Recommended August 4
"A robust action-RPG set a in a beautiful fantasy world that's heavily inspired by the works of Vanillaware... and all the more impressive given that it was created by three people."
Recommended June 19
"Moonlighter offers sharp top-down fantasy action and lots of combat options, with deeply integrated shopkeeping and inventory management systems that enhance the core experience."
Recommended April 15
"Minit, an open-world action-adventure that takes place in 60-second increments, with fast-paced gameplay, wonderful world design, and delightfully humorous situations and NPC's."
Recommended January 14
"Takes everything from Porter (you should try that one too) and ratchets it up a few notches. Run fast, air dash, dodge lots of traps, and outrun terrifying monsters. Seriously, they're pretty scary."
Recommended December 26, 2017
"Another charming skeleton-based metroidvania from Ben Allen, with tight controls, unique powerups, and bite-sized structure. A worthy followup to Skelemania, which is also worth checking out!"
Recommended November 13, 2017
"Fight'N Rage is not only inspired by genre classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, it stands among them with its colorful fighters, varied enemies, branching paths, and loads of unlockables."
Recommended November 9, 2017
"A sequel to a great game that improves on the original in almost every conceivable way, with a more complex world, simpler economy, faster navigation, new equipment, and loads of upgrades."
Recommended July 30, 2017
"Despite its simple control scheme and level designs, there's a good deal of variety and combat strategy. The action is fast, brutal, bloody, and relentless. Plus, you can cut rocks in half."
Recommended July 16, 2017
"Twin-stick roguelike privateering action structured like FTL. Tough shooting action, strategic system destruction, and the very real threat of failure due to running out of money."
Recommended July 13, 2017
"On paper, a hybrid twinstick-shmup-roguelike sounds... pretty terrible. But the fast-paced shooting, engaging exploration, meaningful weapon variety, and diverse enemies will change your mind quickly."
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