Story-driven games with an element of choice and consequence. Including branching narrative, dialog trees, multiple endings, etc. Regularly updated, with 100+ recommendations and counting.

Recommended March 18, 2017
"An adventure with a branching narrative comparable to Telltale style games, with an emphasis on hard moral choices."
Recommended April 20, 2016
"Thousands of choices await in this interesting choose your own adventure / open world RPG hybrid."
Recommended April 8, 2016
"A well-crafted indie adventure game where the story and your relationships react to your decisions."
Recommended April 8, 2016
"A fairly high-quality adventure game with meaningful choices and branching dialogue."
Recommended April 8, 2016
"'The choices you make will shape your experience in the Revolution, and the fates of those around you -- both in the present and the future.'"
Free to Play
Recommended April 2, 2016
"A very short, free, RPG / VN hybrid with high replayability due to the branching narrative."
Recommended February 16, 2016
"Every decision you make influences the outcome of this adventure game, which makes refreshingly unique use of the RPG Maker engine."
Recommended February 16, 2016
"What kind of man is Joe? A loving husband? A cold realist? A bitter skeptic? That's entirely up to you to decide in this dark adventure game."
Recommended January 26, 2016
"Morally grey choices abound in this old school CRPG. Decide the fates of those around you, and see the world react to your decisions and reputation."
Recommended January 22, 2016
"Rare random encounters and story events have some tricky choices, and sometimes horrific consequences in this rock-hard survival RPG."
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