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Recommended June 3, 2016
"[PS4 Review code] If you can get past a cheap localisation, this is an exciting action RPG that gives you a lot of freedom in exploring its content."
Recommended June 2, 2016
"An excellent return for an absolute classic. Massive levels and pure, satisfying gunplay and gore. Plenty of content to try out as well."
Recommended June 2, 2016
"[GOTY Edition Review Code] Get to grips with the driving and there’s a lot of depth and strategy to every combination of car and track. A great racer."
Recommended December 23, 2015
"Gorgeous, well optimised fighting game. Looks aside, it's got an in-depth tutorial, and a phenomenal soundtrack. Play this because it is purely badass."
Recommended October 22, 2015
"A much smoother and more polished introduction to the world of Blood Bowl than its predecessor. A fun and engaging experience across all modes."
Recommended October 13, 2015
"A damn fun late-80s action throwback with some stylish pixel art anime visuals, very enjoyable boss battles, and plenty of replay value."
Recommended October 8, 2015
"Tons of content, all the gameplay changes are improvements, runs at a proper 60FPS, and has the most fun combat experience offered in a Warriors title."
Recommended October 8, 2015
"An immensely fun open-ended stealth experience. While incomplete and so close to being an amazing MGS, it's still a really enjoyable espionage game."
Recommended July 19, 2015
"5 awesome playable characters that are immense fun to play. Little in the way of content, but plenty of replay value and outstanding action gameplay."
Recommended June 6, 2015
"Boot Hill Heroes is an RPG inspired by classics like Earthbound, its unique battle system and engaging setting and story puts it among the best of 2014"
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