Community Announcements - GM_Larek

Dear A.V.A soldiers,

the supplies from our base have arrived! Suit up yourself with all these amazing offers now! 

Everything is available in our webmall now! 

All offers are available until the 30th December 21:00 CET - 15:00 EDT - 12:00 PDT or until they are sold out!

Super discounted weapon crates

2 FOR 1 boxes and capsules
  • Mega Cyber Box
  • Mega Dragoon Box
  • Silvermoon Box
  • 15 Double capsules
Discount on selected items
  • 100 Red & Blue Tickets - Limited quantity
  • 50 Red & Blue Tickets - Limited quantity
  • 10 Red & Blue Tickets - Unlimited quantity
Your Alliance of Valiant Arms team

Dec 21, 2015
Community Announcements - GM_Larek

(Starts: 21/12 - Ends: 08/01) 

Dear soldiers, 

The Event Gang is back and they want to challenge you guys once again this year! 
Last year we have killed 2985 of them. 
The enemies this time are slightly different though, the gang was recomposed and new enemies have arrived and this time they look stronger! 
This year, there are females fighting against us to destroy Christmas and not every Soldier is capable of shooting a human but we must do it because as previous years, they seem determined to ruin our Christmas, don't let them! 

The rules of the past have not changed: 
Find them, Kill them and take a picture of your kill! 

Prizes for each soldier killing at least one of them! 

You killed them 2600 times on November, lat year and during your last fight against them you killed them 2985 times, can you do better this year? 

What you have to do: 

The Xmas Gang will be visiting maps in both NA and EU servers 
from Monday the 21st and until Thursday the 4th of January (23:59 CEST). 

Soldiers, we need YOU to help us get rid of them! 
Find them, Kill them, and take a picture of your kill! 

We will reward each of your documented kill and will give a special prize for the most kills! 

How to recognize them? 

The names of the Xmas Gang Soldiers were found earlier this week on their basement after a hard investigation made by our GMs and GSs. 

Here is the list: 


They all have Xmas Hats and they are all Female Soldiers! 
We believe that there is 1 leader just like previous years, called *Santa*, as he should also be part of their operation. 

PRIZE 1: Documented Kill(s) 
Now, EVERYONE who posts a valid screenshot IN THIS THREAD of them killing them will receive the following: 

- 1 to 3 Kills: 5.000 AVA Euros + Participation Badge 
- 4 to 6 Kills: 10.000 AVA Euros + FR-F2 Noel (15 Days) 
- 7 to 8 Kills: 10.000 AVA Euros + FR-F2 Noel (30 Days) 

PRIZE 2: Grand Champion 
But that's not it! 
We are looking for our champion, the hero that could take down all of these foes! 

The person who could take down the entire Xmas Gang will get: 

1 Permanent Red Ticket Weapon of Choice 
20 000 Euros 
Special Forum Badge 

But there is a trick! 
Killing the same enemy again and again does not work! Too easy of course! 
You need to find each one of them and kill them at least once! 
Only one screenshot for each of them is enough. 

The person who killed all the members of the Xmas Gang (9 members) at the end of the event gets the prize! If few players obtain the same number of kill, all will get a permanent weapon! 
Do not disappoint us soldiers, we are counting on you!  

- Multiple submission per user allowed but must be done using the "edit" function. So only one post per person please! 
- All submissions MUST be in THE OFFICIAL THREAD 
- All entries will be checked for any editing. 
- We need to see the kill in the screenshot with your name and the Xmas Player of the Gangclearly visible. 
- Friendly fire kills do not count. 
- In case of assist kill, only the person with the final blow can qualify. 
- Only one picture per Xmas Player of the Gang is enough. If you manage to kill few of them, edit your post and add you next kills. 
- Only 9 members are in the gang (Check the list above). 
- Only pictures posted before the deadline will be counted.  

The Grand Champion will be announced during the week of January the 11th! 

Find them, Kill them, and take a picture of your kill! 

- Your A.V.A. Team.

Community Announcements - GM_Adan

Reach the following ranks during this event and get some bonus items!

Private First Class
Staff Sergeant 3

Attention soldiers,

If you are thinking about creating a new character, continue to grow your low-ranked alts, or want to give A.V.A a try for the first time, then we definitely have some great news to share with you!

Starting at the very first rank as Trainee in-game, you will get the chance to receive a bundle of items to help you begin your own legend in our battle grounds!

Reach rank 3 as Private First Class and you will gain access to another pack full of even better items to keep you going strong!

Make your way up to rank 8 as Staff Sergeant 3 and yet another pack full of great items will land in your inventory, including 4 permanent weapons!

Now add to all of these items the Free rewards you get just from ranking normally (new Level Up rewards) and you will have a load of powerful items and boosters at your arsenal!

You want to get even more? No problem! All you have to do is purchase AP using real money and spend at least 9 of them to make your first purchase in the game. This purchase will guarantee you our famous Welcome Package which contains even more items to add to your collection, also with several permanent items!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The New Recruit promotion will be available only for a limited time, so do not miss this fantastic opportunity!

Start: Thursday 17th of December 2015
End: Tuesday 12th of January 2016

Here is the full list of items you will get when you reach the ranks mentioned earlier:


10 000 euros
2 Capsule Vouchers
50 Blue Tickets
10 Red Tickets

Corvus III Blaster (15 Days)
M4A1 Asa Thor (15 Days)
FR-F2 Legend (15 Days)
Holy Mackerel (15 Days)

Equipment and Boosters
Double Up Booster (7 Days)
Smart Aim (30 Days)
14 Armor Pack (7 Days)

Private 1st

20 000 euros
5 Capsule Vouchers
50 Blue Tickets
30 Red Tickets

Togarev Talisman (15 Days)
Thompson M1921 A.V.A 7th (15 Days)
AK47 Lion (15 Days)
DSR-1 Dark Angel (15 Days)

Anastasia (15 Days)
Lili Marleen (15 Days)
Vasily Zaytsev (15 Days)

Equipment and Boosters
Double Up Booster (7 Days)

Staff Sergeant 3nd

40 000 euros
10 Capsule Vouchers
50 Blue Tickets
50 Red Tickets

FR-F2 Opal (permanent)
M4A1 Opal (permanent)
AKS74U Fullmoon (permanent)
Auto9 Death (permanent)
Holy Mackerel (permanent)

Vasily Leopard (7 Days)
Anastasia Halloween (7 Days)
Lili Marleen Halloween (7 Days)

Equipment and Boosters
Double Up Booster (7 Days)
14 Armor Pack (15 Days)
Arms Upgrade (15 Days)

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION* All of the rewards from these three specific bundles, will be rewarded to all eligible accounts after the end of the New Recruit promotion! So please allow us a few days after the end of the promotion until you receive the items.

Your Alliance of Valiant Arms team

Community Announcements - GM_Larek

Community Announcements - GM_Larek
Community Announcements - GM_Larek

Hide and Seek now available in Quick Match!

Map Pool
ShowDown, SlimFox, E-boat, Barricade, Breakout


Destroy your ennemies with the brand new collection of exclusive Fortune Stars weapons!

Get these Absolute Machines with extra ammos and unleash hell on the Battlefield!


What is Fortune Stars?

Fortune Stars is a new selection of weapons available in the Fortune Stars section in-game!
Fortune Stars guarantees a win with every play, and that every win will be a beautiful weapon that simply cannot be found anywhere else!

Weapons available in Fortune Stars:

  • M16A4 Absolute Machine
  • MP5K Liquid Machine
  • AR-57 Fighting Machine
  • GalilMAR Future Machine
  • AK-74M War Machine
  • AK-47 Human Fighter
  • L96A1 Human Warrior
  • R93 Old Machine
  • SVD Violet Machine



Bonus items

Spin the Fortune Stars 2 times and get the M18 Living Machine as a bonus!

Spin the Fortune Stars 3 times and transform your character into Marek Cyborg!

Spin the Fortune Stars 6 times and get yourself the Liquid Blade!

Spin 9 times and claim all the weapons, including the amazing Mauser C96 Human Leader!
That's 12 permanent weapons and an exclusive character in only 9 spins!


Also, please know that some Special Tiered Spenders will also be available!
Stay tuned for more information! 

Of course, you can also redeem free items in the Monthly Loyalty Program!


How does it work?
  • Log into AVA
  • Head to the Fortune Stars section
  • Spin and win!


Why play?

Fortune Stars weapons are completely unique. 
These gorgeous designs will never be available anywhere else so this is your only time to grab them! 
Weapon also have more ammunitions than their normal counterparts!


How much does it cost?

Each spin is 2499AP and wins you an exclusive permanent weapon. 


Fortune Stars
Start: December 8th 2015

More to come!

Full Patch Notes will be available Friday December 4th!
Stay tuned fore more information!

Community Announcements - GM_Larek

25/11 21:00 CET - 15:00 EDT - 12:00 PDT
28/11 09:00 CET - 03:00 EDT - 00:00 PDT

Click Here for more information
Nov 10, 2015
Community Announcements - GM_Adan
The Dragoon weapons are back! Fill your inventory with permanent weapons from previous Mega Capsule Seasons!

Possible Prizes (All Permanent): SR-2M Dragoon, Mosin Nagant Steel Dragon, AK-12 Unit 01, Striker 12 Cabover, XM8 Sporty, XCR Macha Dearg, M40A5 Warhorse, Mad Galil Anubis, Ak47 Sevres, Clockwork 2000, Vector Honeycomb, SA58 Para Tortoise, Ballista Gobi, FMG9 Steppe, M870 Blue Dragoon, M4A1 Bald Eagle, M14 DMR Hellfire, TPG1 Sevres, M249 Blue Sky, KAC PDW Cream Brownie or MP7A1 Mech Bahamut
Price: 1499 AP

Oct 23, 2015
Community Announcements - GM_Larek
The votes are over and counted! We present you the...

Three Mystery Boxes filled with all the top voted items! All permanent & equal winning chances! We are also offering an One Chance Box version for each box with a hefty discount!
Win the GoldSnake, Blacksnake or the Blaster weapons! All available in our three boxes!

6 permanent weapons from the survey have been selected and are now on sale with up to 35% discount:
- DSR-1 Dark Angel
- AK47 Miura
- Galil Sniper Titanium
- OTS-14 Silverion
- AKS74U Espada
- CZ Scorpion Evo Cosmic

Available now until the 26/10 16:00 CEST, 10:00 EDT, 07:00 PDT

Community Announcements - GM_Adan
Hey guys, I'm forwarding you some information from our Product Manager PM_Spocktapus! Check it out and feel free to give your feedback and opinion about the game!

Hello A.V.A!

None of you know me yet but you’ve definitely noticed my impact in the game. Given all the changes that have come lately I figure it’s about time I introduced myself.

I am the new Product Manager for A.V.A. Some of you may have seen me in-game using the handle spocktapus. Those of you who have, and who were on my side, you have my apologies. I am not exactly the greatest FPS player in the world. Honestly, I’m probably the worst in the team… And yes, I am a rank-hack noob. Apologies but it’s necessary for testing.
Luckily though, none of that correlates with my ability to improve a game. So I’m opening this thread for several reasons:
1. To give you all a place to comment on some of the changes that have come recently
2. To provide a place where you can have direct contact with those responsible for changes in the game
3. To give me a place to communicate some of our plans for the future.
That said, I am not opening this thread for several reasons as well:
1. This is not a suggestion box. If you’re not on topic, there won’t be a response.
2. This is not a ‘Wall of Hate’. The idea behind this is to discover solutions and build a better game. No one wins if we all start screaming at each other and pointing out issues without providing solutions.
With that said, let’s get started shall we.

I’d like to hear your opinions on the reintroduction of permanent weapons for in-game currency. It was a big thing for me and the team and we want to get your feedback. We’re also looking at introducing more weapons in the future and, potentially, including some of our skinned weapons for Euros. Your thoughts?

We’re also looking at changes to the login, mission, and level-up rewards. Personally, they feel a little weak and we’d like to provide the new guys with some more incentive to stick around and, simultaneously, make them a little tougher to kill to provide you old dogs with some decent challenges.
What would you have wanted as you levelled up in your early A.V.A. days?
Do you think there’s a point where level-up rewards should stop or would you like to see some goodies given all the way up to max level?
There’s plenty more to talk about but I think this will do us for now. Let’s get this dialogue started and together make A.V.A. better than ever!

[PM] Spocktapus

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