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Recommended April 23
"Frostpunk will test your city management skills to the max and keep you coming back for more."
Recommended March 5
"A solid arcade VR racer from the Survios team with a control system and movement mechanics that makes this VR title stand-out."
Recommended February 21
"An addictive VR puzzler that's simple to understand and well executed."
Recommended November 9, 2017
"As an iterative installment, FM2018 is broadly desirable, but with some feature and UI missteps."
Recommended November 8, 2017
"A great puzzler with a sinister twist. Embrace its strangeness."
Recommended November 2, 2017
"Not as fresh as its predecessor, but a really well-written single-player shooter with plenty of options and plenty to do."
Recommended October 24, 2017
"Mixing open-world and linear survival horror is a brave experiment that largely pays off for this enjoyable, schlocky stealth-action horror title."
Recommended September 27, 2017
"Runic Games take you on a wondrous mysterious journey through fantastic environments making HOB well worth your time."
Recommended September 26, 2017
"Another four mechanically diverse factions, each pursuing a singular campaign goal on a richly detailed map, make this a powerful sequel."
Recommended September 6, 2017
"Compelling tactical fleet combat and a middling strategic campaign layer combine with some carefully applied Galactica aesthetics."
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