PC games that don't suck - usually those that eat away time, have a good multiplayer component, include awesome explosions and are highly entertaining.

Recommended June 24, 2015
"Can you survive the harsh environment that seems perfect for a bunch of dinosaurs? Flee, tame and hunt dinos of all sizes in this new survival game!"
Recommended May 25, 2015
"The best rally game that Codemasters have produced yet. This is the game that fans have been asking for - and it is only in Early Access."
Recommended April 16, 2015
"It's GTA V on PC, do we need to say more? Spend 6 hours wasting your day away doing random shit on GTA Online for an added bonus!"
Recommended March 20, 2015
"Did you enjoy the first game? If so - get this. The levels are more varied, strategic and tactical. The difficulty is also hard as balls."
Recommended January 28, 2015
"Overall, this is a brilliant example about how games should be brought into HD. All you do is update the graphics and don't muck around with gameplay."
Recommended December 24, 2014
"This does a good job of making you feel lost and alone in the jungle. It's pitch black unless you have a torch, plus you're constantly stalked. Spooky."
Recommended November 18, 2014
"This was a complete reboot of the series and it does a good job at it as well. They even took time to animate Lara's hair strands just for you."
Recommended November 18, 2014
"A different take on the horror genre and a thoroughly entertaining story. Definitely a must have for those that enjoy a good single player experience."
Recommended November 18, 2014
"If you've always wanted to be a space man then definitely check this out. Build ships and bases in space! Many hours have been eaten by this game."
Recommended November 18, 2014
"Crashing into cars and bending them into interesting shapes has never been so entertaining. This has one of the best damage models around right now."
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