Chainsaw Warrior - AurochMatt

Hi there!

Had Chainsaw Warrior on your wishlist for too long? Well, it's in the 2019 Board Game Sale - and its a huge 75% off!

Get stuck into some classic board game fun and stop the Darkness for taking over New York.


If you have played Chainsaw Warrior already then we’d really appreciate a review. Reviews are really helpful to us as a developer and also to Steam. We wrote an article about it a while ago which you can read on our website.


Final reminder but we have a Discord server where we are nattering away about a ton of topics. Pop on over and say hello if you haven’t already.
Chainsaw Warrior - AurochMatt
Hey there,

We just thought we'd let you know that we have a Discord server up and running.

We are nattering away about a whole load of stuff at the moment, but if we get enough people together we can start a separate Chainsaw Warrior forum up!

Any questions or queries drop us a line here or on the Discord!
Chainsaw Warrior - AurochMatt
Hey everyone,

We thought you'd like to know about the latest addition to our shop. For those missing that certain Chainsaw Warrior T-Shirt in your collection - today is your lucky day!

We call this look..."I wish I was a Chainsaw Warrior"

We have a limited (and we really mean limited) run of these available over on our webstore. So if you are after one get your hands on it now, before they are gone for good!

In other news

You might have seen that we are looking for beta testers for our latest game: Dark Future: Blood Red States.. All you have to do is visit the link and we'll send you the rest of the details.

- AurochMatt
Chainsaw Warrior - AurochJake

We're celebrating the Skulls for the Skull Throne event again this year, with Chainsaw Warrior and Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night both 80% off! There are are a whole host of amazing savings to be taken advantage of, so why not make this weekend a true festival of Warhammer and Games Workshop gaming?
Chainsaw Warrior - AurochJake
Hello everyone,

It’s been four (!!!) years since we first launched our digital adaptation of Chainsaw Warrior and in that time we’ve been very fortunate to have the game find its way into the hands of you, our fantastic community, who have been ever-so supportive of the game, as well as its sequel, Lords of the Night.

As a small token of our appreciation, today we’re making a two track mini album of Chainsaw Warrior’s soundtrack available for free to anyone who has purchased the original game. To add the album to your collection, simply visit the DLC page here.

We’ve also slashed the price of Chainsaw Warrior to our lowest price ever for a limited period - a whopping 80% off - so you can finish your collection or introduce a friend to a world of Darkness, unspeakable daemonic horrors, and weaponised tools of garden maintenance.

Once more, a huge “thank you” from the whole team to everyone who has purchased our games, left us a positive review, talked with us on Twitter and Facebook, and generally supported Chainsaw Warrior throughout the years.

All the best,
Jake Connor
Community Manager, Auroch Digital
Chainsaw Warrior - AurochJake
As part of the’ Skulls for the Skull Throne’ festival of Warhammer gaming, we’re adding new content to both of the Chainsaw Warrior games, both of which are also heavily discounted throughout the promotion.

Update Chainsaw Warrior now to receive;

“Chair of Skulls” achievement
Win the game on Easy or Medium killing Meat Machine, Slime, and Chaos Agent.

“Throne of Skulls” achievement
Win the game on Hard killing Meat Machine, Slime, and Chaos Agent.
Chainsaw Warrior - AurochJake
We've added several new achievements and fixed a couple of minor bugs in the new beta, live now!

This is ahead of a larger content update in 2017, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on the changes so far :)

Beta access info and discussion here.

Chainsaw Warrior - Auroch Digital
We are offering the chance to leave your own footprint in the tale of Chainsaw Warrior, by designing a card to be used in his latest adventure, ‘Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night’. We are looking for your best idea for a weapon, item of equipment, zombie, monster or trap. Our favourite of the entries will actually get added to the game, and the creator will be given a special design credit on the game!

If there was one weapon or item you could equip him with to aid him in his mission, or a trap or monster to slow him down, what would it be? Chainsaw Warrior relies heavily on his kit when he's off saving the world. From his trusty 'saw, devices like the Heat Detector warning him of approaching threats, all the way to the bullet-spewing chaos of the Reaper, his loadout has saved what skin he has left more than once. Perhaps you want to make this tough game even tougher? Can you design a new opponent or trap to mash, stab or eviscerate Chainsaw Warrior?

Full info can be found
Chainsaw Warrior - (Alec Meer)

‘Can we make a game like Mad Max: Fury Road before everyone forgets about it or a massive backlash starts up?’> is probably a question on a lot of developers’ lips right now. Pure momentum, minimal exposition, a whirlwind of wordless world-building: this is the stuff digital dreams are made of. Avalanche are working on an official game, but I think it’s the games which react to the finished film rather than were made contemporaneously which are more likely to evoke some of the George Miller film’s breakneck ferocity and backstory-by-implication. We’ll see. In the meantime, while we’re still thirsty for more, here’s another latter-day adaptation of the 1980s concept of the post-apocalypse. Games Workshop’s road combat boardgame Dark Future. Witness it: … [visit site to read more]

Chainsaw Warrior - Auroch Digital
Hi all - we've just added the Mac & Linux versions of Chainsaw Warrior to the Store. Now you can save New York, whichever platform you're on!

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