No more boring games, only weird games for your pleasure. A collection of strange characters, unusual plots, original gameplay mechanics and bizarre graphic styles. Long live to the weirdness!

Recommended December 7
"If you never played Katamari Damacy, you can now save your soul by buying it on Steam! While we wait for Keita Takahashi's next game (Wattam), enjoy his first weird rolling game about consumerism."
Informational December 2
"A comedy point & click adventure set in a strange steam-punk world inhabited by crazy anthropomorphic animals. Featuring Franz Kafka as a mouse. Also Stalin."
Informational December 2
"A FMV Visual Novel / interactive "art-house" movie about a man, his melancholy and the many story paths you can follow by opening doors. "
Informational December 2
"A classic arcade platformer set in bullet-hell on-acid levels. You can also play in coop in 4 players, trying to stay alive against enemies and traps."
Informational November 5
"a Game Boy inspired "Kirbyvania": explore the bizarre octopus kingdom to help humans & try to survive to high-difficulty platforming & enemies. Also, you can shoot cats from one of your weird hats."
Informational November 3
"A strange meta-game about game characters trying to escape from boring games. Alas you’ll also have to play those games during flashbacks, but the meta-narrative is quite interesting & funny."
Recommended October 30
"A crazy interactive story in VR only. Meet weird characters, resolve simple puzzles & fall down into a multi-layered spastic world conceived by the creators of The Stanley Parable and Rick & Morty. "
Informational October 30
"A relaxing puzzle adventure: move special blocks to reach different parts of colorful islands. You have to "think outside the box" to resolve some puzzles, while you answer to questions about love."
Informational October 17
"Thirty Flights of Loving + Silent Hill + Videodrome? A short (1 hour) but fascinating “walking simulator” with minimalistic, spastic storytelling about contrabanding VHS through the woods. "
Informational October 17
"Minimalistic but masocore golf courses: avoid traps & take keys to open doors. Meanwhile a crazy AI is trying to know more about you. Or kill you. You may like this if you have fun with Golf & mad AIs"
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