Games that Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw likes – based on his Zero Punctuation reviews at Escapistmagazine.com as well as his other work (Extra Punctuation, Judging by the Cover, Let's Drown Out). [not official]

Recommended August 11
"About as good as Ubisoft sandboxes get these days, and take that for the massively qualified statement it sounds like: It's got Ubisoft's strengths on display and not so many of its bad habits."
Recommended February 25
"There was something about Subnautica that made me keep alt-tabbing back to it and I'm glad I stuck with it. It is a little unintuitive and not a little buggy, but the story ended up being pretty good."
Recommended February 8
"Doom VFR, possibly a leap forward for VR action games. I think this is the first VR game I've played that's pulled off the high-octane shooty action and didn't even make me feel sick."
Recommended January 11
"There are a lot of things wrong with it that it excuses by hiding behind the "arty game" label, but overall, it offers the catharsis of a simple, uplifting story with lively, engaging characters."
Recommended December 21, 2017
"I've got a fondness for this sort of FTL-style procedural storytelling, and by strange coincidence, I also enjoy the counter-centric Batman: Arkham-style combat, so this shit is quite my jam."
Recommended October 17, 2017
"3rd Best of 2017: Its utterly unique style makes it an instant breath of fresh air, even if that breath of fresh air also contains a thousand stinging hornets."
Recommended October 16, 2017
"2nd best of 2017: I have mellowed out a bit in my old age: When I played a game last week called A Hat in Time, I thought it was quite delightful. I found very little to hate about it."
Recommended October 10, 2017
"Much stronger plot and better characters than SteamWorld Dig 1. Also, the world unfolds more engagingly, movement generally handles more smoothly, and the chipping at walls is slightly less tedious."
Recommended August 15, 2017
"Supergiant succeeds in doing the organically branching story thing by focusing more on characters and their interplays than the central driving plot, with good writing, sad music and appealing art."
Recommended August 12, 2017
"One of my favorite sort-of-Metroidvania, where the focus is more on easy to learn hard to master, skillful maneuvering around the area."
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