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Trial of Champions (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jul 17, 2018
At last - a return to Deathtrap Dungeon! The warped and twisted mind of Baron Sukumvit has completely redesigned the deadly labyrinth of Fang. New traps and terrors, mazes and monsters, await you at every turn.
House of Hell (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jul 17, 2018
Taking refuge in the infamous House of Hell has to be the worst mistake of your life! The dangers of the torrential storm outside are nothing compared to the blood-curdling adventures that await you inside. Who knows how many hapless wanderers like yourself have perished within its gruesome walls?
The Forest of Doom (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jun 5, 2018
Only the foolhardy would risk an encounter with the unknown perils that lurk in the murky depths of Darkwood Forest. Yet there is no alternative, for your quest is a desperate race against time to find the missing pieces of the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge - fashioned by Dwarfs to protect the...
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jun 5, 2018
Deep in the caverns beneath Firetop Mountain lies an untold wealth of treasure, guarded by a powerful Warlock – or so the rumour goes. Many adventurers, expert swordsmen like yourself, have set off for Firetop Mountain in search of the Warlock's hoard. None has ever returned.
Island of the Lizard King (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jun 5, 2018
Kidnapped by a vicious race of Lizard Men from Fire Island, the people of Oyster Bay face a grim future of slavery, starvation and a lingering death. Their master will be the mad and dangerous Lizard King, who holds sway over his land of mutants by the strange powers of black magic and voodoo.
City of Thieves (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jun 5, 2018
Terror stalks the night as Zanbar Bone and his bloodthirsty Moon Dogs hold the prosperous town of Silverton to ransom. Amongst the twisting, treacherous streets of Port Blacksand, you must seek the help of the wizard Nicodemus.
Citadel of Chaos (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jun 5, 2018
Deep inside the Citadel of Chaos, the dread sorcerer Balthus Dire is plotting. Summoned by a desperate plea for help, you are the Vale of Willow’s only hope. And you are no ordinary adventurer.
Caverns of the Snow Witch (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jun 5, 2018
Deep within the Crystal Caves of the Icefinger Mountains, the dreaded Snow Witch is plotting to bring on a new ice age. A brave trapper dies in your arms and lays the burden of his mission on your shoulders But time is running out – will YOU take up the challenge?
Deathtrap Dungeon (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Jun 5, 2018
Down in the twisting labyrinth of Fang, unknown horrors await you. Countless adventurers before you have taken up the challenge of the Trial of Champions, but not one has survived.
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