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Recomendou 10 de dezembro
"Katamari Damacy REROLL is a perfect remaster of the original PS2 game that is just as weird and charming as the original."
Recomendou 26 de novembro
"The Runner series has always been a pleasure of mine. The satisfaction of getting all the pick ups in a level without dying to make a symphony of sound. It's an experience that very few do."
Recomendou 31 de outubro
"It's a free Battle Royale with fun movement mechanics. There's a lot of these but this one is well worth checking out if even for only a few hours."
Recomendou 6 de outubro
"From serious to ridiculous, featuring funny side quests, fun side activities, combat that feels good, and a pretty good story. Yakuza 0 is a beat em up with a lot to offer. "
Recomendou 5 de setembro
"Satisfying way to kill a few hours or days - depending on your drive to live through it. Fair game for the survivalist or leader of the purge. Like Sims for the sadistic, how will you survive the war?"
Recomendou 9 de agosto
"It’s the classic gameplay loop of kill monster to make better gear to kill a bigger monster and it’s done phenomenally. Oh, and the port is good."
Recomendou 4 de julho
"The RPG mechanics actually work a lot better than I expected them to in this Battle Royale game. The fewer fully automatic weapons make every bullet count and feel satifying. "
Recomendou 2 de julho
"An interesting take on the platforming genre. Use your grappling glove to move around the world, as you chain grapples and jumps together you will pick up speed and require more precision to succeed."
Recomendou 29 de junho
"After a huge span on early access Wreckfest (formerly Next Car Game) is finally out. And I have to say that it's a fun racing game with a great physics engine behind it which is well worth your time."
Recomendou 7 de junho
"A delightfully addictive gameplay loop of dungeon crawling and shopkeeping. The profiteering capitalism of Stardew Valley blended with the dungeons of Binding of Isaac. What's not to love?"
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