Landlord Girls - 七彩绘色游戏
We are pleased to announce that, the steamstore of Landlord Girls is finally open today!
We are appreciate for your focus and support, please add to your wishlist if you are interested, that will inform you as soon as our game is ready to be released.

Let me introduce for a bit:

An anime bishojo poker game.
This is a combination of VN with poker game "Doudizhu(Fight the Landlord!)".
As the protagonist, you win and protect the beauties through poker game, go through the story.
In very short future we will update online mode, collect the beauties with different cheating techniques, and -- more girls with different suits!

Finally, please feel free to suggest and comment, we will take your advice seriously.
Release soon, keep an eye please.

Update: For some reasons which related to steamcn, we will not release a beta test. The game will be keeping update, content been added afterward will be FREE.

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