Designer Plays Hidden Gems

For whatever reason, these games have been overlooked by some players, but they are sleeper hits. Check them out!

NEO Scavenger
Recommended February 19, 2015

The creator of this game is certifiably insane and I love him for it. *B1g HugZ*, scavenger-man! This is the videogame equivalent of prison art.

Dream Quest
Recommended December 9, 2016

One of the most underappreciated games ever made, probably due to the prison art. The game mechanics are so good and the replay value is hewg. I must have over a hundred hours on the iOS version.

Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack
Recommended September 24, 2014

Probably the funniest adventure game I've played. Yes, I've played the early LucasArts games. Humor is hard to do in games, and these guys nailed it.

UnReal World
Recommended May 9, 2018

Seems like UnReal World has been doing open-world, survival simulation since the Iron Age. Incredible depth, complexity, and learning curve results in a spectrum of feelings, from despair to triumph.

Battle for Wesnoth
Recommended May 2, 2018

After hundreds of hours of play on mobile, I can say Battle for Wesnoth is a must-own open-source title, with tons of content from a wonderful community. Highly recommended - download immediately!

Recommended September 29, 2018

Paris Stalker is a wildy talented creator. Such an innovative and delightful game, bursting with mad beats and tight gameplay, deserves to be recognized for the masterpiece it is. Ersatz, it is not.

Sweezy Gunner
Recommended July 21, 2018

Sweezy Gunner is the quintessential indie game; unassuming and underrated, but just slathered in meaty goodness. People pass it up, because of a screenshot. Those people are dumb. Don't be dumb.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
Recommended April 22, 2016

One of my favorite fighting games; wonderful characters and animation, solid fighting system down to the frame, and loaded with old skool charm.

Recommended November 19, 2017

One of the least known, hardest, and best Metroidvania games on earth and it pairs that with Japanese Bullet Hell, one of my other favorite genres. This game completes me. Play on max difficulty.

Recommended July 12, 2016

Incredibly stylish, whacked out neon badass sword-slicing madness, with a slew of bass-bumping, face-humping retro-darkwave tracks, coupled with an eternity of slow, painful deaths. Time to wake up.

Recommended July 13, 2016

Another really good fighter from the Melty Blood peoples. Nice range of characters, tight controls, a full suite of modes, and a good bit of polish.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
Recommended November 23, 2017

Brilliant and underrated puzzle game, set in the Heroes of Might & Magic universe. Calling it Match-3 sells it a bit short; it is a fun and sophisticated design, both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Recommended February 15, 2018

Excellent, but lesser known, self-contained card game. Having been developed with the aid of Richard Garfield, of Magic: The Gathering fame, means it's tightly tuned and very replayable. Sleeper hit.

Recommended July 14, 2017

Assume the glamorous role of a Drone Operator tasked with piloting a team of mechanical drones through derelict spaceships, scavenging scrap. Palpable feelings of isolation, tension, and doldrum.

Recommended August 24, 2017

Sweet dirtybomb bajeezus, this game is creepy AF! The lighting, the sound, the music, the grungy graphics, all perfect. No spoilers, but this is absolutely brilliant. Blair Witch like a muhf*cka tho!

Thea: The Awakening
Recommended April 10, 2018

Wonderful blend of 4x overworld exploration, RPG quests, full party progression, crafting, and town management. Card-driven combat is a little wonky, but it works. Love the depth and originality.

Din's Curse
Recommended May 7, 2018

Criminally overlooked ARPG with actual consequences for your actions. an insane multi-classing system with 150+ hybrid builds, monsters that fight each other and level up. The "thinking man's" Diablo.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
Recommended September 13, 2017

One of the best cooking games on the planet gets a sequel! Challenging, diverse, and good progression. The holding stations are a great addition and the increase in dishes is exponential. Great game!

Ghost 1.0
Recommended October 14, 2018

An overlooked action-platformer, with a Metroidvania-like vibe, that is more than just a loli-robot-housekeeper-murder-simulator; great selection of weapons, good level design, and good writing.

Recommended December 21, 2017

Metroidvania meets Ecco the Dolphin. Seriously underrated, likely due to the new age feels, singing, sushi crafting, and swimming. Make no mistake though, this game has chops.

Environmental Station Alpha
Recommended August 8, 2018

Truly excellent Metroidvania title that more people really need to play; good progression, proper level design, tons of secrets, and it actually requires skill. The Hook Shot is dead solid perfect.

Invisigun Reloaded
Recommended April 9, 2017

Bomberman, but everyone is invisible. Kewl abilities and powerups add to the mayhem, but the headgames and double-think vs your opponents makes it really work, much like Party Saboteurs.

Straimium Immortaly
Recommended May 20, 2018

A drug-induced trip through an ever-changing space dungeon; Metroidvania-style map-crawling and power-ups, but not a platform in sight. Seriously psychedelic pixel pushing in this hidden gem!

Grimmwood - They Come at Night
Recommended August 2, 2018

Exceptional and innovative a/synchronous multiplayer design; you truly have to cooperate for your village to thrive. Exquisite combination of exploration, crafting, and hardcore survival. Love this.

Dustforce DX
Recommended September 26, 2014

Primary weapon: broom. Controls: insane. Gameplay: fluid. Replay: check. It's in the feels. Loves it.

King of Dragon Pass
Recommended July 28, 2015

Such a classic and well before its time; brilliant storytelling set in the world of Glorantha (of RuneQuest fame, for you pen-and-paper aficionados).

Lost in Harmony
Recommended July 2, 2018

Shockingly unique and wonderful experience that plays like a rhythm game version of Incredible Crisis. Skateboard through a wartorn the beat...while learning of love and loss. Outstanding.

Cultist Simulator
Recommended May 27, 2018

A truly groundbreaking narrative work that deftly tames the writhing tentacles of story and gameplay, from passionate developers who, through research and ritual, have proven they love their craft.

Recommended September 8, 2019

UnderRail is the quintessential game for every single super-fan of Fallout 2; character builds are amazing and the multi-solution quests are challenging and demented. Post-apocalyptic perfection.

Warsim: The Realm of Aslona
Recommended April 9, 2019

Warsim is simply amazing; it's as if Crusader Kings II and Zork spawned a love child. An incredibly deep text-based kingdom simulator for fans of Dwarf Fortress, Kenshi, and Dominions 5. Hidden gem.

Airships: Conquer the Skies
Recommended August 19, 2018

Surprisingly fun and approachable 2D take on From the Depths-style vehicle construction and ship-to-ship combat. Build a behemoth of heavy metal, bristling with guns, and send it to its doom!

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe
Recommended November 20, 2017

Puzzle Quest meets Iron Chef! Hunt down and cook up monsters to please the judges; ingredients matter in the Match-3 skillet, so be sure to beat down the best beasties. 10/10 would broast again!

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Recommended July 15, 2016

Completely maddening game to control, but hey, you try driving a semi. Whether you play this as a true sim or just broken nonsense, it's good clean fun.

Rising Dusk
Recommended July 28, 2018

HIdden gem of a game, inspired both by Japanese folktales and 80s-era 16-bit Legend of the Mystical Ninja-style platformers. NOT collecting coins is frustrating, but a good challenge. Boss soundtrack!

Zone of Lacryma
Recommended September 24, 2018

Zone of Lacryma manages to feel like an old skool arcade SHMUP jam, while still being current and unique. Great pixel art, cool story, and challenging gameplay. A real hidden gem.

Deity Empires
Recommended October 28, 2018

A raw, but interesting 4X game, similar to Conquest of Elysium, but with direct-control tactical combat. It's early, but it already offers a level of complexity and CoE/Dominions-style magic schools.

Renowned Explorers: International Society
Recommended September 6, 2015

Fresh new take on tactics and presentation, offering non-combative paths to encounter resolution, using persuasion. I was pleasantly surprised.

A Legionary's Life
Recommended January 17

A Legionary's Life is a hidden gem. The writing and the underlying game systems really immerse you in the story and make the brutality of war immediately evident; should ship with 20-siders. Love it.

Lucah: Born of a Dream
Recommended October 20, 2018

A raw, stabbing emotional journey through a fever dream, rendered as the insane scribblings of a murderchild, serenaded by the dissonant cacophony of a broken mind. Makes perfect sense if ur damaged.

Recommended December 18, 2019

Creepy cool narrative that feels like being drawn into a troubled goth teen's sketchbook and exploring its contents in a fever dream...and it may mean your death. Unique game, with a compelling story.

Almost Alive
Recommended July 18, 2018

A MATURE and wonderful title, equal parts Neo Scavenger and Fallout; deep perks, flaws, gear, and skill systems. Roll up a retarded suicidal Hitler, shoot heroin, and murder hobos (or seduce them)...

Recommended September 24, 2014

Pure Game Design; just you, your skill, and your score. And the beat. All integral, all intertwined. Brilliant.

Recommended September 24, 2014

This is my favorite thing. Don't change it or I will cut you.

Stephen's Sausage Roll
Recommended April 8, 2017

Ready one heaping plate of Sokoban, add sausages, grill until smoldering, take massive amounts of mushrooms, add generous seasoning, then gently ship this game to destroy people's minds. Hardcorez.

Recommended April 12, 2018

Top-down survival horror game, like a science fiction Darkwood, with tons of exploration, item discovery, crafting, and pwning creepy crawly radioactive beasties. Slow pacing, but I don't mind.

3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey
Recommended April 16, 2018

Huge, open-world sandbox Space Opera that harkens back to 90's era adventure games, with galactic trading, endless quests, good writing, funny characters, and a good soundtrack. Sleeper hit.

Fit For a King
Recommended September 8, 2019

This is Zork, reimagined by one of the few developers that could do it justice, the wildly talented team at Kitfox. To this day, I still regret murdering the bookshelf I married. So funny. So money.

Sacred Stones
Recommended July 2, 2018

Sacred Stones is an old skool boss rush game where you play repeatedly to figure out Mega Man-style boss patterns, using a character with fast shots and 1 HP. Hidden gem, especially for speedrunners.

Hypnospace Outlaw
Recommended March 16, 2019

Really makes you feel as though you are playing Papers, Please in the obnoxious internet of the 90s; amazing attention to detail, stylistic decisions, sound design, and message from the Dropsy dude!

Wuppo: Definitive Edition
Recommended March 10, 2018

Creative platformer with twin-stick shooter controls, unique game mechanics, and a quirky story. Sleeper hit.