games with imaginative, emotional, original, masterfully told stories

Recommended August 19
"An exceptional game. Interesting, funny and evocative, with a nice balance between dialogue and exploration and characters you can't help but love from the moment you meet them. Pure joy to play."
Recommended August 18
"Comedic genius. Imaginative, weird, tastefully inappropriate. Also touching and adorable. Nails it most of the time, and crash-lands even its weakest jokes with a rare kind of grace."
Recommended August 18
"Silly comedy done exceptionally well. Light-hearted, careless and goofy. It's the sweetest, most chill game."
Recommended August 18
"An incredibly fascinating purely philosophical journey of the best kind. It's so gentle, civil and beautifully poetic that it's pleasant to take in to even if you were to disagree with everything."
Recommended August 18
"Interesting and very entertaining reflection on interactive storytelling and game design done from within the medium. It juggles satire, plain comedy and insightful thoughts and never drops the ball."
Recommended May 27
"The magic of this story is in the telling. A tale of death, loss, catastrophe and personal failure that is moving and uplifting. A gentle, melancholic, personal journey of two lost souls among many."
Recommended May 23
"It's really sweet and playful. Delivers exactly what is promised. A lot of genuine human touch, thoughtful sentiments, imagination and substance is squeezed into its short form. And it's also funny."
Recommended September 8, 2017
"Impressive and satisfying. What was accomplished here without screwing up, and based on someone else's work no less, is a spectacular feat. Real emotions, clever design, fun times."
Recommended August 16, 2017
"Excellence in presentation, form and content. The developers go an extra mile to make you care about what happens and provide interesting choices. The result is a moving, intriguing and poignant work."
Recommended April 11, 2017
"This game embodies the very essence of good interactive storytelling. An amazing, unforgettable experience that cleverly ties together interesting, emotional, insightful, funny and thrilling moments."
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