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Dear players,

First and foremost, thank you for being here and reading this. It might not look like much right now, but this very community is what has kept us developers committed to our project, and was a much needed reality check when, after three years in development, Real World Racing landed on Steam.

It’s been 13 more months since then, during which we kept checking back every day, we listened to your concerns, reports and requests, we monitored the leaderboards, we raced with you online, and we went back, fixed, added features, cars and tracks to our game.

Real World Racing went through multiple stages even before that: from the first internal tech demo which spawned the teaser trailer, raising interest within the press, to the open beta, then the DRM-free version and finally the migration to Steam. After that three DLCs and a couple of free content updates were published, the whole online matchmaking was revamped and lots of refinements and features added.

Real World Racing was offered at several price points and was featured in a number of bundles, on several storefronts. We are proud of the game we made, and quite content with the number of players who eventually got to experience it, but this has not been, by large, a commercial success.

We will still be here, reading and listening to all your considerations on Real World Racing, and fixing bugs, should any more come up, but any further effort from this small development team is now directed towards making a completely new and better Real World Racing 2.
We will learn from our mistakes, consider all that you players wanted that this first game lacked, up the ante with technical and graphics production by going full 3D, making an even better and more ambitious game.

Thank you for being part of this, we will update here with any further news on RWR2 as we are ready to share them with you. We definitely want to hear from all of you what you think should be improved, added, and how would you make Real World Racing 2 a better game and one that everybody would want to play.
Community Announcements - Playstos
Hello everybody!

We're very happy to announce that Real World Racing Version Update 1.3 has just been released!

With this update comes a completely new city with five tracks: Stockholm.
The update comes completely free with the base version of the game.

The new tracks come already unlocked, just launch and try them out with your favourite cars!
Community Announcements - Playstos
Hello everybody!

The Real World Racing Version Update 1.28 has just been released.

The main feature of this release is the addition of a Ghost Car in Arcade Time Trial mode for all the fastest lap junkies out there !

  • [Feature] Added Ghost car for Arcade Time Trial mode. During Time Trials a ghost car will automatically display when a local best time is available for every specific track and class. Please note that if you already have a best time recorded when this update occurs, a ghost car will not be displayed until you beat your previous best time, in order to ensure synchronization between ghost replay and recorded best time.
  • [Fix] More lenient Driving Licence success conditions for “Reach and come to a complete stop” objectives. There is now more tolerance to how much the car can move and still be considered still for the objective purposes.
Community Announcements - Playstos
Hi everybody,

Real World Racing: Miami, the third DLC for Real World Racing has just been released!

All set in Miami, adds some hefty content to the game, no unlocks required:

5 new tracks
Run across Miami Beach, the causeways and a special stop on the sands of the world famous South Beach.

5 new cars, Miami style
Ready to ride, no unlocks necessary, these cars have ruled the roads Miami previously, and are ready to teach a lesson or two to the newcomers.

Enjoy, and don't forget to wear your sunglasses, '80s style.
Community Announcements - Playstos
Hello everybody!

The Real World Racing Version Update 1.27 has just been released!

The main feature of this update is the availability of 5 new cars purchasable in the dealership, one for each of the game's car classes.
The theme for the new content is Italian cars from the past, including quite a few all-time favorites.

Below, the full release notes:
  • [Feature] 5 new cars available for purchase in the dealership, one in each class.
  • [Fix] No-collision distance statistic in end race menu now rounds correctly and is consistent with objective requirements.
  • [Fix] Full Fleet achievement now unlocks correctly under certain circumstances.
Community Announcements - Playstos
Version Update 1.26 for Real World Racing has been released, reflecting feedback and suggestion following the RWR:Z DLC release and sale.

Highlights are car and track randomization button and rear camera.
The full details below:

  • [Feature] Added the option to randomize car or track selection in the car/track selection menu
  • [Feature] It is now possible to shift the camera slightly behind the car, allowing to take a closer look at the challengers immediately behind you. This action has been bound to the key that was previously used only for car repositioning after a crash (backspace), which has now more conveniently been remapped to spacebar for newly created profiles.
  • [Feature - RWR:Z] Added a statistic detailing the number of zombies killed on the end race screen.
  • [Feature - RWR:Z] Added option within the config.ini file to disable blood effect in the track selection menu.
  • [Fix] Greatly reduced cars jittering during multiplayer races.

To disable the menu effect if you have the RWR:Z DLC installed, open the config.ini file found in the Real World Racing folder located within your User’s Documents folder with a text editor. Then add “disable_menu_blood = 1” (without quotes) just under the language setting.
Community Announcements - Playstos
Hi everybody!

The new Zombie DLC, named RWR:Z is now live, and to kick that off we're having a huge sale on all Real World Racing items.

Both DLCs, including RWR:Z released today are 50% off, lower than $1!
RWR:Z features 4 new zombie-ridden tracks in post-apocalyptic London, Paris, Rome and the all-new Barcelona. On top of that you get a new truck, the Hooper Shredder, and a Zombie Carnage bonus to rack up some bonus cash when taking out zombies in the new tracks!

Your friends also have no longer any excuses not to get and play RWR with you: the game and bundles themselves are now up to 80% off![(b]

Hope to see all of you on the online challenges shortly!
Community Announcements - Playstos
The version 1.25 update for Real World Racing has just been released!
The highlight of this version is the newly available windowed mode.

A full list of changes can be found below:

  • Translations for Polish language revised
  • Churches in Rome now correctly unlock the “Sunday function” achievement
  • Windowed mode now available
  • Several minor bug fixes
Community Announcements - Playstos
Hi everybody! We're hard at work on the next major content release, but we managed to squeeze in a small version update to iron out a couple nasty bugs and add a requested new feature.

The highlight of this update is the ability to manually shift gears even when using the default Automatic Transmission mode. This allows, for example, to shift to a lower gear manually after taking a sharp bend, especially when using cars rated for lower acceleration. Conversely you might want to shift to a higher gear earlier in cars with different specs.
If left alone, the car will revert back to the usual automatic gear shift as soon as another gear shift is required.

Version Update 1.22 Changes List
  • Manual gear shifting when using Automatic Transmission
  • Fixed an issue that made the secondary objective in Junior Series S3 only attainable during the first lap
  • Improved Steam Cloud integration to prevent save data loss under certain conditions
  • Minor bugfixes and preparation for future content updates
Community Announcements - Playstos
A new bundle including both Real World Racing and the latest Amsterdam & Oakland DLC is available on the game's Store page at a discounted price!

The Real World Racing Version Update 1.21 is now live, and brings a feature that we hope will make many of you happy: Extended View.

Extended View is a new option available in the options menu (hot-switchable during races), which increases camera height, fitting more of the track and its surroundings on the screen, resulting in crisper detail.

We would like to remark that even if we're very excited to offer this option, as it arguably makes Real World Racing look better in our opinion, this is not how the Career mode is conceived to be played, as difficulty and gameplay are affected by the new camera.

Please note that Extended View will not affect Helicopter Chase events, Online Challenges featuring the Limited Visibility handicap, and the special maps unlocked by completing Career mode.

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