Unique, immersive, and story-driven experiences. Games that leave a lasting impression, long after you've set the controller down.

Recommended February 7, 2015
"Braid is a timeless puzzle-platformer that stands up on its own. Challenging at times, it can be deeply rewarding due it its enlightening outcome."
Recommended January 31, 2015
"Sword & Sworcery perfectly mixes its style, music, and gameplay in a unique experience, with some quirky dialogue to keep things fresh."
Recommended January 24, 2015
"A simple take on the spy/hacking genre which nails exactly what it sets out to do. Immensly satisfying when your carefully laid out plans succeed."
Recommended January 10, 2015
"FEZ is a quirky indie platformer that brings a brand new mechanic to the table while simultaneously calling classic gamers back to their origins."
Recommended January 4, 2015
"Valiant Hearts is a heartfelt yet confronting fictional story, centred around 5 likeable characters amidst World War I. An excellent art-style also."
Recommended December 29, 2014
"Thomas Was Alone is near-perfection of the classic platformer. Simple to learn and to show to non-gamers, while engrossingly deep in its characters."
Recommended December 3, 2014
"Although it's set in a bleak dystopean world, being an Immigration Officer in troubling times does make for some immersive and interesting gameplay."
Recommended December 3, 2014
"Trine 2 is a visually stunning 2.5D Puzzle Platformer, that doesn't just have a pretty face, but presents itself as a formidable challenge for a time."
Recommended November 24, 2014
"A great 3D retro 8-bit inspired side-scroller. Fantastic for getting yourself angry at failing, or hopefully cheering hard with little victories."
Recommended November 24, 2014
"It's hard to call this a game; it's more like "a piece of interactive visual storytelling". If you're ready for that, you'll walk through a deep story."
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