Desktop Visual Media - IDALGAME
Hi, I know that among those who read this message, there are those who are waiting for our application. And it will be, but I can’t say when exactly, since difficulties arose during development. But it is not all that bad. Gradually, we find a way out and here is an example.
We managed to make a good optimization, we launched more than 200 equalizers, which occupied 300 MB of RAM. But if we continue to work in this direction, the user will not be able to create their own unique visual themes through HTML / CSS / JS. This is due to the transition to Unity (now DVM is written in ElectronJS).
This application inspired us to replace the engine:
We talked with the developer. He suggested how to make transparency on Unity. We are surprised that this can generally be done on Unity. If we immediately started doing so, then we have already made our application long ago :)
But we chose the wrong path ... Therefore, the development has been stretched for 3 months ... We actively monitored the audience’s interest in DVM. During this time, we scored 500 wish lists, and this is a very bad result for us :( We decided to freeze the development until we can make an easier application.
Desktop Visual Media - IDALGAME
Hello! We promised to release our application a month ago, we had to move it another month due to the complexity of development. This month is almost coming to an end ... We noticed a poor optimization due to a bunch of windows. More than 5 windows occupied 700 MB of RAM ... We were shocked by what we did, it is very bad, we decided to move it for another 1-2 months to do the optimization. Already found a way to create windows with a load of more than 150 MB with 7 windows open! Only we will have to redo everything that we have done in those one and a half months.

What we had ready:
  • Startup on Windows startup
  • If the user breaks off in the first program, then he will have a mini tutorial
  • Adding new windows
  • Import HTML file with visual theme
  • Saving window layout
  • Ignoring the window if we are not in edit mode
  • Localization of the program and import of translation from * txt file
  • Automatic language change according to the language on your OS
  • Code editor for HTML files with syntax highlighting (HTML, JS, CSS)

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