Product Release - Valve
All new content for Marvel Heroes is Now Available on Steam!

Unlock new heroes and costumes with the Marvel Heroes - Spider-Man Hero Pack, Black Widow Hero Pack, and the Marvel NOW! Team Pack.

Community Announcements - Ryolnir
We'll be bringing down the Marvel Heroes servers for maintenance tomorrow morning at 6:00AM PDT.

Please see here for details:
Aug 21, 2013
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
This week’s patch includes fixes for a few important issues as well as some small character changes to ensure players are able to enjoy their heroes before Game Update 1.2. We expect to have 1.2 on the Test Center on Sunday.

Patch Notes:
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
Patch 1.14 is the last small patch before our big August patch. While this patch is relatively small, our next patch is extremely large and contains new modes, new items and many upgrades to heroes related to the new improved defense system.

Patch Notes Here:
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes servers are back online! Check out the patch notes here:
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
Marvel Heroes has been updated to version 1.11, a massive new update containing Human Torch, Eternity Splinters, and a new zone: Midtown Patrol!

Patch notes here:
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
Maintenance complete! Thanks for your patience!
Community Announcements - Rockjaw
We have an important announcement from David Brevik about a new system debuting soon in Marvel Heroes - Eternity Splinters! Visit the site for more details:
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The update is complete and the game is now live. You can see the patch notes here:

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