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Informational June 26
"An open-source, point-n-click, comedy game. Explore all the secrets while just having a good time."
Informational June 23
"An open-source, horror game. Hide behind doors and use the environment to help you survive while trying to solve puzzles."
Informational May 1
"An open-source, turn-based, strategy game. Explore all across Irdya in a fantasy theme adventure game."
Informational April 27
"A open-source RTS game. The game offers very similar features to Total Annihilation, built on the popular Spring RTS engine."
Informational March 26
"An open-source, programming, puzzle game. A perfect game for programmers and a way to learn a thing or 2 about coding."
Informational September 27, 2017
"A open-source RTS game. Conquer your opponents with massive armies to win."
Informational September 27, 2017
"An open-source, arcade, space shooter. A nice open world, space game to sit back and explore."
Informational September 26, 2017
"A open source multiplayer shooter. A nice game to have casual matches with friends."
Informational August 7, 2017
"A open-source, visual novel. A nice laid back game and a good read for a unique story."
Informational April 1, 2017
"A open-source RTS game. MegaGlest takes place in a fantasy world, featuring mixed elements of re-imagined civilizations and magic."
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