Community Announcements - gm_haruki

New Content of this patch:

New Maps: enjoy your games in your amazing new maps. You have Casablanca for Escort lovers and the new Train, for those who prefer some Cooperation mode (for 1 and 2 people). Also, we bring to you the Normal mode of Death Valley. Enjoy!
On a side note, we have also added: [AI] Dual Sight (Easy/Normal) and Battle gear: Blood (Easy/Normal).
Introduction of the Breach Mode: the Breach mode, featuring the maps Rising Dust Night, Storm Blitz, Casablanca and Scorpion, brings to you the good action of Escort reducing the time of getting the RPG7 and presenting you with different passing points of the tank. The tank now shoots shells from the main cannon, the mounted MG was removed. Try it out!
New weapon in the ticket shop: PP2000 Galaxy, M14 Battleship, 99SR Crete Varyagas and F2000 Scandium*.
New Capsule Boxes: Train Mystery Box** and Legend Box***.
New season of the Mega Capsule: this time, the Cyber theme brings to you a cool set of new modern wonders for you to use. Stay tuned for the incentives, bonus and great prizes for spinning, better than in previous seasons!
A complete new set of armour: try the 14 series: SH-14 Special Helmet, SA-14 Special Armor, SP-14 Special Joint Protectors, SD-14 Special Camo, SG-14 Special Gloves and SB-14 Combat Shoes. You may find them in the in-game shop for different day durations. Sum those elements to gear up and get amazing bonuses!
AVA Train Play Booster and AVA Train Battle Support items available for you in the in-game shop, for those of you who require an extra push in the Train missions.
New items in the 9AP shop
The Sport Box in the Capsule shop has been removed.

* New weapons in the ticket shop: PP2000 Galaxy (perm): 250 Red Tickets
M14 Battleship (perm): 230 Red Tickets
F2000 Scandium (perm): 240 Blue Tickets
99SR Crete Varyagas (perm): 180 Red Tickets

** New Capsule Box - Train Mystery Box:
Try your luck with this box that had a great reception in its past edition. Each capsule costs either 5 Red Tickets or 20 Blue Tickets and give you the chance to win amazing permanent or timed items! The thing is, no matter what currency you use, you will have exactly the same chance to win those items!!

*** New Capsule Box - Legend:
Back in the days, there was a design competition in the forums and the player Anapshock won in the sniper category with his amazing prototype FR-F2 Legend. The development team brings to you finally his design for you to obtain! 200 AP per capsule!

Fixed bugs:
You can now use your XCR Ignis again. The weapon has been fixed.
You can also use the MK3A2 grenade and the pumpkin grenade. These two have also been fixed.
You can launch FFA Breakout again.
The bug that prevented modding the SVDM Fullmoon has been repaired.
The Tank Field Manual will not crash anymore the game when trying to exceed the 15 day limit.
The blackscreen issues in Fullscreen and low resolutions have been repaired as well.
Users with Windows 8 or 8.1 can now launche the game without problems.

New bugs - To be fixed soon:
The map Sniper Gallery does not work for EU. It does work for NA though.

Enjoy the new content, soldiers!

Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - GM_AVA
Dear soldiers,

You read it correctly. Steam Trading Cards are now available for A.V.A! ːginnyː

From now on you can earn trading cards by playing A.V.A. You can look up your eligibility for card drops on your badge progress page on your steam profile.

With a full set of A.V.A trading cards you can craft a badge and earn avasome profile backgrounds and emoticons! Check out GM_AVA's profile for a quick preview!

How to check your card drops for A.V.A:
Go to your profile, click in the upper right corner on your Steam level or badge, look for "A.V.A - Alliance o Valiant Arms" and click on it. On the next page you will be able to see your remaining card drops for A.V.A and by clicking on "How do I earn card drops?" you can learn how to earn more card drops.

Now its time to jump on the battlefield and play for your new A.V.A profile swag! Happy hunting! ːpriestː

- Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - gm_haruki
Hey everyone,

During this last days, a Dragon Nest Mission was running and the main person under the mission at the time was Ahmed.

Ahmed was able to retrieve one of the weapons yesterday and during the night while the dragon was sleeping he successfully retrieve a good number of weapons to bring up to A.V.A. so as this Dragon Nest Mission came to an end, we are now introducing the brand new 6th Mega Capsule, Dragoon.

[size=18]The 6th Mega Capsule weapons:[/size]

Community Announcements - gm_haruki

New Content of this patch:

New Maps: [AB] Castle and [AI] Hammer Blow (modes easy/normal)
New weapon in the ticket shop: AK-47 Lion, AK-107 Wolf, L96A1 and Togarev TT-30/33 *.
New Capsule: Meteor Box **.
New masks available on the in-game shop: Diiaboliikangel Mask, Ink of Death Mask and Kiittii Mask.
[color=darkblue]These awesome masks are the creation of three members of the community: Diiaboliikangel, MaximusVRR and kiittii respectively, who won a designing competition last year. Enjoy them!![/color]
New capsule vouchers system: now you can have up to 20 capsule vouchers (instead of the 5 you could have before). Besides, these vouchers would allow you to go for the Euro Jackpot (1 voucher for the Euro Jackpot 100AP; 2 vouchers for the Euro Jackpot 200AP; 4 vouchers for the Euro Jackpot 400AP).
New packs for the in-game shop: the AVA 7th Anniversary Package (perm), the 1 Day Weapon Package, the 09 Armor Package (30 days) and Special 09 Armor Package (1 day) ***.
New M67 Clan Stamp.
The grenades M67 and MK3A2 are not longer expendable but can be purchased for different days with in-game euros.
New prices for Iyan armour, character and class gloves: the complete Iyan armour components are reduced in AP prize and have now new duration versions and the Iyan parts also available for Euro now! Plus, all characters are available in euro versions now and the AP prize has been reduced as well. Check this out!

* New weapon in the ticket shop:
AK-47 Lion (perm): 250 Red Tickets
AK-107 Wolf (perm): 220 Red Tickets
L96A1 (perm): 250 Blue Tickets
Togarev TT-30/33 (perm): 70 Red Tickets

** New Capsule - Meteor Box:
Jackpot: K2 Virgo (30 days/perm), F2000 Taurus (30 days/permanent) and M24 Capricorn (30 days/perm).
One box costs 1299AP, five boxes cost 6495 AP and 10 boxes cost 9990 AP.

*** New packs for the in-game shop:
AVA 7th anniversary Box (12990 AP) contains the following items perm:
Thompson M1921 A.V.A. 7th Anniversary
M4A1 A.V.A. 7th Anniversary
M24A2 A.V.A. 7th Anniversary
Hatchet A.V.A. 7th Anniversary
M67 grenade A.V.A. 7th Anniversary
HK Mk.23 US.SOCOM A.V.A. 7th Anniversary

1-Day Weapon Package (99 AP) contains the following items for 1 day:
SR-2M Veresk
Striker 12
FN PSR Ballista

09 Armor Package for 30 days (720 AP)

Special 09 Armour Package for 1 day (99 AP)

Fixed bugs:
The rewarding tool that prevented the GMs from granting you in-game euros is fixed.
The bug that prevented the Mad Galil from being used and seen in the in-game shop is fixed.
Now you can see the first person image of the DSR-1 Altan.
Now you can confirm offline friends.
Now you can equip the Priest Field Officer.

New bugs (will be fixed in the next update):
The new weapon M24 Capricorn (red tickets) cannot be equipped in the secondary slot.
The map FFA Breakout won´t work for players.
User interface error: your 9AP products that you purchase will show 19hours instead of 23hours. However, they will work for the whole day, as before.
Community Announcements - GM_AVA
Dear soldiers!

Are you interested in upcoming eSports events and competitive cups for A.V.A? From now on you can stay up to date on our new Competitive Gaming Portal!

We will be posting about LAN events, online tournaments and broadcast matches of the best teams competing for glory, great in-game prizes and the title A.V.A champion of each month!

Head over and take a look HERE!

Aug 15, 2014
Community Announcements - GM_Larek
Buy and spend AP for the first time and receive a huge package of free items! Includes 4 permanent weapons!

This Welcome Pack (Formerly the First Time Spender pack) is better than ever!

Click here to buy AP

Click here to visit the 9AP Shop


But wait, I get NOTHING if I've already spent! That's not fair!
Send a ticket with the title "Welcome Pack - Old Spender" and after confirmation you've spent on A.V.A before our team will send you the package.


This promotion is for First Time Spenders; if you have already purchased through another Aeria game, you will NOT qualify.

Please note that ONLY AP purchased from Aeria and spent on A.V.A will qualify. AP obtained through offers or other special promotions WILL NOT QUALIFY. You can still qualify if you've spent AP from offers before and then purchase AP and spend it on A.V.A.

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for payout
Community Announcements - gm_haruki

New Content of this patch:

New Map: [Demolition] Factory
Improved tutorial
New HUD in Escort mode
New weapon in the ticket shop: XCR Ignis and M24 Fleur-de-lys *
New weapon modification (130 Red Tickets): M4A1 Chrome --> M4A1 Chrome 2014
New Capsule: Queen of Liberty **
New masks available on the in-game shop: Mask of Inferno, Frogman Mask and Luchador Blue ***
New daily quests and new weekly attendance rewards ****
Add damage amount - new feature calculates automatically the total damage you have inflicted in a game
Increased statistics for DTA SRS (range + 2)
AI assist kills are now counted on the score sheet
Change mouse sensitivity for new players (changed from 27 to 15)
New modified autobalance team logic
New option available in the game settings: Mini map shot afterimage
New intro images of the game
New option that allows you to hide your mask
Season 5 of the Mega Capsule was removed
Applied summer skins to tank and boat

* New weapons in the ticket shop

XCR Ignis (perm): 220 Red Tickets
M24 Fleur-de-lys (perm): 200 Blue Tickets

** New Capsule: Queen of Liberty

Jackpot: Barrett M82A1 (Perm), M16 VN May Queen (3/7/15/30/Perm), M870 May Queen (3/7/15/30/Perm), and R93 May Queen (3/7/15/30/Perm)

One capsule costs 499 AP.

*** New masks available in the in-game shop

You can purchase the following masks:
Mask of Inferno: 7 days, 99AP; 15 days, 179AP; 30 days, 299 AP (only from Major 1 onwards)
Frogman Mask: 7 days, 99AP; 15 days, 179AP; 30 days, 299 AP
Luchador Blue: 7 days, 149AP; 15 days, 290AP; 30 days, 499 AP

**** New daily quests and new weekly attendance rewards
New daily quests available in the game. Every day you can select the mode you want to play in: if you complete all the goals, you will receive a reward that will increase accordingly with your level. Besides, the loading screen will display your current daily quest status for the mode you have selected.

There is now a new log-in attendance feature: get in the game several days in a row and you will receive attendance rewards (with the possibility of getting a permanent SW1911 Bhairavi)

Fixed bugs

The permanent version of the ASW Jormungand has now the green dot for its scope.
You can now mod the Fal Hot Road.
The OTS14 Valentinoid has its correct name on the Spanish, French and German versions.
You can now mod the VSS.
The mod Magazine Replacement is now working for the Kriss Super V.
The Mega Capsule Weapon SCAR-L Duck Hunt has now the correct stats displayed.
The M40A5 can now be equipped in the secondary slot.
The displayed stats of the Golden Remington 270 have been corrected now.
Every option appears correctly in the Configuration panel.
Community Announcements - GM_AVA
Dear Community,

Have a look at this awesome montage of the Golden Caiman Collection made by andi2ninja.

Subscribe to his Youtube channel for more outstanding content:

The Golden Caiman Collection:
- G36 Caiman (Rifleman)
- M29 Caiman (Secondary)
- Kukri Caiman (Melee)
- M67 Caiman (Grenade Skin)
- MK3A2 Caiman (Grenade Skin)

Name of Song: Accelerant
Name of Artist: Blue Stahli

- Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - GM_AVA

New Content of this patch:

Squished Bugs:

The “Blue Skull” and “Pumpkin Grenade” are now back in the inventory of all players who lost the items after our last content update. Furthermore, the Blue Skull can now be purchased again in the ticket shop.

*Season 5 of the Mega Capsule: Caiman

20 weapons can be won by spinning this season of the Mega Capsule:
G36 Caiman (jackpot), OA-93 Sharks, KAC PDW Guardian, MK.18 DBDU, AKS-74U Eros, Striker-12 Pearl, K1A1 Venus , M16A4 D.Shadow, MP7A1 Altan, FAMAS MK3 Freyja, SCAR-L Gladiator, M14 DMR Hellfire, M4A1 Bald Eagle, Rx4 Aphrodite, M40A5 Pothos, HK417 Cookie, PGM.338 Argos, AWM Bastet, Mosin Nagant Or Nouveau and Dotanuki.

On top of this, the following items can also be won:
The “M29 Caiman” will be sent as a collection bonus for acquiring all the weapons in the Mega Capsule. If you spin the Mega Capsule twice you will get the “Kukri Caiman”.
Additionally if you spin 3 times you will get the “M67 Caiman Grenade”.
And last but not least if you spin 12 times you will get the “MK3A2 Caiman Grenade”.

Furthermore and if you win the G36 Caiman, you will be able to switch it to the G36KA1 Gustav for 5 Red Tickets.

** New mode: AVA Sports and new Sport Boxes

In the new mode AVA Sports you can participate in lot of activities with your friends! Jump around moving obstacles, take part in a shooting competition, defuse bombs faster than your opponents and a lot more!

This mode can be played with a maximum of 16 players per room. The Sport Channel is opened 5 hours per day (from 6PM to 11PM CET for EU and from 7PM to 12AM EDT for NA).

A new currency will be available with this mode: The Sports Coins.

This money will be delivered after you complete a game in the sport channel. You will earn more coins depending on the final score of the game and the number of participants.

With these coins, you will be able to purchase the new following boxes in the Capsule shop: Sports Mosin or Sports Beretta

The Sports Beretta box cost 25 Sports Coins.
It can contain the following jackpots:
Sports Berreta (30d) or Sports Bat (Perm).

It can also contains these items:
Sports Beretta (1/3/7/15d), M67 Sports (1d) or 100 in-game euros

The Sports Mosin box cost 35 Sports Coins.
It can contain the following jackpots:
Sports Mosin (30d) or Sports Bat (perm).

It can also contains these items:
Sports Mosin (1/3/7/15d), M67 Sports (1d) or 100 in-game euros.
Community Announcements - GM_AVA

New Content of this patch:
  • New Map version: [AI Demolition] India
  • New map version: [AI Annihilation] Shilin Market
  • New map version: [AI Sniper Annihilation] Shilin Market
  • New weapons in the regular shop:
    KAC-PDW, AK-47 (MK.4)* and M4A1 (MK.4)*
  • New weapon in ticket shop: Kar98k Raijin
  • New weapons in 9AP shop**: FR-F2 Noël, G36 Alligator, Blue Skull, Pumpkin Grenade, Ginny, and Priest
  • New weapon modification (100 Red Tickets): X-Plorer -> eX-Plorer
  • New weapon modification (100 Red Tickets): Kar98k -> Kar98k Raijin
  • New Capsule: Opal Box***
  • Renamed the MK3 series weapons by AK-K7 MK3. And M4A1 MK3.
  • New item in the Roulette rewards after a game in Match channel: Mk3A2 Red Wine
  • New SG09 gloves now available in the game shop
  • Promotions on helmets in the regular shop****
  • Installation maps Power Plant and India were removed
  • Season 4 of the Mega Capsule was removed
  • Fullmoon Box was removed

Squished bugs:
  • The bug allowing some players to purchase the same item twice in the 9AP shop making the game freeze and the AP removed without the item sent to the player is fixed.
  • The Mk3A2 Red Wine grenade is now sent instead of the Marek Camo in the Match Channel rewards.

*New MK4. series for the AK-47 and M4A1 weapons

You can find these new weapons in the regular shop under the name AK-47 and MKA1. The previous weapon series cannot be purchased anymore and are now called AK-47 MK3. And M4A1 MK3.

**New weapons in 9AP shop

You can purchase one time (only) the 24 hours versions of these items for 9AP.

***New Capsule: Opal Box

The new Opal Capsule Box can contain the following items:

M82A3 Barrett (Jackpot - Perm), Bizon Opal (3/7/15/30/Perm), M4A1 Opal (3/7/15/30/Perm) and FR-F2 Opal (3/7/15/30/Perm)
One spin costs 499AP

****Promotions on helmets in the regular shop

Discount on the following items:
Lietenant Beret, Master Boonie Hat, Sergant Beret and the Boonie Hat.
New prices: 7days : 50AP, 15 days: 100AP, 30 days: 170AP.

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