No more boring games, only weird games for your pleasure. A collection of strange characters, unusual plots, original gameplay mechanics and bizarre graphic styles. Long live to the weirdness!

Informational September 23
"A puzzle game about manipulating whimsical toys, pushing buttons and playing with mechanisms to find the secret of each little world. A weird experience full of fun music and style."
Informational September 23
"A short game about being a hole, swallowing things. Started as a joke by PeterMolydeux then developed into a full game featuring a bizarre storyline with raccoons & dreamy graphic style."
Informational September 21
"A nightmarish action adventure focused on high-skills combat mechanics and moves customization, set in a strange 2D world drawn and animated using abstract chaotic lines. "
Informational September 20
"A relaxing side-scrolling puzzle-platformer with time-manipulation mechanics, exploring beautiful surreal mini-islands made of memories and dreams."
Recommended September 8
"A crazy multiplayer experience up to 10 local players: you play 1 VS 1 basketball using huge robots controlled in coop by multiple players. One of the most original and funny sport games with friends!"
Informational September 8
"A JRPG-inspired tabletop game with complex, original gameplay mechanics and battle-system + cute character design. Move through a map with multiple paths, manage resources and LV-UP your heroes! "
Informational September 5
"The second chapter in the Baobabs Mausoleum saga, a simple action adventure with a bizarre storyline and characters inspired by Twin Peaks, '90s b-movies and other surreal, weird stuff. "
Informational September 5
"A side-scrolling action game somehow inspired by old-school Treasure games. Kill-off weird enemies and funny bosses, run through the levels and have fun with its amusing story."
Informational September 5
"A simple local-coop dungeon crawler / roguelike set in a funny world inhabited by of bizarre characters and enemies, drawn in a wonderful and colorful style. Have fun with your best friend! "
Informational July 14
"A cult-classic story-driven musical game from the past (1984) about the life of a defect AI in cyberpunk world. Loosely based on Shakespeare's "The Seven Ages of Man" it's a unique experience for sure"
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