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Patch Screenshots:

Patch Notes:

This new patch brings with it small yet substantial changes to the game as well as a new level.
  • New Level - The Obelisk: This is a King of the Hill-style level in which the 3 competing factions fight over control of a central obelisk. The level is fast-paced and features an all out war between the different units in Nekro. The key to winning the level is agro management and zone control, as it's easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of enemies.

  • Respec: The player can now choose to respec their Nekro's summons. One respec is given per campaign and will reset all Summon unlocks and upgrades as well as refund all sins. This feature should help alleviate 'bad builds.'

  • Refund After Death: Any power/sins allocated in a level will not be committed until the player beats that level. Meaning if they die, they can reissue the sins and powers they started the level with.

  • Nerf of the Statue Level: Jesus Christ on a motorcycle - I hear you. I made the statue level easier. Good god you guys like to bitch. Oh I'm sorry, is our game too hard for you? Here's a hint: GET BETTER AT IT. Just kidding. Much love. Enjoy the nerf. <3

  • Minor Bug fixes and polish.

Still to come: Pirates! Werewolves! New Summons! New Levels! Stay Tuned.

Note: Because of the new Respec mechanic save files needed to be reordered. All saves have been wiped. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Greetings everyone! Scott here to talk about our latest content patch for Nekro.

Content Patch continues the Nekro saga with the inclusion of General Tso's Bootcamp and Chicken Emporium. This is a training ground for the King's elite soldier - The Templar! It's also a chicken restaurant because chicken is delicious.

Trailer for Patch "General Tso":

Patch Screenshots:

Please note I did *not* erase your save games for this patch, however, if you want to experience the new progression ramp within the game it is recommended that you start a fresh campaign. This patch comes with the following new features and content:

  • 2 New Levels: Fight against waves of enemies in the Bootcamp Holdout to call forth the fearsome General Tso - Nekro's first true mutli-stage boss. This is one of the hardest fights in the game. You'll have to use skill, cunning and chicken to win! These new levels can be found after the High Priest of Katheros level.

  • New Enemy - The Templar: Replacing the Townie is this upper level melee unit the Templar. He has huge range as well as a massive health pool. He stun locks targets in close range so it's advised to not take him in melee combat.

  • New Boss - General Tso: This massive enemy weilds an even more massive sword. Despite him being a melee unit, this enemy has such long range he can hit a target from half way across the map. Dealing enough damage to him in a row will snap his sword in two, cutting his damage and his range in half!

  • New Trap - Spike Pit: The spike pit is a touch-based trap that deals huge damage. It's very easy to avoid, but don't get knocked into it!

  • New Trap - Training Dummy: Use a Scourge on this trap to activate the trap, causing it to smash any unit around it. Though it deals only medium damage, this trap is great for zone control and combos nicely with the Spike Pit Trap.

  • New Environmental Hazard - Cactus: Easy to avoid, but don't stand too close or you'll get a butt full of spines.

  • New Control Scheme - Left Click to Move: Diablo fans will find this control set up very familiar as it utilizes click-and-hold mechanics to move your Nekro, no longer requiring the keyboard to move. Find this setting in the Gameplay tab of the options menu.

  • New Music: We have 3 new music tracks each almost 10 minutes long!! They are themed to metal bands like Dragonforce and Wolf and have 8-bit breakdowns inspired by games like Megaman, so be sure to turn up the volume!

We've listened to lots of player feedback to provide a better experience. You will notice lots of tweaks to the progression of the game as well as a minor overhaul on many units.

That's it for now, check back soon when we add ghost pirates, dancing werewolves and new levels as we get closer towards Nekro's launch! As always, if you like what you see, come tell us on the Steam Forums, Twitter, or Facebook!
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Hotfix Patch

Hi everyone! This patch addresses the overwhelming feedback we got about patch I actually managed to sneak some awesome requested features in there, so check out the list! Huge thanks to the quick feedback from the forums and everyone that took the time to write up feedback.

-Brand new awesome music track added to Plight of Viticulture level.

-F key commands now correspond to the summons' hot bar location. For example, if I equip a Zombeef in hotbar slot 2, and a Punge in slot 3, hitting F2 will give commands only to the Zombeef. F3 will give commands only to the Punge, etc. All environmental summons are on F1. If you equip a standard summon to the 1 slot, the command will overload both environmental summons and the equipped summon.

-Scatter Functionality! Holding down the command summon key (default R) or a command summon group key (F1, F2, F3, etc) will tell summons to scatter. The scatter point is chosen based on an averaged position of all summons. So if you hold down R, all summons will scatter outward from an averaged 'mid point' of summons. This will be extremely helpful when units group up too much and you want them to disperse.

-Health, Damage, and Blood upgrades now go up to 10! This will provide better scaling into late game. However, as you increase the skills they will begin to cost more power.

-Each level will grant at the minimum 1 power so you are not locked into a bad build.

-Death to Dovecove Level has been made harder so you can't just sit in the graveyard and let the game play itself.

-Zombeef Plaguer now does slow damage when it attacks, making it a much more powerful unit.

-Outcast Skill Rework: Omega Blades now add +300 health and + 50 damage to the Nekro while he's spinning. This makes Omga blades very powerful and viable in any fight. Increased the CD to compensate for increased power.

-Outcast Skill Rework: Power Armor has been complete reworked. Instead of boosting just the Nekro, it now makes the Nekro and all of his summons invincible for 10 seconds. When used at the right time, this is a monster skill. Added new FX to match the skill.

-Outcast Skill Rework: Power Scythe has slightly higher base damage, and now scales with Damage upgrades to make the skill useful throughout the game.

-Miner Rework: The Miner's dynamite damage has been toned down. In addition, you can now knock the dynamite away using all classes. The Outcast's spin attack and the Alchemist's blood beam with both push the dynamite away.

-Priest (Standard) Rework: Damage has been reduced on the Priest's AOE attack. Additionally, he will focus on healing more than he will on attacking.

-AOE Damage Scourge Rework: The Damage Scourge scale up much faster with the Nekro's 'damage' skill. This will keep them a viable contender against the other 2 Scourge options.

-Using the right click to move the camera will no longer change speeds depending on your screen's resolution. The rotation speed should be consistent across all machines. If you guys still want a speed slider, let me know in the forums and I'll add it.

-All sin distribution has been made more lenient and won't starve you for sins nearly as much. I know, you all asked for this one.

-Fixed a really bad bug where the Punge upgrade Putrid Graft was not working. Big thanks to user Error for finding this!!

-Blood Cloak Trinket Rework: The stats off the Blood Cloak have been heavily buffed to make this trinket more viable.

-Healing Pot Trinket Rework: With the new healing Scourge, this trinket was a lot less useful. It has been changed to not only heal you and your summons but give them a 50 hp damage shield for 30 seconds. This should make this trinket much more viable.

-Townie Elites have been slowed down a bit so they can't outrun you.

-Skelebone Archer's arrows have been sped up so they will miss less often.

Please let us know what you think of this latest patch!
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Patch - The Holdout Patch

Ladies, gentlemen and undead lich kings we are proud to announce our latest patch!

Please note: This is not the updated multiplayer patch. We will be explaining why that is in an upcoming video.

This patch features some awesome new additions to Nekro.

-New Enemy - The Butcher: Acting as a ranged tank burst DPS the Butcher is a early to mid game enemy that will help to break up the heavy reliance on kiting in Nekro. The Butcher throws fast-moving armor-shredding cleavers that will impale the Nekro and his summons at a distance. He can be easily shut down by attacking him at close range, forcing him to switch to melee and dealing lower damage.

-New Enemy - The Miner: This explosives loving expert throws sticks of high-damage AOE dynamite at you and your summons. He's not very strong, but can shut down your entire army if left unchecked. When killed, the Miner explodes dealing damage to everything around him including his own team. He is extremely dangerous and will be present a big challenge. If playing as the Grimm Keeper is your thing, you can even knock his own dynamite back at him using the Bag Swing attack!

-New Enemy - The Priest (Standard): So far the priest has only made an appearance as a boss unit. He is now a standard enemy that will heal his team and fire high-damage bolts of holy energy at the Nekro and his forces.

-New Level - Death to Dovecove: After raiding the town of Dovecove, the Nekro is now tasked with burning it to the ground. This level introduces the Holdout level type. The Nekro must survive for a preset amount of time against a wave on oncoming enemies.

-New Level - The Plight of Viticulture: After killing Mayor Biscuit, the Nekro is tasked with bringing down that accursed statue of him. Introducing the second new level type - Demolition. The player is tasked with destroying an object while being raided by an never-ending swarm of randomized enemies. Players must choose between defending themselves, and taking down the Statue.

-Scourge Revamp: The Scourge can now be specialized at the start of each campaign to be more versitle. In addition to the standard AOE damage, Scourge can now heal your own units or stun the enemy making them a much more viable option with different unit builds.

-No Summon Limits: Summons are no longer mutually exclusive (it's now possible to get both the Zombie and the Skeleton simultaneously). Additionally, any summon can now be equipped or unequipped including the Scourge! Mix and match summons however you like for maximum customized builds.

-Book of the Dead Change: The Book of the Dead now provides an infinite stream of Zombie peons at specific spots on each level. Need an army quick? Just use the Book of the Dead!

-New Music, Sounds and Polish: You'll notice a ton of cool new stuff in this patch from UI polish to custom music when you win/die as well as two killer new music tracks from the talented Chris Garcia.

-Trinket Rework: Almost all trinkets have had small reworkings to change their proc chances and be much more powerful. Each trinket can now be a game-changer.

-Sins and Power Rework: In anticipation of the finished game, sins are now MUCH more scarce. This is to spread out player progression over a campaign intended to have over 20 levels, so you will not be able to unlock every unit anymore until we release more levels.

-The shader for all the gibs in the game has been rewritten to provide better performance when lots of gibs are on the screen.

-Hundreds of small bug fixes. :)

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This small patch will address many of the balance issues introduced by The changes are as follows.

Very big thank you to players SlyGoat, SirShua and Honorable_D for taking the time to write up the extensive feedback that made this patch possible. Thanks, guys!

  • AOE Damage does half agro than DD.
  • Nekro Health/Damage Upgrade will significantly increase Skelebones/Zombeef health and damage to allow them to scale better into late game.
  • Blood is more scarce across the game and will be a bit harder to obtain.
  • Townie AOE attacks limited to 5 enemies.
  • Trinket Slot Upgrade also increases trinket proc chance by 3% per point.
  • Nekro Powers Points drop more often.

  • Nerf Scythe: Decrease damage by small amount.
  • Nerf Power Armor: Armor from 65 to 15. (This may seem like a lot, but within the combat system anything above 25 is ignored and is only used for agro purposes. So this is actually a minor Nerf.)
  • Buff Omega Blades: Blades will deal 100 extra agro damage to all units per tick. Tick frequency increased. Damage increase.

Grimm Keeper
  • Buff Skull Torpedo: More damage/ AOE range.
  • Buff Bone Shield: Gives temporary 100 HP in addition to armor.
  • Bone Bomb: Deal medium damage, only affect enemies, increase stun time to 6 seconds.

  • Slasher: Buff armor upgrade.
  • Archer: Armor upgrade will upgrade damage instead of armor.
  • Archer: Small increase to DPS.
  • All upgrades cost 1 sin.

  • Plaguer: Gets the highest HP boost from Nekro Health Upgrades, allowing for a better late game unit.
  • All upgrades cost 1 sin.

  • Vampiric: Lifesteal buffed.
  • Vampiric: Damage buffed.
  • Vampiric: Health buffed by small amount.
  • All upgrades cost 1 sin.

  • Spore Thrower/Sharpshooter deal no agro damage.
  • Blood reduction upgrade changed to blood refund upgrade so you can reclaim the darkseed's blood when you're done.
  • Blood Cost lowered to 4 for both specializations.
  • Sharpshooter: Significant buff to damage.
  • Sharpshooter: Unit cap base change to 2.
  • All upgrades cost 1 sin.

  • Hellfire: Massive reduction to buff potency.
  • Recharge upgrade changed to an upgrade that allows the Acid Bane to deal damage and the Hell Fire Bane to heal minions.

Meat Mouth
  • Instigator: Added an AOE stun chance to his base attack, making him more relevant in fights where tanks are already present.

  • Base Cost Increased to 10 sins.
  • All upgrades cost 1,2,3 respectively.
  • Health upgrade increased to 50 hp / upgrade point.
  • Magma Punge: Base health reduced from 350 to 300.
  • Magma Punge: Base damage agro per hit increased from 200 to 400. This will allow him to keep agro.

Crust King
  • All upgrades cost 1,2,3 respectively.

  • Both Evils are now temporary summons.
  • Phasewalker health no longer bound to Nekro, but he can now be targeted as normal.
  • Blood Cost Upgrade changed to "Spawn Time Upgrade."
  • Vanguard: Small damage reduction.
  • Blood Cost increase from 6 to 8.

  • Mimic: Decrease of damage.
  • Both: Decrease in CD.
  • Guardian: Huge increase in health; allowing for longer sustainability.
  • Guardian: Adds AOE armor buff to minions around the Nekro when cast.

  • Bone Shard: In addition to the proc chance, eating 5 corpses of the same type in a row will spawn a Skeleton.
  • Townie Hammer: No longer does critical damage. Also, deals 6 second AOE stun. Each attack increases proc chance. Resets on use.
  • Dark Pact: Each kill increases the proc chance. Resets chance on use.
  • Jar of Filth: Each attack increases the proc chance. Resets on use.
  • Mortis Tome: Chance is offset by enemy tier. For example, a hunter will have a far higher chance to proc than a farmer.
  • Jar of Goo: Each attack increases proc chance. Reset on use.
  • Healing Pot: Every 10 corpses consumed will spawn the pot.
  • Boom Bomb: Every 20 units killed will proc the Boom Bomb.

Please keep the feedback coming. There's bound to be some new bugs introduced with this patch, as well as the possibility of balance having gone too far in the other direction, making units less viable. I reckon one more patch to fully balance all the new units.

For our next big patch, you can next look forward to new levels and new enemies!
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Welcome to Nekro Halloween Patch 8.5! This patch represents the biggest accomplishment for us since our release on Early access!
We have a MASSIVE amount of new content to play. The biggest changes are the inclusion of new summons, summon specializations and Nekro skills.


  • New Summons: You can now summon Zombies, Skeletons, the Crust King and The Evil.

  • Summon Specializations: Every single summon in the game has been redesigned from the ground up to include two summon variants. For example, the Zombie can be specialized into a fodder unit or a tank. You can switch dynamically between the two types to better fit your army's composition.
  • Nekro Skills: Each Nekro class now has 3 unique skills that can be unlocked. These not only provide more to do on a moment to moment basis within the game, but add a new layer of strategy.
  • New Level: A special Halloween Zombie level has been added to the game. This level extends the tutorial and allows new players time to get familiar with the game without getting overwhelmed.
  • There is a TON more we added. Check the patch notes below for a full breakdown.


  • We will be overhauling multiplayer next. As a result, multiplayer is temporarily disabled.
  • Because of the huge amount of changes, there is bound to be some imbalance with the new units. Please leave any suggestions and feedback in the Steam Forums.
  • Because of all the new changes old game saves have been deleted. Your achievement progress, however, remains in tact.

    Build 8.5.5 Patch Notes

  • All summons have been redesigned from the ground up.
  • Summon upgrades are now iterative. You can put multiple points into each upgrade, which apply across both summon specializations.
  • New Level: Dead Man Walking - This level introduces players to gameplay and provides more backstory on how the Nekro got his powers.
  • Nekro Power Points are now in game drops.
  • Complete rework of Trinket drop system.
  • Agro system has been completely reworked to ensure the Nekro is not 'focused' at the start of a fight. Enemies will spread out and attack your minions if applicable.
  • Nekro Skills: Each Nekro class now has 5 powerful skills they can unlock.
  • With the inclusion of Nekro skills, players can now swap which key their attacks are bound to without having to go into the options menu.
  • The Nekro will regain health to the total amount of his last hit. This will allow for more strategy in player zoning and movement.
  • Added new Nekro upgrades such as the highly requested movement speed and the ability to unlock trinket slots.
  • 4 brand new trinkets: The Heart of War, The Skull of the Undead King, The Tinkerer's Goggles and Book of the Dead.
  • Rework of many old trinkets to fit better with the new Nekro skills/summon specilizations.
  • Huge amount of new sound FX added to the game such as combat sounds, ambient sounds and rework of voice over for many units and monsters.
  • New intro sounds: Summons will greet you with a growling hello when they are unlocked.
  • UI changes such as a new world map, new easier to read font, scrolling story text, polish on all menu items and text icons have been added.
  • The Shade has been completely redesigned, and is actually useful now. Really useful.
  • Completely reworked corpse system: some units now require corpses, while some do not use corpses at all, while others get benefits from being spawned from a corpse. This is to better provide more unique feels to each summon specialization.
  • Added new unit: Zombie - A extremely cheap fodder unit that can be specialized into a light tank.
  • Added new unit: Zombie Crawler - When the zombie dies he turns into the Zombie Crawler. The crawler is slow, weak, and dies very easily but provides one more target to distract enemies. Additionally, he provides a corpse from which to make new Zombies, ensuring the Nekro can continuously make new units.
  • Added new unit: Skeleton - A powerful light tank/DPS unit that can be specialized into a Skeleton Archer to provide ranged support.
  • Added new unit: Crust King - An interesting alternative to the Punge, the Crust King provides tanking support with small spawns called Crustlings. Crustlings die almost instantly, but provide fantastic agro management by distracting enemies. Can be specialized into a brawler/tank.
  • Added new unit: The Evil - The Evil is a very strong DPS unit that is extremely weak but outputs massive ranged damage. He can be specialized to give up all damage abilities and become an untargetable support/healer. The Evil is bound to the Nekro's health pool, meaning when the Nekro gets hit, the Evil gets hit.
  • Added summon specialization for Horror: Horrors can now become vampire horrors and turn their damage into healing for the Nekro, or becomes swarm Horrors; highly fragile DPS units that can be spawned in mass.
  • Added summon specialization for Darkseed: The Darkseed can be split into a low-range AOE burst unit, or a long-range single-target sniper.
  • Added summon specialization for Airbane: The Airbane can be specialized to debuff the enemy and slow them down, or provide a buff for your own units, increasing their damage, speed and armor.
  • Added summon specialization for Meat Mouth: The Meat Mouth can now become a blood-producing harvestor, ensuring the Nekro always has a fresh supply of blood, or can be specialized into a powerful tank that holds agro and deals light AOE damage.
  • Added summon specialization for Punge: The Punge can be broken up into a light tank/AOE DPS burster with a medium health pool, or specialize into an extremely powerful tank with a massive armor and health pool that deals almost no damage.
  • Added summon specialization for Shade: The Shade can be specialized into a massive damage-dealing flying unit. She acts as a second weapon to the Nekro, shooting wherever he is looking. Conversely, she can be specialized to provide a damage shield that absorbs all damage from any angle facing the player's cursor.
  • Added Alchemist skill: Laser Totem - Summons a laser totem that shoots at enemies. If the totem is blasted with the Alchemist's main attack, the totem will shoot 3 times faster.
  • Added Alchemist skill: Super Pot - Gives all friendly units +150 hp for 20 seconds.
  • Added Alchemist skill: Fear Pot - Applies a debuff to all enemies hit with the Fear Pot. The debuff stuns the target for 3 seconds, as well as deals a low-damage DOT. If the Nekro shoots the target while the debuff is applied, all damage from the Nekro is multiplied by 2.
  • Added Grimm Keeper skill: Bone Torpedo - Fires a torpedo in a straight line from the Nekro. The torpedo needs two seconds to arm itself, and travels very slowly but hits targets for massive critical damage.
  • Added Grimm Keeper skill: Bone Bomb - Deals no damage, but knocks back all units from the target location and applies a strong stun to all enemies, clearing their agro and forcing them to acquire new targets.
  • Added Grimm Keeper skill: Bone Shield - Gives the target summon or the Grimm Keeper super high armor for 20 seconds.
  • Added Outcast skill: Power Scythe - Throws out a powerful AOE scythe blade that deals damage once on the way out, and again when it returns.
  • Added Outcast skill: Power Armor - Creates a mirror image of the Nekro, absorbing 95% of damage for 25 seconds.
  • Added Outcast skill: Omega Blades - Puts the Nekro into a spin, dealing knockback critical damage to any enemy near him for 7 seconds.
  • The wolves are no longer bright pink. Yay?
  • So many bug fixes we can't even count. Bugs got fixed, that's all you have to know. ;)
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9/13/14 - Patch is now live! This is the first of three large-scale patches to hit Nekro. This patch expands the concept of Environmental
Summons and introduces a new trap system.

We first introduced players to Environmental Summons with the Jacky-O and Skeleton units; units that have to be Scourged to come to life. We have now taken that concept a step farther by allowing the Nekro to call the wildlife around him to his aid by just walking near them, granting the player an instant army.

Traps further expand gameplay by enforcing zoning and spacing into combat; leading your target into a specific area to deal massive damage. Patch Notes:

  • Mushroomhead: The Mushroomhead comes in three flavors, basic, toxic and freeze. This unit charges into their target and detonates themselves, dealing damage. The toxic Mushroomhead (Green) leaves a DOT on the enemy, dealing slow damage. The freeze Mushroomhead (Blue) stuns the target for 2 second and slows them for 5.
  • Sporeling: Untargetable bouncy balls of hate. These little critters are found in the deep woods, and will come out to aid the Nekro. They are temporary creatures and die after about 20-30 seconds, but can add some nasty stun damage to targets.
  • Bat Swarm: Similar to the Sporeling, these bats cannot be targeted and deal high damage over a short time before disappearing.
  • Fire Imp: A small permanent flaming servant. This guy deals low damage, high-agro attacks, making them perfect for soaking a couple hits instead of the fragile Nekro.
  • Corrupted Wolves: Search maps for wolf dens. Corrupting a den with a Scourge will summon a pack of demon wolves to the Nekro's aid.
  • Corrupted Ertums: Ertums can now be called from their tents to aid the Nekro.
  • TNT: Barrels of explosive TNT will make blowing up groups of targets easier. Try to lead your targets to the barrels, then watch the gibs fly!
  • Fire Totems: Found in the deep jungle, totems can be corrupted with Scourge to blast a plume of deadly fire at the enemy.
  • Sigil Traps: Arm the trap with your Scourge and lead targets back to it to deal massive critical stun damage!
  • All Levels: Each level now has a mixture of environmental summons and traps.
  • Level 1: Level one now includes a troll attack. This will provide a more exciting initial experience when first playing the game.
  • Patrols: Lots of work has been done on patrols to ensure they work more fluidly. Many levels have had unit patrols added.
  • Trinkets are back and better than ever! All trinkets are now based on passive invoking, and are much easier to manage and do not require any input from the player to use.
  • The Townie, Townie Elite and Mayor Biscuit all do cone damage and have significantly higher stun resistance. This is to account for the large amount of environmental summons constantly attacking.
  • Punge armor has been buffed to provide a more sustainable unit.
  • Scourge, Horror, Darkseed, Punge have had their damage reduced to account for damage from environmental summons.
  • Dozens of bug fixes and balance changes.


  • Zombie Environmental Summon: We know. We're working on it. ;)
  • Crust King: He's almost done and will be in the next patch.
  • Summon Revamp: Each Summon in the game will have two different attack modes that can be dynamically switched between to provide more choices to the player.
  • Nekro Revamp: The Nekro will level up and unlock new skills he can then equip and use, growing in power with time.
  • New Levels: Pirate, zombie, werewolf levels and more. Look for them soon!
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Patch is now live. We've been listening to all of your feedback on the Steam Forums, and we're trying to address all issues. This patch is a 'functional patch' - it addresses many issues with useability and convenience and is more or less a set up for the big next patch, 0.8, which will be a massive introduction to new mechanics and units. Patch Notes
  • TRINKETS ARE TEMPORARILY DISABLED! - We are completely overhauling how trinkets work in the game and will be back next patch. Please bear with us.

  • Summoning a Pumpkin or Skeleton no longer costs a Scourge, instead one is generated for the purpose.

  • Corpse blood count is now displayed on mouse tooltip rollovers.

  • Removed cooldowns on summons at start of a level so an army can be summoned faster.

  • Hammers no longer stun, rather they do damage and knockback.

  • Confirmation menu added to 'New Game' to avoid accidental save deletes.

  • Nekro cannot be killed while 'slow mo' camera is in effect.

  • Mayor and Priest Achievements proc on level complete, not at the end of the campaign.

  • All mouse buttons are now bindable.

  • The UI can be scaled. (Find the option on the Gameplay section of the Options Menu.)

  • Adjusted AI so that enemies don't use their special attacks (hammer, trap, etc.) when they first enter combat. They will now use the special attack randomly, making the attacks much more staggered.

  • Camera controls are now bound by default to the Right Mouse Button. This will make camera control much easier. Alt-Fire is now bound to 'E' by default. (You can rebind any of these controls in the options menu.)

  • Added summon control groups: Summons can now be controlled by type using the F-Keys. Check the key bind menu for controls.

  • Summons will now wait where you tell them to go, essentially guarding an area. If the Nekro walks too far away they will return to following the Nekro. Summons can be told to follow again by giving them a move-command near the Nekro. This functionality works with the new F-Key control groups.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to give feedback. We are listening, and this is just the first step. The next patch will start to completely overhaul the weak parts of the game. Here's a small preview of what you can look forward to over the next few months:

  • Environmental Summon Overhaul - Environmental summons will be a huge part of the game. Everything from demon bees to rabid mushrooms, the Nekro will have unholy warriors to call upon at every turn!

  • Minion Specializations - Each unit will have a specalization they can employ at any time, allowing your army to take on whatever role you need it to!

  • Trinket Overhaul - (Next Patch) Trinkets are extremely cumberson, and many people forget to use them entirely. They will be taking more of a 'powerup' role in the game, where picking them up has an instant effect.

  • Nekro Overhaul - Each Nekro will unlock special attacks that can be equipped, allowing the Nekro to grow in power as the game progresses!

  • New Units - Look forward to the Hell Boar, Crust King, Templar, Berzerker and Pirate Ghost (or is it Ghost Pirate?) making an appearance!

  • New Levels - We'll be adding new basic maps such as Holdout maps, and more dynamic maps such as a map where the player seizes control of a pirate ship and must use Undead Pirate Ghosts to hold control of it!
  • [/list]

    Community Announcements - darkForge Games
    Good afternoon everyone!

    We've been holding back our latest update for a few reasons, and are ready to talk about them publicly.

    Firstly, we've been taking a break. As a very small team all of us have been working extremely hard for two years now, some of us longer. We needed a bit of a breather but now we're refreshed and ready to keep going. This means more regular content updates!

    Secondly, we were figuring out the direction for the remainder of the game. We knew a lot of our plans were going to change once we started to get Early Access feedback for the game. How many levels do we want, what features are important, and what can we put on the cutting board were all questions we were rolling around. We finally have a direction ironed out now that we heard from y'all what things are most important. Here's our list of improvements coming down the line for the next few months.

    *Please note, as always, none of these things are final. These plans are subject to change for any reason.*

    1) Multiplayer. We recognize this is the weakest aspect of the game. We are going to be working very hard to make the co-op experience feel complete and satisfying. This, however, will not being coming out soon as it will require a huge amount of work. We think it important to work on other features first.

    2) Summon Specialization. We love that you can customize your army, but we wanted to extend the depth of this customization. Also, we recognize players can get 'trapped' into builds they don't necessarily enjoy. While we don't want to allow a complete respec of all summons we plan to allow switching of summon dynamics with a new summon specialization system.

    What this means is that each summon with come in three flavors, standard (the ones you are using now) and two specialized versions of the standard summon. For example, the Punge will be broken up into a Standard Punge, a Vomit Specialization, and a Armor Specialization. The vomit spec will change the punge to more of a DPS unit, where as the Armor spec will make the punge do less damage, but hold agro much better. In addition to these specs, you will be able to upgrade your units with generic upgrades such as more health, attack speed, and damage. This will allow for an exponentially higher number of combos you can get with all units and vastly expand the customizability of the summons.

    3) Environmental Summons. Pumpkins and Skeletons are really fun. We want more of them. We will be putting a higher focus on 'ABS' - Always Be Summoning. Giving players constant environmental summons to call to their aid can be a huge proponent of the fighting system and add a lot of dynamics to fights that are absent currently.

    In addition here's what we have planned coming out in the next few patches:

    • Camera Fixes; the current system is a bit cumbersome and can use some love.
    • Achievements proc the second you earn them and don't wait until the end of the game.
    • Bindable mouse buttons.
    • Specific summon commands - the ability to command only a specific unit type for greater summon control.
    • Staggered attack timings - all units won't blow their special attack when they first enter combat.
    • Nekro can't take damage during the 'kill cam' to avoid accidental deaths.
    • The Airbane is getting a complete rework on how he fires and spawns.
    • Corpses will display how much blood they hold.
    • Health Bars.
    • Complete Shade rework.
    • New Units: Crust King, Templar, and Hell Boar.
    • New levels, including the new level type - Holdout.

    That's it for now! Look for our next patch addressing many of these issues coming soon! Thanks for the support everyone and keep the feedback coming! :)
    May 8, 2014
    Community Announcements - darkForge Games
    We have our first patch out! It should address many of the issues being discussed in the forums and should fix a multitude of bugs.

    • Added multiple character slots - You can now save up to three simultaneous games at a time.
    • Added the options menu in both unlock screens and in game.
    • You can now quit the game from the unlock screens, as well as in the game.
    • Music fades in at the start of the game as to not be too jarring.
    • Meat Mouth's agro has been lowered so he's not as overpowered in the late game.
    • The Grimm Keeper's Skull shot now aims to the cursor's location instead of just straight ahead.

    Bug Fixes
    • Darkseeds created from a corpse are now stronger than those that aren't.
    • Punge summon audio errors are now played correctly.
    • The game will no longer get stuck on the "In Combat" message when you've completed a level.
    • All achievement bugs are fixed, and achievements should be working properly.
    • Ulta-High resolutions are now disallowed, and should not crash the game when starting up from a very high desktop resolution.
    • Resolution options should now lock to 4:3, 16:10 or 16:9.
    • Enemy units can no longer get stuck on the platform and exploited.
    Many other tiny balance tweaks and bug fixes.

    Still Left to Do
    • I'm aware some players are experiencing disconnect errors on mutliplayer games. I was unable to reproduce this locally, and will need more time to get it sorted out.
    • Alt-Tabbing during a multiplayer game should be working, but there is a chance it will still cause a disconnect.
    • I'll be adding a health bar option to the game in case you prefer overhead health bars.
    • Changes to the camera control scheme are being worked on.
    • The Evil is undergoing a complete overhaul, and will offer many more options moving forward.

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