VR Games

This is all the games with some form of VR Capatability that we've curated. Whether it be a port/spin off or built in.

Eternity Warriors™ VR
Recommended October 17, 2017

The top-notch graphics combined with the tight controls and excellent sound design from the enemies spawning right down to their footsteps make for a very fun and immersive experience

Recommended September 22, 2014

An extremely fun, and challenging cops and robbers game, it even gets better when you level up and turn yourself into the ultimate criminal.

Recommended February 25, 2016

One of the most innovative shooters i've played in years and quite hard as well. Albeit story mode is short, challenges and endless help with content.

Desert Bus VR
Recommended December 3, 2017

The best bus driving simulator around! Get the full 8 hour experience of driving from Tucson to Vegas, and then do it again! If you have VR this is worth getting, it's free!

Tabletop Simulator
Recommended June 16, 2015

An amazing way to connect with friends and play good old fashioned tabletop games.