Great games where exploration is a major focus, taking place in worlds that are non-linear yet structured. Also: Secrets and mystery!

Recommended July 18
"Bigger and better than the original, this metroidvania inspired digging & action platformer masterfully combines careful level design with exploration, secrets, and ever new abilities."
Recommended September 4, 2016
"Controversial as it may be, No Man's Sky is great for exploring picturesque landscapes. After 30+ hours I still see new places unlike any previous."
Recommended July 11, 2015
"Explore Elohim's gardens and challenges while reflecting on the nature of consciousness. Lots of good puzzles, great writing, and mysterious plot."
Recommended December 25, 2014
"This RPG sees you struggle towards freedom through a grim dungeon filled with secret areas and has you solving challenging riddles to progress."
Recommended October 20, 2014
"A well-crafted digging game turning action-platformer, which manages to combine free-form digging with careful level design, secrets, and surprises."
Recommended September 30, 2014
"Proteus combines simple, beautiful graphics with dynamic music affected by locations, animals, and seasons. Following simple goals leads to an ending."
Recommended September 24, 2014
"There's a few rather difficult platforming challenges, but this game is mostly about exploring its vast underground world with over 1800 rooms."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"An absolute indie cult classic full of strange places and creatures, charming characters and story. It starts out a bit dull but quickly opens up."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"If you're fine with precision rhythm mechanic, this abstract platform game provides a different spin on it, and an awesomely sounding world to explore."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"Pleasing physics puzzle platformer with a gravity gun very nice puzzles and platforming."
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