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Recommended November 10
"Hey, this is a card game... And it looks amazing!"
Recommended August 13
"One of the most amazing beautiful art Half-Life series comic book, wich tell us more about those that survive the resonance cascade accident, the 7hrs war & their life stories."
Informational June 8
"One of the classic Half-life 1 mods is back, ported over the Source Engine, which offers a fantastic football simulation for the fans of that sport."
Not Recommended February 25
"Concept, history & new features with amazing potential developed poorly."
Recommended November 5, 2017
"Abstract fun parkour game where the objective is win against the time & gravity, are you ready for this challenge?"
Recommended November 1, 2017
"Assume the role of a metrocop in this Half-Life 2 modification,where you mission is fight and claim the city for the combine forces. Fight,think and make your way in this new history"
Informational April 19, 2017
"Co-operative top-down shooter game available for free. An epic bug hunt featuring a unique blend of co-op play and squad-level tactics."
Not Recommended October 8, 2016
"Get ready to face a post-apocalyptic world in the HL2 universe,with some bugs and problems "
Recommended August 22, 2016
"One of the classic Half-Life 2 mods which offers a new style & fresh start of FPS/RTS"
Informational July 20, 2016
"Grab a weapon, demolish your enemies, level up, become more powerful, let the gore flow, let the limbs fly. BrainBread 2 introduces a zombie fps"
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