be off-line on 12/10/15 at 1PM PST (4PM EST, 9PM GMT) so that we can patch the game with Update 1.07.

The update will take 15 to 30 minutes.
Dec 10, 2015
Community Announcements - Petro_MojaveMike
Update 1.07 hit today and brought an assortment of optimizations that’ll make your in-game Battle Battalions experience even better! Plus we’re continuing the roll out of more awesome customizations with Christmas-themed skins, taunts and portraits!

Here are the updates:
  • Performance improvements related to textures and fog of war)
  • Better auto detection of video settings when initially running the game.
  • Unselected battalions are dimmed in the ticker list
  • AI battalions now have a portrait
  • PvE has been removed
  • Thanksgiving items removed from store
  • Christmas items added to store
Dec 4, 2015
Community Announcements - Petro_MojaveMike
  • Players with advanced Battalions will play PvP matches only with other players who bring in advanced Battalions. Players who have queued with Battalions that have advanced far down the tech tree will no longer be matched with players that queue with Battalions that have not advanced far down that Battalion's tech tree
  • PvP match queue times will decrease as AI Bots will sub-in when there are not enough players in the queue
  • New Home Page in Depot that allows you to play tutorial videos while in the game
  • Graphically enhanced Game Selection Screen

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