Titles mentioned in the show, as well as, from time to time, a selection of games we believe you should look into if you are into making games - or if you just love them.

Recommended September 1, 2015
"The plethora of complex emotions this beautiful open world survival game puts you through with its minimalistic design approach are breathtaking."
Recommended June 25, 2015
"Wonderfully atmospheric indie-horror game about a tragic and mysterious accident that happened in the northern Ural mountains in 1959."
Recommended May 1, 2015
"This game proudly and openly steals from Super Metroid - and it does it with SKILL. Everything feels like back in 1994 on the SNES. Amazing experience."
Recommended February 4, 2015
"Take the best ingredients from The Walking Dead, Gone Home, Beyond: Two Souls and The Butterfly Effect and you get this wonderful narrative experience."
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