Linux games which have passed the Chairquisition. We only list games which we recommend. Want us to take a look at your game? Please provide three copies (one for each presenter) for consideration.

Recommended May 31
"Simple but effective, retro inspired, arcade racing game with one big flaw: it doesn't support online multiplayer. That said, couch multiplayer could be fun, if only we had local friends to play with!"
Recommended March 5
"There's a lot that goes into changing someone's mind about a specific game genre. Tesla vs. Lovecraft managed to at least get the LGC crew to have a lot of fun playing it. 3 whole Lawn Chairs!"
Recommended January 15
"If you can tolerate a little bit of grind, there is definitely a lot charm to The Escapists 2. It'll work great on your Linux gaming box and the aesthetics have just the right amount of camp to them."
Recommended January 3
"What at first appears to be a cynical cash-grab, simply borrowing some portals for the sake of having Portal in the name, actually turned out to be an alright puzzle game! Three well deserved chairs!"
Recommended December 11, 2017
"Valley is an incredible slap in the face for everyone who's ever taken movement for granted in a video game. It also proves just how performant and beautiful you can make a Unity game look. 3 Chairs!"
Recommended November 28, 2017
"It's a rare day when the Chairs recommend an RTS game! But there it is. Three well deserved Chairs for bringing RTS to a simpler control scheme and retaining the all important strategy element."
Recommended November 20, 2017
"A significant improvement over the first title, Hand of Fate 2 introduces new mechanics, more cards, more weapon types and better combat. There's plenty of room for improvement but this is a winner!"
Recommended October 30, 2017
"We don't often recommend 2 Chair games but Observer was such an awesome improvement over Layers of Doors, we simply had to. Improvement in everything except performance, that one's still horrible!"
Recommended October 9, 2017
"GOKEN has quite a few issues but none of them big enough to get us to not enjoy playing it. It walked away with 3 chairs and quite a few herky jerks, for good measure!"
Recommended September 12, 2017
"Songbringer may fall short in the visual aesthetics department but as a native Zelda clone for Linux, it is quite literally unmatched."
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