Unlock everything that has been released in the past year of the game for 7 full days.Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Frag your enemies faster than ever before with Blacklight: Retribution’s new offering, the Onslaught Bronze Pack.

Get immediate, permanent access to all receivers, gear, and tactical gear.Players can embrace the variety of Blacklight: Retribution faster than ever before with this pack containing permanent versions of all receivers, gear, and tactical gear.

Gain immediate and permanent access to every item that has been released in Blacklight: Retribution.The ultimate pack for unlimited utility! Gain permanent access to every item you could want in Blacklight: Retribution with this limited time offer.

Dominate the opposition with some of the best items released in the Evacuation update. Scope and drop 'em with the one-shot Anti-Materiel Rifle, or set off your own fireworks with the Breach Loaded Pistol flare gun. Plus, the Lilith hero, Firewall Breach hacking kit, and Prex Chem/Hazmat anti-explosive helmet will have you ready for anything.

Customize your Agent for long-range problem solving, including speed-focused armor to reach cover, the stealthy HRV Blackout equipment item, and mods for your Bolt-Action Rifle to manage recoil and increase range. This kit provides $25 worth of items in a single bundle, all geared towards the sniping you love.

Kick off your BLR experience with a solid loadout and over $35 worth of items. This pack includes weapons and equipment focused around an up-close and personal playstyle, with a fully-customized SMG and armor specced for defense, plus grenades and more for supporting charges.