What Steam Curators are saying about Puzzle Galaxies.

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What are Steam Curators?

Steam Curators are individuals or organizations that make recommendations to help others discover interesting games in the Steam catalog.

You can follow one or more curators to see their recommendations appear on your Steam home page and in your community activity feed.

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How can I be a Steam Curator?

Any Steam Community group can become a curator. By default, the officers of all groups have permission to make recommendations as a curator. To get started, go to a Steam Community group that you are an officer of and click the 'Curator' tab.

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How are Recommended Curators Picked?

Steam recommends curators to follow based on the games those curators recommend and how well we think those fit with the games you've been playing recently.

How can I change what languages I see curators in?

Your language preferences will be used to sort and filter curators based on their language. Your preferred languages will always be preferred in lists over similarly relevant curators in other languages.