A selection of turn-based strategy games, from the fan favorites to the easily overlooked.

Recommended February 14, 2016
"A worthy sequel. More of the same great tactical gameplay, spiced up with a new strategy layer and many other enhancements. Check out the mods!"
Recommended January 12, 2016
"Like a video game version of a board game version of FTL, minus the combat. Fun stuff!"
Recommended May 13, 2015
"A tense cyberpunk rogue-like, favoring stealth over direct combat. The visual clutter can lead to mis-clicks, but otherwise this one gets a thumbs up."
Recommended April 22, 2015
"Lots of old-school charm in this turn-based tactics RPG. A nice effort from a one-man team, and well worth a look!"
Recommended January 22, 2015
"Brutal survival sim! Look past the rough interface and you'll find a challenging gem filled with emergent gameplay. Try the demo - it's free."
Recommended November 17, 2014
"The long overdue port of a fantastic turn-based tactics game."
Recommended October 15, 2014
"You don't need me to recommend this. It's Sid Meier. Civilization. Hexagons. On an alien planet. The only question is whether you buy it now or later!"
Recommended October 7, 2014
"A colorful squad tactics game with a modern theme. The UI can be a hassle, but otherwise this indie title is worth a look while it's on sale this week."
Recommended October 7, 2014
"Like Civilization, but more combat-focused and wrapped in a fantasy theme. 66% off for the rest of the week."
Recommended October 2, 2014
"Need a break from shooting aliens and orcs? See how well you can run the country with this (moddable!) politics simulator. 66% off this weekend."
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