Community Announcements - Allegorithmic
Dear Friends,

Considering the number of requests of Steam users we have been receiving, we would like to clarify how the Bitmap2Material 3 upgrade process works on Steam.

Everyone who already owns Bitmap2Material 2 is entitled to have 50% off Bitmap2Material 3, so as to have a fair upgrade price. You will automatically get this as a loyalty discount if you are logged in your Steam account as per the screenshot below, so you should not expect to receive a coupon as it is already in the system :)

Finally, for customers who purchased Bitmap2Material 2 on Steam after August 25th, please send us a dated proof of purchase on our contact form and we will give you a free Steam upgrade to Bitmap2Material 3.

Hope it clarifies things!

The Allegorithmic Team
Community Announcements - Allegorithmic
Dear B2M community,


With today’s launch of Bitmap2Material 3 on Steam, would like to clarify with you how the upgrade process will work. There is no upgrade path per se, however, current owners of Bitmap2Material 2 will receive the custom offers below, so as to get Bitmap2Material 3 at a fair upgrade price (this is the only way Steam can handle the upgrade process).

FOR ALL CURRENT OWNERS OF BITMAP2MATERIAL (including those who bought it inside the Substance Indie Pack)

You will receive a 50% loyalty discount on Bitmap2Material 3 in your steam account. This is equivalent to the upgrade price.

FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASED BITMAP2MATERIAL AFTER AUG 25th 2014 (including those who bought it within the Substance Indie Pack)

You are eligible for a free upgrade to Bitmap2Material 3 and you need to contact us directly with a proof of purchase ( to receive it (sorry about that, this is the only way to do so…)

Note: if for any reason you do not receive the right offer in the next 48 hours, please contact us here:

Announcement - Valve
Save up to 75% on new Weeklong Deals on Steam, available until October 21st at 10AM PST.

Product Release - Valve
Bitmap2Material is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off*!

Bitmap2Material is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you generate full, seamlessly tiling materials (normal map, height map, specular, etc.) from any bitmap image.

B2M gives life to your games by automatically extracting normal, specular, ambient occlusion, curvature, bump and height maps from your input photograph or hand painted image.

*Offer ends August 27th at 10AM Pacific time


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