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Green Army Men Jul 9, 2019
Green Army Men is made entirely by community developers. Playing the base class (Rifleman) is free to everyone who owns Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. But please purchase this Upgrade to gain the rest of the classes, as the revenue is shared with the Green Army Men team to support their ongoing efforts!
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Specialist Pack Cosmetic DLC Jun 17, 2019
Stand out on the battlefield - or rather, don’t. This cosmetic DLC pack contains everything you need to look and feel like a bona fide special forces operator in the jungles of Vietnam, even if your army won’t let you BE one! Contains items for both the Northern forces and for the US.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Sgt Joe's Support Bundle DLC Jun 17, 2019
This Cosmetic DLC pack is entirely derived from the work of community developer "Sgt Joe" (and friends) on the Gameplay Overhaul Mutator - and all revenue from this DLC is shared with that team, to help encourage their work.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Homeland Security Cosmetic DLC Jul 25, 2018
Dress like Uncle Ho's watching! Make your families proud (of your dress sense) as you defend the homeland with this exclusive pack of customization items for the Northern Forces. Contains new customization items for the PAVN and NLF forces.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Rear Echelon Cosmetic DLC May 29, 2018
Who are those stylish chaps, you ask? Rear Echelon, my friend. With this exclusive pack of support troop themed items, you too can lead from the rear! Provides a set of new items for the US forces.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Southern Style Cosmetic DLC May 29, 2018
Not just for chicken, dress to impress as you repel the communist invaders in (Southern) Style. Provides instant access to items normally unlocked via leveling up for the ARVN forces.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Born in the USA Cosmetic DLC Mar 7, 2018
USA! USA! USA! With this set of all-American Customization options, you'll be bleeding red, white and blue! Provides instant access to selected items normally accessed via leveling up for the US Forces.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Man Down Under Cosmetic DLC Mar 7, 2018
That’s not a DLC… That’s a DLC! Unleash your inner battler with this set of dinky-di Australia-themed Customization options. Provides instant access to selected items normally accessed via leveling up for the Australians.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Uncle Ho's Heroes Cosmetic DLC Mar 7, 2018
Are you worried about looking less than impressive while defending your homeland from the forces of capitalist imperialism? This pack is guaranteed to have you shouting 'Our homes are safe!'.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Personalized Touch Cosmetic DLC Mar 7, 2018
Get a haircut, soldier! The Personalized Touch pack contains a variety of exclusive customization options to make “Your Dudes” truly unique, whether they’re a war-torn, battle-scarred group of badasses, or hippies with an eye for flair.
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