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Love Esquire - Dating Sim/RPG/Visual Novel
Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy visual novel/dating simulator, with a nostalgic touch of old-school RPG combat. In this game, you're not a famous knight, but a good-for-nothing squire who's on a quest to find man's greatest pleasure. May the fertility god have mercy on your virginity.
The Letter - Digital Artbook & Wallpaper Pack October 30, 2017
This DLC contains the The Letter - a horror visual novel game's digital artbook and exclusive wallpaper pack.
The Letter - Original Soundtrack October 30, 2017
This DLC contains the full and remastered version of all the soundtracks used in The Letter - a horror visual novel game.
The Letter Demo August 1, 2017
When seven people fall prey to a vicious curse, they will discover that horror rests not from the shadows lurking about, but within themselves. To what ends will one go in order to survive?
The Letter - Horror Visual Novel July 24, 2017
The Letter is an interactive, horror/drama visual novel inspired by classic Asian horror films. Told through an immersive branching narrative, the game puts the players into the shoes of 7 characters as they find themselves prey to a vicious curse plaguing the Ermengarde Mansion for centuries.
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