Product Release - Valve
The Ultimate Pack, all new content for Alliance of Valiant Arms is Now Available on Steam and is 25% off*!

The Ultimate Pack gives you the choice to play with one of the best weapons for each classes: Pointman, Rifleman or Sniper. Try them out, tweak them, make some kills and decide what kind of soldier you really are!

*Offer ends June 24th at 10AM Pacific Time

Product Update - Valve
The update will be applied automatically when you start A.V.A.

• [Escort] White Out (Advance)
• [Annihilation] Stadium

• EURO Capsule: Rx4 Raffin (For Rifleman Class)
• Pre-Release Capsule: ARX160 (For Rifleman Class)

• Character Vasily Zaytsev (For Sniper Class)
• Vasily Zaytsev Package
- Package Includes: Vasily Zaytsev (30d) + Mosin Nagant (Perm) + Desert Eagle (Perm) + Eva Doll Grenade (30d) + Magazine Upgrade A and B (30d) + full Iyan Armor Set (30d)
• MSG90A1 MOD0 (For Sniper Class)
• Extra Ammo (Add Item)

• Added Clan Championship System
- Introducing the feature with a one month Test Season.
• Added selectable Field of View options:
- The FOV can now be configured in the Option Menu for 90 and 85 degree
• Added In-game Network Status

• Added female NPCs for AI Missions
- You can now fight with and against Lei and Ginny
• Improved gameplay for AI Missions
- Balanced the NPC boss' weapons for each side
- Removed the female NPC in Mercenary Mode
• Improved Mercenary AI Annihilation
- Increased HP of basic mercenaries from 90 to 1000
- Improved ability of Pointman and Rifleman mercenaries to +1 in all parts
- Character skinned Sniper mercenaries are nerfed (Shooting rate 0.4 sec -> 0.6 sec / ammo 20 -> 10)
- Nerfed Eva's Barrett ability
- Fixed M249 death icon
• Revised class acceleration time
- Changed acceleration for Sniper class from 1.6 to 1.45
- Changed acceleration for Rifleman class from 1.8 to 1.6
- No change in acceleration for Pointman class 2.0
- The acceleration times will be adjusted with further patches until the best balance is confirmed by the developer.
• Improved Co-op Gameplay
• Changed grenade and bullet traces to time based system
• Optimized bloodstain effects

• Optimized the CPU usage of the game to reduce frame lag
- Revised usage of multi core CPUs
• Changed count system for remaining Capsules
- Capsule amount will not be reset to default count after server maintenance
• Revised sounds for player upon death
- Improved sound volume when player is dead
- Heartbeat cannot be heard after player's death anymore
• Improved Weapon Swap System
• Improved Auto-Team Balancing
• Removed Valentine's Items
• Revised In-game Scripts

Product Update - Valve
The update will be applied automatically when you start A.V.A.

• New Guns in the Capsule Shop (Euro and AP):
- AP Capsule: AN94 ONCA (Class Rifleman)
- Euro Capsule: Thomson M1921 (Class Pointman)
- Pre-Release Capsule: MSG90A1 MOD 0 (Class Sniper)

• New in-game items now available for purchase (Euro and AP):
- M249 Red Tiger (Class Rifleman)
- Cz Scorpion Evo3 (Class Pointman)
- Easter Egg Grenade
- New Character Lei (class Pointman)

- Released new lighter client version (3,2 GB)
- Removed Valentine’s items
- Revised in-game scripts

Product Release - Valve
Two new packs, the Steam Starter Pack and the Warfare Soldier Pack, are now available for Alliance of Valiant Arms on Steam! Additionally, the Warfare Soldier Pack is currently available for 30% off*!

The Starter Pack will give you the chance to try out exclusive weapons with each classes: Pointman, Rifleman and Sniper. Try them out, tweak them, make some kills and decide what kind of soldier you really are!

With the Warfare Soldier Pack, you'll be sure to enter the field well-armed by receiving some of the best items of the game!! This pack includes permanent versions of the FR-F2 and Kriss Super V, along with a Full Equipment Set for 30 days!

*Offer ends February 25th at 10AM Pacific time

Team Fortress 2 - Valve
Alliance of Valiant Arms, the popular Free-to-Play game on Steam, is having a special Weekend Deal to commemorate their latest update which includes Steam achievements!

Now through Monday at 10AM Pacific Time, all in-game purchases will net you double the G Coins in A.V.A.! Additionally, a new A.V.A. themed item, the "Black Rose", has been added into Team Fortress 2. Complete the AVA achievement, "1st One Down", to unlock the TF2 item and you'll also receive the TF2-inspired "Holy Mackerel" for your A.V.A. character!

Click Here to download and start playing. Must have Steam installed.

Community Announcements - GM_AVA
Hello A.V.A fans!

We have a lot of awesome new changes coming in the September update. Here's a sneak peak at some of the big changes coming later next month.


<b>Game Changes:</b>

<b>1. First Person Spectate</b> - That's right! No longer will you be staring at the back of your ally's heads while you're waiting to respawn. Player's will now be able to spectate ally's in first person.

<b>2. Kick Function Removal in Scenario or AI Modes</b> - It's unfair for players to work hard during the entire AI mission and get kicked last second. You deserve your reward. Players can no longer be kicked in Scenario or AI modes.

<b>3. Chatting System Changes:</b>
A. You can now increase the chat box size manually.
B. Player's Clan Mark will now be displayed next to your name in chat.
C. You can now double-click a player's names in the chat to open a whisper to that player.
D. You can now right-click a player's name to check their profile and stats.
E. You can now toggle between multiple players that have whispered you by clicking the 'Insert' key.
F. You can now toggle messages that you previously sent to players by holding 'CTRL' and using 'Page Up and Page Down to toggle the message.

<b>4. Capsule Changes:</b>
A. The Capsule Names on the Capsule List will now change colors depending on how many capsules are left for that weapon.
B. The current capsule count will now be updated quicker.

<b>5. Block Player Changes</b> - When you block a player, you will now no longer see any text from that player regardless of text location (I.E. Whispering, lobby chat, etc.).

<b>6. Demolition Rule Changes:</b>
A. Round time limit changed from 3:00 to 2:30.
B. Tournament rules is currently set to 7 Rounds but a 5 Round option has been added.
C. The time left for defusing the bomb will now be shown visually.

<b>7. Sprint Key Added</b> - Along with tapping the 'W' key twice to sprint, you can now use the 'Caps Lock' key to toggle sprinting.

<b>8. Farming Prevention</b> - We've implemented various features that will prevent players from farming experience or supply. If you are found to be farming, you will receive an error message after your game as well as various penalties including loss of experience and supply, loss of weapon and item durability, etc.

<B>9. Removal of Certain Backpack Items:</b>
A. Backpack A - Grenade Slot and Kevlar Defense removed.
B. Backpack B - Grenade Slot and Helmet Protection removed.
C. Backpack C - Helmet Protection and Kevlar Defense removed.

<b>10. Grenade Slot Expansion</b> - Players will now be able to equip grenades in all 3 grenade slots instead of having to purchase the Grenade Slot backpack item (which has now been removed).

<b>11. Map and Mode Category Changes:</b>
A. Demolition, Convoy and Escape (coming soon) will now be set as 1 category instead of 3.
B. AI Demolition is now it's own category.

For more update information, please visit the following link:
<a href=""></a>

Community Announcements - GM_AVA
Hello A.V.A fans!

We will have an A.V.A content update on August 17th from 11:00PM to 6:00AM (server time). During this time, the servers will be temporarily unavailable. In this update:

<b>New Capsule Weapons:</b>
- PGM.338 (Pre-Release Capsule)
- Blue Skull Remington (Permanent Capsule)

<b>New Weapon Shop Item:</b>
- M4A1 MK.3 (Rifle Man)
- FN-F2000 (Rifle Man)

<b>New Map:</b>
- Airplane [Demolition]

<b>Other Changes:</b>
- Event Channel: Airplane (Demolition)

<B>Update Schedule:</b>
California: 8/17 @ 11:00PM - 6:00AM
New York: 8/18 @ 2:00AM - 9:00AM
Berlin: 8/18 @ 8:00AM - 3:00PM

For more information, please visit the following link:
Community Announcements - GM_AVA
The <b>IeSF Tournament</b> has finally arrived once again and it's time to find the BEST clan to compete against the best in the world! As reigning champs last year, <b>Team DefkoN</b> set the bar and took hom the gold for the United States! Does your clan have what it takes to win this year?

<b></b> has teamed up with the <b>World Online Gaming League</b> (<b>WOGL</b>) this year to host the 2011 U.S. National Tournament! What this means is that for this tournament, we'll have live streaming of the matches, <b>WOGL</b>'s Anti-Cheat System to ensure a clean and fair match and <b>WOGL</b>'s skilled staff to monitor each match played.

For more details, please visit the following link:
Community Announcements - GM_AVA
Hello A.V.A fans!

We will have an A.V.A content update on July 27th from 11:00PM to 3:00AM (server time). During this time, the servers will be temporarily unavailable. In this update:

<b>Clan Division Weapons in Shop:</b>
- Dragon SPAS-15 (Point Man [Division 2+])
- Dragon AK47 (Rifle Man [Division 2+])
- Dragon DSR-1 (Sniper [Division 2+])
- Tiger PPSh41 (Point Man [Division 4+])
- Tiger M4A1 (Rifle Man [Division 4+])
- Tiger AWM (Sniper [Division 4+])
- Clan Grenade (Division 1)
- Clan Grenade (Division 2+)
- Clan Grenade (Division 3+)
- Clan Grenade (Division 4+)
- Clan Grenade (Division 5+)

<b>Clan Division Equipment in Shop:</b>
- Dragon Beret (Division 2+)
- Tiger Beret (Division 4+)

<b>Important Note:</b>
Please keep in mind that because the Division Clan Mark Competition is a monthly competition, these items will not be available to purchase until the competition for July has been completed =(August 1st to be exact). Only players that are part of a clan that is ranked in the Division Clan Mark competition will be able to purchase some of these selected items (depending on the division you are in).

For more information about the Division Clan Mark competition, please click the following link:

<b>Update Schedule:</b>
California: 7/27 @ 11:00PM - 3:00AM
New York: 7/28 @ 2:00AM - 6:00AM
Berlin: 7/28 @ 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Click the following link for the official announcement:

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