Hentai Mosaique Vip Room - Lil
After the long wait, emoticons, backgrounds and badges are now available!
Collect 6 trading cards - each representing a game character.

Good luck with catching all of them!
Hentai Mosaique Vip Room - Lil
"Hentai Mosaique Vip Room" got a small face lifting.

• Glow/Bloom in the game has been reduced so that everything is a bit more readable now
• 2 new music tracks added so that the music is more versatile

Also a new DLC with girl images!


Someone asked for the images of girls extracted as graphical files. So here they go.
Who knows, maybe we'll be releasing this type of DLC on day one for every Hentai Mosaique game?
Hentai Mosaique Vip Room - Lil
The bomb has been planted.


New "Hentai Mosaique" game is on the horizon. What can you expect from "Hentai Mosaique Fix-IT Shoppe"?
Grils, as beautiful as before, more evolved gameplay and a sprinkle of "Visual Novel".
This time You are Mr. Fix-IT-All trying to restore photos from broken phones, slowly discovering your female clients secrets in the process (wink, wink).
All together making for a smooth relaxing and rewarding experience. Free 18+ DLC included with the launch of the game.

Hentai Mosaique Vip Room - Lil
• What fun is a hentai game without a R18 DLC? Hentai Mosaique Vip room will offer additional 10 puzzles in this free expansion.

• 5 Abilities is fun, but 10 is much better. That's what we will be getting in the release.

• The game will be released on 10-th of April 2019. And that's final.
Hentai Mosaique Vip Room - Lil
Because of mature content, the game is being evaluated EXTRA HARD. And a bit longer than your usual title. But that's good because it gives great opportunity for getting in some extra content! So who knows what additional things we will find in the final release

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