The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
An update for The Coroner Saga is available for download!

  • Fixed a crashing issue due to missing images in some conversations

Thank you for playing the game!

Be safe and healthy,
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
An update for The Coroner Saga is available for download!

  • Fixed a crashing issue during the roof conversation
  • 64-bit compatibility has been implemented for every device (PC, Linux, Mac and Android)

Thank you for playing the game!

Be safe and healthy,
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
Hello guys!

A few hours ago my 2nd child was born a month earlier than expected!

Join me and my wife Sara to greet the newborn baby Mirko into life!

(Of course development for the game AND bug fixing AND some reply to emails might be delayed for a few days, I'm sure you'll forgive me because of this, as I don't have a staff who works for me, every interaction is personal ;) )

This is the 2nd baby born during General Practitioner's development! It's a fantastic sensation, even though I still need to really understand what just happened as it was very fast AND unexpected!
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia

Join us for Steam's Summer Sales!

Enjoy General Practitioner at a very interesting discount rate and support its development! Join thousands of players in managing St. Mary's clinic, just a few days ahead of update 0.0.26 which will add more and more hours of story content as well as 4 unique medical exams, making the total to 72 (plus 60 random ones).

If you wish you can also grab all our released Medical Visual Novels with the Medical Bundle, granting you yet another discount if you get all of our games!

What are you waiting for? Summer sales are here!
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
Greetings guys!

First of all thank you for the wonderful response to "The Debbie Downer", The Coroner Saga's first episode of Season 1. It looks like you enjoyed the game a lot and therefore I can now announce you that Episode 2 will start development very soon, with an estimated release date in October (to be confirmed).

In a few days we'll also release a DLC which will allow you to buy every episode (when available) at the very interesting price of 19,99$ (other currencies might be slightly different), which means you'll get two episodes for free by grabbing it.

This also means that you can buy the "Complete Season 1" DLC whenever you wish before Episode 5 is released to fully benefit from the discount, as buying all six single episodes would cost 29,99$

Episode 2 will feature a new Murder Case for Sara to work upon, new events involving fan-favourite characters Gabriel, Thomas and Lily and some consequences from the choices you made in Episode 1, which determined Sara's own character and way to manage her life.

With more action going on, Sara will also be put in front of a serious choice, the consequences of which might send her away from the Institute for good.

Thank you for following our games, I hope you'll keep having fun with them!

Be safe and healthy,
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
An update for The Coroner Saga is available for download!

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the "Excellent Coroner" achievement to be earned

Thank you for playing the game!

Be safe and healthy,
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
The Coroner Saga is now available for PC, Mac and Linux devices both on Steam and (as well as Android on and Google Play)!

This is our second videogame since we founded the studio in 2018 and the first one to be fully released (even though in an episode format), while General Practitioner is still in Early Access until December 2019.

This game is smaller in size and scope, but not in depth, as the wonderfully written story and its dialogues, made by the renowned writer J.D. Glass, will surely entertain you episode after episode.

While the release plan is still to be set, we aim to release an episode every 3-4 months. Available language at release will be english, while italian and japanese translations will be available in a few weeks after each release with an update to the game.

We had much fun developing this episode, we sincerely hope you'll have fun playing it as well!

Be safe and healthy,
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
Hello fellow doctors!

I announce you with pleasure that Episode 1 of the coroner saga, titled "The Debbie Downer" is now available on Google Play, while we're waiting approval of Steam to officially release the game here as well (might take a few hours to a couple days).

You can find the game here if you wish to play it on your mobile device.

The Coroner Saga will be available on PC, MAC, Linux and Android!
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia

Name: Sara Aveline Brennan
Date of birth: October 19th, 32 years old
Blood type: A

Sara Aveline Brennan is the main character of The Coroner Saga. She graduated a few years back with the highest degrees and has since then worked here and there without staying too much in the same place.

Sensitive and stubborn, she always felt out of place around medical institutions throughout the country, until she finally knew that her future would've been shaped around dead people. An accident (well, more an homicide in fact) occurred to a friend of her grandmother when she was still a student was solved years later thanks to Sara's help, and the sense of justice she felt made it absolutely clear she wanted to avenge the innocents' violent deaths by uncovering the truth behind them.

While most coroners are professionally detached from the decedants they work with, Sara's sensitive character makes her drown into their families' emotions and grief and this spurs her even more in her job.

Coming from a caring and loving family, Sara grew emotionally balanced. She is still looking for her soulmate despite not having much time between her work and her studies to actually find it properly. She doesn't care about genders as well, as long as her partner is caring, funny and adventorous.
Make her laugh and you'll know you're on the right path to win her heart.
The Coroner Saga - Bruni Multimedia
Greetings everybody!

Work on the Coroner Saga is almost complete, and Episode 1 is about to hit the shelves. However, due to some last bug-fix and ready-check release date has been postponed by a couple weeks to around May 30th! Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to join Sara and her team for the first mistery to solve.

As previously stated the game will be released in episodes, with each episode self-concluding for its murder story, so that you can play each episode by itself (the game will presume you chose no one for the romance story in that case).

Each "season" will be made up by 6 episodes and each episode will cost 5,99$. An option to buy a "Season Pass DLC" will be added to the game for a cost of 24,99$ (other currencies might differ a little).

This Otome Visual Novel is going to feature players' favourite game mechanic from General Practitioner for the autopsy part and will also feature a FULL HD resolution as well.

An Italian translation will also be available, with Japanese that will be added shortly thereafter. More languages might be added in the future depending on the public's reaction to the game.

This is a new project which is more "standard" than General Practitioner as a Visual Novel, but also includes gameplay elements that aim for it to be something different as well.

If you wish to support our games even further, as we are a very small indie company, you can do so by pledging on our crowdfunding Patreon page as 30$+ patrons will also receive a free Season Pass for the game (pledge must be active after the game's release of course).

Thank you for following our projects and giving our games a chance! Nothing will be possible without your (the gamers) support!

Be safe and healthy,

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