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Recommended March 11, 2016
"Decent mechanics but I would have preferred a more direct story, rather than having to infer it from the level environments."
Recommended March 11, 2016
"Pretty but short (less than an hour), and the pathing is very rough - I think I spent more time moving around than collecting the hidden objects."
Recommended February 16, 2016
"Needs a faster fast forward, and has a few annoyances if you're trying to get Expert achievements - but the normal gameplay is fun and well designed."
Recommended February 14, 2016
"Gameplay is one-note: click and wait. Click and wait for your worker to craft, to sell, to shop, to explore. The grindy lack of depth destroys my soul."
Recommended February 4, 2016
"Better than a lot of match-three combat games, but a little bit too easy once you're used to the mechanics. Also requires leveling up to beat the game."
Recommended February 3, 2016
"10 minutes of electrical socket orgies and sexual innuendo. Zero replayability. Pass."
Recommended February 1, 2016
"They gave you the wingsuit too early - and forcing you to liberate several zones to unlock each story mission removed a lot of the joy of destruction."
Recommended January 2, 2016
"If you want to feel like a ninja, this is a great experience - with a solid tactical system and skills that give a lot of freedom and versatility."
Recommended December 30, 2015
"Earning enough gold for a high-end ship type takes an incredibly long time. Good battles but the questing is bland and trading isn't designed well."
Recommended December 28, 2015
"The graphical style really put me off - instant flipping tiles are obscured by smoke while your vampires are still running around at a rapid pace."
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