Community Announcements - asteroidsoutpost
Hey Salty Nation,

So the overhaul is coming along and we should have some new assets to show in the coming weeks that will better reflect the game than the items we currently have in the store. But we wanted everyone let everyone know we are still cranking away and we think you’re gonna like the more action packed Asteroids: Outpost we've come up with. That being said we still have a long way to go and we appreciate all of your patience in this process.

-Salty Dev Team.
Jun 12, 2015
Community Announcements - asteroidsoutpost
Hey Salty Nation

Sometimes while making a game you realize along the way that what you were trying to accomplish isn’t going to work for one reason or another. When that happens you have to switch gears, keep what is working, and reshape your vision. While play-testing Asteroids: Outpost we noticed ourselves and our players gravitated towards the PVP aspects of the game. Upgrading their jump packs, stealing ore, building their space buggies, ect. While base building and mining were fun, these aspects of the game kept feeling like stepping stones to going out and hunting down your neighbor. So, in an effort to get players into the action faster we’re going be keeping the PVP aspects that are working and cut away the grind. We also intend to create factions and for lack of a better word “teams” that will vie for control of the Asteroid. Players will focus on controlling key points of the map and thus the supply of minerals back to earth. To help with this we'll be adding more defensive structures such as mobile barricades and turrets while balancing them with offensive assault weapons.

We are a couple months out from a first playable, but we intend on updating everyone regularly and with new screenshots and video as soon as we are able. This is a big adjustment, but in the end we believe it will lead to a better game.

-Salty Games Dev Team
Community Announcements - asteroidsoutpost
Hey Salty Nation

First off we apologize for the radio silence. After getting lots of feedback from the community and plenty of play testing we realized we had to go back to the drawing board to rejigger some major elements of the game. This has taken a little longer than we anticipated, but we've come up with a final plan which we'll be posting next week. Basically we saw players really responded to the jetpacks and more PVP portions of the game. With that in mind we plan on making a faster paced more PVP centric game with factions vying for control of the asteroid. You'll have to work harder than ever to protect your claim and take enemy territory. Again we appreciate your patience through these early days. Making a game is never easy, but we think the changes we'll be implementing over the next few months are going to kick some ass.

Stay tuned for more details.

- Salty Games Dev Team
Apr 10, 2015
Community Announcements - coderbill

Hey Salty nation,

First off thank you to everyone who has been playing the game. We’ve been hard at work patching and fixing issues to make sure the game is stable and all of the features currently in place work how they were initially designed to work. The feedback we’re received has been incredibly valuable, and we are checking in on your comments daily to supplement our daily development and QA process.

We have a significant update in process that should be ready by the end of the month, which overhauls some of the core systems and optimizes a bunch of mechanics. We are looking to improve the function and relevance of the base modules, and make mining and buiding a generally more meaningful process, while keeping an eye on combat mechanics and ensuring the overall “economy” still makes sense.

I’m happy to announce we are almost ready to reveal our three-month roadmap that will include all the upcoming features and content we intend to add. Many of which have come straight from the community. We’ll still be tweaking and adjusting as we go and will still want to hear about all the cool ideas you have, so keep em coming.

For now I’d like to leave you with a fun little image that pays homage to the original Asteroids.

Salty Bill.
PC Gamer

As Tyler and I recently "argued", there are a lot of new survival games out there in Early Access. Most aren't great, and in their not-yet-finished states are often buggy affairs with a lot of missing parts. Still, there's usually some enjoyment to be found in even the earliest of Early Access survival games, be it a couple of enjoyable features, some interesting ideas, or perhaps just some entertaining activities, such as bashing yourself in the face with a rock you keep holstered in your own butt.

Asteroids: Outpost, another Early Access survival FPS, doesn't seem to have any of those bright spots lurking amongst its space rubble. After finding a server and picking a spot for a base, you're tasked with gathering ore, which comes from the constant barrage of very, very slowly falling meteorites. In fact, I'm not sure barrage is the right word. Do you typically have to wait for a barrage?

Your base has a turret, which auto-fires to keep these meteorites from destroying your new home, but a meteorite shot by an auto-turret does not produce ore. Nor is ore produced by a meteorite that is allowed to crash to the ground. Ore is only produced by you manually firing your turret. So, that's what you do. You sit in your turret and shoot dozens and dozens of meteorites as they slowly tumble from the sky.

Having shot rocks, I prepare to shoot rocks again. The same rocks.

You're not done shooting rocks! To gather the ore, you leave your base, run to the chunks of ore you've shot down, and shoot them again, this time with one of two mining guns. These guns run out of ammo quickly, and you run out of oxygen quickly, so you have to make several trips back to your base to recharge.

Once you've shot rocks and then shot them again, and then gone back and shot more rocks and then shot more rocks again, you can build new prefabricated modules for your station. You can also visit the Ore Exchange terminal in your base, which sounds like a place to sell the types of ore you don't need and buy the types of ore you do need. It's not, though: you can only sell ore, and use the resulting cash to upgrade your spacesuit or vehicle. So, if you need 550 iron ore, you're gonna have to shoot it all yourself, even if you have a ton of gold ore you don't need.

If I could show you something besides me shooting rocks I would, I swear.

What else is there to do? Well, I visited someone else's base. They weren't home, and even though their force field door did nothing to stop me from entering their base, I couldn't recharge my oxygen so I suffocated in there. I also died from being hit on the head by a meteorite. And, I spent a good long while trying to collect enough ore for a vehicle pad, so I could drive a car around.

Unfortunately, Asteroids: Outpost completely crashes when you alt-tab out, which I kept doing because I do that a lot, and I kept forgetting not to. Also, I was trying to repair my base with a repair tool and wound up deleting part of it, and when I tried to replace it, instead of walls it just had orange sparkles.

I don't think I can live inside sparkles.

Then I thought... you know what? If I have to shoot any more rocks and then shoot them again, I think I'm going to cry. Then I quit. Well, I tried to. I probably should have just alt-tabbed.

That's not soon enough.
Apr 1, 2015
Community Announcements - coderbill
Hey All,
Just posted a server fix.
You will now get back ALL ore on reclaiming a structure including when reclaiming entire base!!!!
Also, I fixed some bugs that would cause your cash to be reset to 1000.

Once again, thanks for putting up with the bugs in our game during these early days. We are fixing issues as fast as we can trying to focus on the top problems.

Mar 31, 2015
Community Announcements - coderbill
Hey All,
Just a small hot patch to fix another keybinding issue. Working on some extra salty fixes for the next patch. Keep the comments coming, it is helping us a ton!

Mar 30, 2015
Community Announcements - coderbill
Hey All,
Just posted a patch to fix the issues with Key Bindings. Yay! Sorry about this :)

Resetting to default will also work now just in-case you make a mistake. Hope this makes a few Saltines happy!!

Mar 30, 2015
Community Announcements - coderbill
Hey All,
Another hot patch. This one addresses reclaiming base pieces. For now: YOU MUST HAVE REPAIR GUN IN YOUR HAND TO RECLAIM BASE PIECES! This should make accidents less likely. Still working to make this more clear.

Also, now you can reclaim your turrets and garages!!

Mar 30, 2015
Community Announcements - coderbill
Hey All,
Sorry to do this but did a server wipe and reboot!!! But all is for the good: We have been going over the comments and suggestions from you all and we have made some major adjustments to the gameplay and balance as well as fixed a few nasty bugs.

Fixed ore not showing up correct or sometimes going away! This was a buggy feature that I have disabled until I get it better cleaned up.

Got rid of stealing! This was confusing to players. don't worry: we have cool bounty system coming in shortly that will replace this and we hope be more fun.

Balanced the ore. Too much ore was being given (another debug thing i left on). JUST A NOTE: LARGE MINING TOOL GIVES DOUBLE ORE!!
Balanced all costs. This should help a little on progress being to easy.

O2 does not replenish in damaged buildings.
Buidling are much harder to damage from the outside. There should be more logic in how you setup your bases now.
Build time is back in. This was a bug. Now fixed. Buildings take time to build: make factories to speed this up!!

More to come: we plan to be patching every day until things are more stable and I plan at least one more today!!
Hopefully this is last server wipe! I'm sure I will need to do another server reboot or two but I will try to minimize those and do off hours.
Thanks for putting up with our bugs!! We are fixing as fast as we can!!


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