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Wolfthorn's Direction Turn, As of 11/16/19
Wolfthorn was set out to be a open world game, purely set in the singular world of Arden, with interior maps, and branches of maps as necessary.
It is now, a fully fledged conquest-oriented fantasy battle sandbox, with a strong element of war related tactics, and so on.
  • So, what does this mean for Wolfthorn?*

Better things than ever actually. There's now a much stronger sense of direction for development, and it's a really good thing that is so.
  • So what about the open world...the story even?
There will still technically be both. The story, is obviously present no matter what, however it is so, and the open world, or sandbox aspect will still be present as well, just in a different, more inciting way than it was before, which again, is very good for direction in development and the game's over all terms nonetheless.

The new direction of the game's center will certainly be it's plethora of features to a rather comprehensive, and advanced domination oriented world conquest system built by myself from the ground up.

One of it's largest features? The 3D "battle-map". The battle map will be the players' way of controlling the world through the most dynamic and story immersing approach as possible.

This is what is planned for it:

  • Keep track of your armies' morale statuses across hundreds of regions built for Arden.
  • Lead massive armies into battle head on, and conquer previously evil regions.
  • Manage your armies using keen survival tactics in order to keep their morale high, and their hunger and deprivation low.
  • Watch as your actions influence the world around you every single one you take by exploring the battle map when you wish and discovering its' plethora of dynamics specifically created just for Wolfthorn itself.
  • Play as several unique classes, races, and legions of warriors, including the ability to create your own and build your own warrior through Wolfthorn's upcoming, advanced race-menu system.
  • And more!

I hope you all enjoy what it is so far, and are excited as I am to begin this journey in Arden...together.

Together, we triumph. Together we fall...

-Connor I. from AerixArtGames - Report written: 11/17/19
Community Announcements - AerixArtGames
Begin to interact with the community!

I've decided to center Wolfthorn's discord server around my existing Tolkienverse one, which was as you may have guessed, focused solely on Tolkien's contributions to the world in the form of fantasy literature and more! Wolfthorn is heavily inspired by this, so I decided that having it mixed in with it among discord was a great thing for everyone!

What's planned inside it?

  • Weekly, if not daily events related to Wolfthorn and it's closed beta in process as well!
  • A daily strive to aim for a growing, wholesome community among it!
  • Daily dev-logs beginning as of tomorrow, and more!

So what are you waiting for?

Join us today: Wolfthorn/Tolkienverse Discord Community

Have a great day everyone, and may Arden be in your hands!

-Connor J. I.
Community Announcements - AerixArtGames

Well guys, it’s here. Wolfthorn’s closed beta announcement is being made, and anyone willing to participate should follow these instructions after this first paragraph. Participating will grant you a beta key for use and activation as a normal products inside of Steam until Early Access arrives and the game is purchasable. The first 50 people to sign up, are the first and only people to have access to this beta via Steam. The key availability count will be updated daily across various platforms, such as Discord, Instagram, and Facebook, in which are all on my Steam page for the game as well.


*After the keys are out, they’re out. I’m not making anymore unless needed, and I will update everyone when there is none left.

*This beta is not entirely stable. Expect crashes, expect bugs, and expect instability. The whole purpose of this beta is to crush all those issues through myself and you guys, as testers, in order to make the game the best it can be for everyone playing it.

*The only thing to be made available inside this beta is it’s Sandbox mode, which is being heavily developed every day of the week as it goes on.


**IMPORTANT: YOUR EMAIL MUST BE FORMATTED AS FOLLOWS FOR BETA SIGN UPS VIA EMAIL: SUBJECT: Wolfthorn Beta Request - MESSAGE: Must include your name, and confirm you have access to a computer (64 bit) with around the specified system requirements here:

Windows 10 (10.0) Home 64-bit (Build 18362)

Intel Core i5 6600k (Tested on desktop machine)

6 GB System Memory

Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870

(Any Sound Card is Necessary)

And around 5+ GB of system storage.

**DirectX Version must be 11 or higher.**

Here's a short FAQ:

*Do you have a Steam page?*

Yes, you can view it here:

*So how long will the version one closed beta run?*

Until Early Access emerges next year.

*Will updates be released along the way?*

Yes one, if not two or even several every day of the week.

*How are you going about bug and suggestion reports?*

If you wish to submit a bug or suggestion report, you can email for those as well. **IMPORTANT: YOUR EMAIL MUST BE FORMATTED AS FOLLOWS - SUBJECT: Wolfthorn Beta Report - MESSAGE: Must include whether the report is based on a bug, or suggestion, and include detailed information on the report made.**

*Will the beta be valid after public release?*

No, obviously not.

*How many people are working on this game?*

Just me. That's it.

*Any other questions? You can email to ask more while the beta is in session!*

**Let us begin this journey! We have 44 keys left currently (more soon as well) :)**

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